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Love Is a Dog from Hell.

Mansion Halls.

Skylar slipped into her room and shut the door quietly behind her. It was almost 9 pm. Her parents were far from going to bed, but she really just wanted to do her homework and get to bed without any interruptions.

She threw her bookbag on her bed and just as she walked into her closet, a petite short-haired lady walked out, holding a full laundry basket. The poor lady jumped so high, she almost dropped the basket, but Skylar caught the both of them before one of them fell.

"Ah, Miss Skylar! You give me such a fright!" the lady said in her heavy Mexican accent. Skylar laughed and patted the lady on the head.

"Maggie! What are you doing? Laundry day isn't until tomorrow!" She exclaimed and she quickly undressed and threw her dirty uniform into the basket as Maggie walked away.

"I know! But Miss Nancy want all clothes clean before big trip to New York." she said. "I go on this trip! I can't wait!"

Skylar dressed into a tshirt and shorts and went to follow her maid.

"Maggie, New York is not for another month. Why would you wash all the clothes right now?" she asked.

Maggie looked back at the teen and then quickened her steps to the laundry room which was attached to the garage.

"Maggie! Tell me!" Skylar whined, picking up her pace to keep up. For a little lady, she sure was fast.

Maggie suddenly stopped and turned around to face Skylar. She made sure that no one was around before standing on her toes to whisper in the teen's ear.

"Your grandfather is arriving tomorrow."

The words had barely escaped her lips and she was already gone, gone, gone.

Skylar stood there in shock.

"Grandfather?" she whispered. Her shock slowly faded into boiled rage and within seconds, she was storming the halls to her father's study.


Inventory was even more treacherous than ever, Skylar thought. Well it was that or just thinking that her grandfather was in town was making her work seem more dreadful. She finished going through a stack of records and flipped the page on her clipboard to start the next set, when the store door opened.

Ten seconds later, Zacky Baker was standing in front of her counter with a dark-haired boy behind him. He was good looking, but he didn't make Skylar almost lose her breath or go weak in the knees. He seemed a bit intimidating if anything else.

"Hey Skye! How's it going?" Zacky asked as he propped his elbows on the counter and placed his chin between his palms. He smiled a Cheshire grin and gave her a wink.

Skylar rolled her eyes at him and tried to keep herself from blushing or doing anything stupid like drop her pen on trip on her feet.

"I'm almost done with this garbage. Ash is in the back. Want me to go get her?" Skylar asked.

Zacky shook his head.

"No. Actually, my friend, Brian, has a question to ask." Zacky turned his head to look at his friend. Brian looked like he was going to beat the hell out of his friend but when he looked at Skylar, his facial expressions went from rough and mean to kind and sweet.

"That car up front. That '98 Mustang, whose it?" Brian asked. Skylar looked from him and to the window. She smirked.

"Mine." she answered.

Zacky and Brian both looked at each other in wide-eyed expressions.

"Shut the fuck up! No, really, whose it is?" Zacky asked. Skylar quickly bent down to her bag at her feet and pulled her keys out the front pocket of her backpack. She handed the keys to Zacky.

"Press the panic button," she ordered. He did.

The alarm of the Mustang outside the store went off immediately and the lights blinked off and on. Zacky burst out into laughter as he quickly shut off the alarm.

"Holy shit! How the hell did you afford that thing!?" Zacky asked, handing her the keys back.

She didn't say anything though. She just put the keys back in her backpack and smiled.
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this chapter sucks... i just need this for filler though. so should i make Skylar hate her grandfather orrr???? Also, i Changed how i wanted this story to be like.