Mira never called us.

She never emailed us.

Sometimes I forgot I had a sister, unless I stared at the door to her room for too long.

Dad and I managed without her, creating our own mundane routine together.

Days turned into weeks, which turned into months and years.

I graduated from school.

I thought about telling Mira, but I didn’t.

It was boring, not having anything to occupy my time, but then I found myself a job.

I worked in the mail room.

It was simple, and quiet for the most part.

There were no windows to spark my anxiety.

It was just me surrounded by four walls with mail.

Considering there was a lot of mail it kept me busy. It gave me something to do so that my mind didn’t wander.

Then one day, I saw an envelope with my address on it.

I would have just handled it like normal mail, but it was the sender that got my attention.

The seal was all too familiar, and I found myself opening the envelope, dog tags spilling into the palm of my hand.
♠ ♠ ♠