My father hoped that Mira would let the matter go, but I knew she wouldn’t.

After things cooled down, she kept talking about enrolling into the academy.

“It’s a requirement that the candidate has extensive knowledge in the following sciences. . . oh look, I have extensive knowledge in all of them.”

My father sat at one end of the table and Mira sat at the other. I was stuck in the middle, with the perfect view of Mira’s smirk and my dad’s grimace. I hated the tension, but what I said wouldn’t matter.

“Thanks to modern technology and our top facility, cadets can be on the battlefield in three months. Wow! That’s so cool!” Mira would exaggerate, and use her hands to pretend she was shooting at random objects in the pod.

My dad slammed his fist onto the table again, my fork fell from my hand.

“Mira, it’s not good to keep going on with your idea because I already told you, you’re not going.”

Mira just leaned back and smiled.

A couple days later, the Commander walked through our door with Mira.

That was the day I started to hate Mira.

“Good evening Nina, and long time no see Orion.”

My father stiffened beside me.

“Yes Richard, it has been a while.”

My father sat at one end of the table, I stood behind him, while the Commander, Richard, sat at the other with Mira behind him.

Mira’s grin somehow grew bigger, while I glared daggers at her.

My dad tried to convince the Commander that Mira couldn’t join the academy.

“Listen, I already lost my wife, I don’t want to run the risk of loosing my daughter.”

“Nonsense! Your daughter has shown very high test scores with us, she can handle herself out there.”

“Okay, but I need her here, I need help providing, and Nina, isn’t old enough to-”

“Orion. Nina is going to graduate in two years, I’m sure she will have an easy time finding a job. Your daughter, Mira, is one of the best I’ve seen in years and we could really use her help down there. Her training starts next month.”

Then he was gone.

Mira sat in his place, while dad started to cry.

I put my hand on dad’s shoulder, one of his hands holding onto it.

If looks could kill, I would have killed Mira.
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I'm on a roll.

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