Status: First Fanfic venture in many years. I'm so excited to write again, and love the GAC...this might be the first but if it's well received, it won't be the last :) I thrive on comments *shameless* Inspired by Ghost Adventures, Stephen King, and the amazing Farah Khan.


Saga of a boy next door, struggling musician and singer Joshua Tremont, a talented young artist working hard and looking for his big break in LA. Thrown together for a recording session with the woman of his dreams - beautiful, famous, singer/songwriter Sirena Welsh - a friendship quickly develops and Joshua's love for Sirena blooms. He dreams of making music and love forever with her.

Until tragedy strikes.


Nick Groff is a ghost hunter, one of three on the hugely popular Travel Channel program "Ghost Adventures". Haunted by an apparition since childhood, he and the Ghost Adventures Team travel the world seeking answers. Answers to what lies ahead for all of us - and what was left behind.

Skye Callahan is a beautiful girl with a troubled past - and present. A natural witch forced to conform to her traditional conservative upbringing, Skye fled to find herself. What she found instead was years of prostitution, petty crime, abuse and addiction.

Then one crazy night Skye Callahan found herself square in the path of Nick Groff. Their eyes locked, and their lives were irrevocably intertwined. And everything was Unforgotten.
  1. Prologue & Chapter 1
    I need some help figuring out how to format this story....and somehow it seems my prologue disappeared, so I have re-added it.
  2. Chapter Two