Mira went to train at the academy.

One day she was here, and the next, her room was neatly packed into boxes and shoved into her closet.

She was only allowed to bring a few things with her.

The academy was on the other side of the moon, isolated from mainstream society.

Dad wasn’t happy, but there was nothing he could do.

No one could deny Commander Richard.

I continued on with school like normal.

Dinners were quiet, just my father and I making small talk.

Mira wasn’t around to push our buttons, or control conversation so she could be the center of attention.

It was strange at first, and when we started to get into the new routine, it was Mira’s graduation.

My father and I decided to attend, knowing it’d be the last time we saw her in a long time.

It was a strange experience.

My father and I sat in the front row, because of my mother’s legacy.

Mira had changed.

She sat still, head forward, only moving when her name was called.

When we finally got to go up to her in person, she stood taller. Despite her uniform, we could tell that she had slimmed down and gained muscle.

When she spoke to us, she wasn’t obnoxious.

Her voice was sincere and polite.

She pulled us into a hug and raved about how excited she was to serve her people.

We took a family photo.

And then a week later, she was gone.

Sent down to Earth on her first mission.
♠ ♠ ♠
No pressure.