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Purity Rises March 2014

Purity, the latest pop group to come from Simon Cowell’s record label has taken our world by storm. Not only did they suddenly appear on the scene late last year with our favourite heartthrobs from One Direction but they could sing! Frankie, Annabelle, Lucinda, Gracie and Kate, small time YouTube stars, banded together and have taken over our charts. These five girls released their first loud girl powered song ‘Forever Is Over’ and climbed almost easily to number one. Now with the release of their second song ‘One Shot’ that has climbed our charts even quicker we must assume that only more good things can come from this new girl band.

However it seems not all is well within the girls lives as Australian Annabelle Blake who has been dating One Direction boy Louis Tomlinson since the New Year have recently broken up! A source close to both parties informed us that it was a mutual decision based upon them both spending their time focused on their own careers. Well we aren’t too cut up about it since this only means that Louis Tomlinson is now single once again ladies!

Welcome To the States, Purity April 2014

Five piece girl band Purity is set to take the states by storm in the next couple of weeks. The girls are ready to jet outand reach our shores within the coming week! Opening for acts such as Olly Murs the girls are rumoured to be doing their own publicity stunts while here. The girl group recently had their first single ‘Forever Is Over’ reach number one in the states and their second single ‘One Shot’ is not far behind from reaching that coveted spot, it’s easy to see the appeal that the five loud and cultural ladies have to offer but can they keep it up?!

Purity calling out One Direction? July 2014

Frankie, Annabelle, Lucinda, Kate and Gracie appeared on our TV and through the radio what felt like only a couple of months ago mentored by our fave British and Irish boys 1D but have the girls already passed their mentors? Recent research of their first album shows that Purity’s debut album sold the same amount of records as 1D’s! Perhaps the girls might finally give those ridiculously attractive boys a run for their money!

Screaming Fans and Winning Awards December 2014

It’s been a big year for international girl band Purity. Not only did they tour both the states and most of Europe but just last week they spent time travelling the whole of Australia! Despite the four consecutive number one’s and record breaking popularity of their first album the girls also get to perform at the American Music Awards! Rumour has it that this will be the first time that Annabelle Blake and Louis Tomlinson will see each other since the break up at the start of the year! We can only hope some sparks might fly, hopefully publicly and on stage!

Happy New Year, Purity January 2015

The girls from Purity had a big night out for the New Year, with the likes of Harry Styles showing up to party with them! The girls have been going out and enjoying the Christmas break they’ve had recently, spotted at many of the hottest clubs in London. Sporting heels as high as their hair the girls are usually dressed to the nines and very rarely seen without someone else from their band. It’s good to see the girls enjoying themselves after such a hectic year and before they set off on their own world tour next month along with the release of their second album! We only wish that our New Years party features a certain Mr. Styles!

Spotted: Kate Hernahm and Liam Payne dating? Photos below show the two enjoying a cozy day together at the beach? Maybe Annabelle Blake won’t be the only one that gets to date a 1D boy.

Purity Party Addicts? April 2015

International girl band Purity are starting to spark rumours about their partying habits. A source close to the girls has claimed that their management has warned the girls to tone down the partying. They’ve been spotted out every night this past week seeming to disappear right after a performance to spend the night on the town. And not always in a very flattering light either. The following pictures show both Bella and Lucinda leaving a London club late Friday morning almost falling into a group of paparazzi! Then the Spanish red head Lucinda tripped into the gutter while Bella climbed into a waiting cab with the help of security. Where’s the class ladies? Click below for other photos taken that night.

Violence is never the answer, Frankie! May 2015

The five-piece girl band has been in the news a lot lately for their partying ways but Purity seemed to have stepped it up this week when they were kicked out of a casino in Las Vegas after apparently starting a fight! Witnesses say that Frankie Lavarda (21) threw the first punch and had the unknown girl pinned when security finally pulled them apart. This latest stunt seems to be the worse in bad publicity that the girl group has received over the past few months. We’re starting thinking the fame is just too much for these five girls.

Role Model? Or Bad Influence? July 2015

There only seems to be a negative light poured onto international girl band Purity as of late. After the apparent attack by paparazzi last week that ended with Annabelle Blake actually smashing one mans camera on the ground much of the world has been questioning whether these girls should still be role models for young girls over the world. Outrage on Twitter from many people claiming that Purity is setting the wrong image for young girls and some refusing to even buy their music anymore! No word from any sources close to the girls but we can only assume that Simon Cowell and his label must be getting tired of their ways.

All Is Not Pure in Purity September 2015

Not much on the front from the Purity girls as of late but rumours have been spreading that both an alcohol addiction and eating disorder has been prominent within the band. No one has specified which band member so far.

Also has Gracie Belle broken up with her musical songwriter boyfriend? Boyfriend Tony was seen out with a beautiful blonde over the weekend, they spent the day shopping before settling down for a quick lunch. No idea where Gracie was in this time but perhaps the two are over after the tumultuous year that Purity member Gracie has had?

Purity Members in Rehab? October 2015

Frankie Lavarda and Kate Hernahm have been spotted at a famous rehab center for celebrities in LA over the weekend! No one has spoken publicly about why either girls are admitted but we can only assume the amount of alcohol and partying that has been going on within the last year have something to do with it.

Annabelle Blake and Gracie Belle were spotted shopping earlier this week when a few critiques on Twitter have pointed out that Aussie Annabelle has seemed to have dropped a few pounds quickly in the last couple of weeks. This revelation comes at a time where rumours have been circulating about an eating disorder within the band! Maybe Annabelle needs to join her band member in rehab and take a break from the limelight!

Photos below from Annabelle’s recent hook up with Zac Efron!

New Album January 2016

It seems international girl band Purity has decided to start the New Year with a New Album! This will be the third album the girls have released and after quiet from all five girls over the last few months many of us were expecting the girls to be over. However it seems the band has been in the studio belting out lyrics and trying to resurrect their image from the dead! They might pull it off or perhaps crash and burn like the first time when they remember that the whole world is watching.

Flip through the album below to see the worst of Purity through 2015.
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