My legs felt extremely unsteady as I stepped off the train.

The person behind me felt the same way because they stumbled into me. My knees gave way for a second but I just took a step forward, saving myself from falling.

Neither one of us say anything, too busy examining our new surroundings. The academy is like our home, built of metal and steel, but with less lighting. It’s darker and therefore makes it seem harsh and cold.

A voice commands us to organize to lines, rows, and sections. All of us remained silent while the voice divides us up. Two instructors step in front of each of our groups, one male, one female, both with serious faces. They introduce themselves and then show us to our sleeping quarters.

The hallways have even less lighting, but after a while my eyes adjust.

Our sleeping quarters are huge rooms packed with bunk beds. The bedding is simple, only what is needed, and there is two drawers under each bed.

They tell us to pick a bed and I manage to find one in the middle of the room, lost in the sea of the rest of them. I’m not sure if I’ll remember where it is, especially since they only give us enough time to set our bags down before we’re sent off to begin our first training exercise.