The Team Comes First


"Your brother scares the shit out of me." Tyler said as his girlfriend, Jasmine, drew shapes on his bare chest.
"Everybody thinks that, but he's a big softie." She smiled.

Jas was the little sister of Shea Weber, defenseman and captain of the Nashville Predators. Shea was the one who had taught her how to skate and got her into playing hockey. He was the reason she had decided to enter the NHL Draft in 2010 and was drafted by Boston, but was traded to Dallas before she left the draft that day. Shea was extremely over protective of Jasmine since she was his little sister by six years, and never wanted her to grow up.

"I don't care, he still scares me."
"But Ty, I thought you were a tough hockey player?" Jasmine smirked.
"I am," he scoffed. "Shea just terrifies me."
"I've been texting and calling you two idiots for the last fifteen minutes, open the damn door or I'm going to open it myself!" They heard their teammate and captain, Jamie Benn, yell through the door.
"Shit!" Jas whispered and pulled the blanket around her body. "When did you put shorts on?"
"When you were snoring." Tyler smirked and walked towards the door.
"Wait!" Jasmine whispered and Tyler stopped. "Number one, put a shirt on," She reached down and picked up one of Tyler's shirts and threw it at him. "And number two, do you really want Jamie to see me with only a blanket around me?"
"Good point." Tyler said and Jasmine ran into the bathroom with the blanket still wrapped around her. Tyler opened the door to see Jamie standing there with his arms across his chest.
"What the hell man? Why didn't either of you answer your phone?" Jamie asked. Please come up with something good, Ty, Jasmine thought to herself.
"We slept in and Jas is taking a shower now." Tyler said as Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief.
"I don't hear any water." Jamie said.
"I just got done asshole!" Jasmine yelled through the door hoping Jamie would buy it.
"Okay," Jamie said hesitantly. "Well, we have to go to the Staples Center in an hour and I was hoping my Starbucks buddy would go with me, so just tell her I said that." Jamie said.
"I'll be out in ten!" Jas yelle through the door. Go away Jamie, she thought to herself.
"Okay, just knock on the hotel door when you're ready." He said and Jasmine heard Tyler shut the door.
"Holy shit, that was close." Jasmine said and walked back into the room with the blanket still wrapped around her.
"I would prefer if you lost the blanket." Tyler grinned and she smacked him on the chest.
"Ow!" Tyler said and rubbed his chest.
"That's what you get for being an ass." She smirked and walked back into the bathroom to get changed.

Jas came out five minutes later dressed in a v neck and shorts.
"I suggest you don't wear that." Tyler said.
"Hickies." Tyler smirked.
"You can't be serious." Jas said as ran into the bathroom to inspect her neck and sure enough, there were four purple-blue patches and her neck. She grabbed her make up out of her bag and covered up the purple bruises. She walked back out and smacked Tyler in the chest again.
"What was that for!"
"What do you think?" Jas said and walked towards the door with Tyler closely behind her.
"Will a kiss make up for it?" Tyler grinned.
"Hmmm, I suppose." She smiled and Tyler leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.
"Too bad we can't go for round two." Tyler grinned and Jas rolled her eyes and opened the hotel door.

"CHUBBS! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!" Jasmine yelled as she pounded the door. She kept smacking the door and when Jamie finally opened it she accidentally smacked him in the face.
"That's fucking hilarious!" Jordie said while he, Tyler, and Jasmine double over in laughter.
"It's not funny you prick!" Jamie said and pushed his brother.
"I said hilarious, not funny." Jordie pointed out while smirking.
"Let's just go." Jamie huffed and started to walk down the hallway, towards the elevators while Tyler, Jas, and Jordie stayed behind and made fun of how Jamie was walking since he was mad.

Twenty minutes later the four of then were walking down the streets of LA, with Jasmine and Jamie with Starbucks in their hands.
"Why do you have hot, fucking coffee when it's eighty degrees outside?" Jordie asked his younger brother.
"It wakes me up." Jamie shrugged.
"A good slap in the face would wake him up just as good." Jordie whispered to Tyler and Jasmine, and all three of them busted out laughing.
"I heard you." Jamie said shaking his head.
"You were supposed to." Jordie whispered to Jamie.

"Tyler stop!" Jasmine laughed as he kissed her neck. They we're supposed to be taking their pre game nap, but Tyler was set on having round two.
"But, why!" He whiled like a five year old.
"Haven't you heard the no sex before games thing?" Jas smiled.
"I think it would benefit both of us out on the ice."
"Tyler, I'm your teammate before your girlfriend."
"And I like to think as you as my girlfriend before my teammate." He said getting rather defensive.
"Ty, that's sweet of you, but take the team seriously."
"I am taking the team seriously." He snapped.
"I know, but I just don't want to mess you up or anything."
"You're not going to mess me up." He snapped again.
"Ty, I'm just looking out for you."
"You know what? Just forget it." Tyler said.
"Fine." Jasmine snapped finally having enough of Tyler's attitude and she laid down in the second bed, while Tyler laid in the first.