Status: In Progress

The Violent Blue

At one time, Alexander Callahan seemed to have it all.

With good looks, great grades, a loving mother and sister, and a beautiful little home by the sea he was an easy boy to envy, which is why it shocked everyone to the core when a local fisherman discovered Alex's half drowned body floating lifelessly in the surf. With either of his wrists slit wide but shallowly open, it was no secret he'd tried to commit suicide.

Now, a year and a half later, Alexander is barley pulling through his senior year of high school and is growing colder and more distant by the day. He feels restless and perpetually sad, hopeless and dysphoric…Until he accidentally stumbles upon an injured merman, that is.

Riveted by his incredible discovery and concerned for the young merman's life, Alex decides to sneak him home and secretly nurse him back to health. Working to heal the amazing creature he'd found gave Alex a renewed sense of purpose, an honest to God reason to wake up in the morning. For a while his life began to look bright again, but things soon turn ugly when an infamous marine biologist learns about the merman Alex has come to call Eric, and she'll stop at nothing to get her hands on him…