I couldn’t breathe.

The tears were building up in my eyes and my vision blurred.

My finger tips let the paper fall to the floor.

They couldn’t send me down there.

They can’t make me leave my father. They can’t do this to us after we’ve lost so much. They can’t do this to him.

People thought Aurora would come back, that Mira could stand a chance, but I know that I don't.

I can barely keep my sanity passing by the windows.

How do they expect me. . .

“This is bullshit.” I choked out, anger filling my veins.

“This is a fucking joke, it’s a sick fucking joke Dad.” I cried slamming my fists onto the table. He just stared at me, tears spilling down his face.

“Dad they can’t do this to us, they can’t! Everyone knows how I am, how do they expect me to go out there? I’m not like Mom, I’m not like Mira.” I grabbed his shoulders.

“Dad I can’t. . . I can’t leave you.” I crumbled.

I felt his arms wrap around me, both of us holding on tightly to each other as we cried.
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Thank you for all the lovely comments and support! I know this is pretty short but the suspense is great. :)