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Lord Know I've Been No Saint

Purity has hit the shores of Australia this week and the paps have spotted our Aussie Annabelle Blake showing the sights to her bandmates. They’ve visited the Opera House, Taronga Zoo and climbed the Sidney Harbour Bridge. We hope the girls are having a great time Down Under and won’t leave too soon. The girls won’t be performing while down here but they will be on Channel 7’s Sunrise tomorrow talking about their new album. Make sure to tune in!

“Welcome to the show girls, it’s good to finally have you on!” I smiled towards Kochie while Kate spoke up thanking them.

“We see you’ve been enjoying the sights.” Sam added in gesturing to the TV behind them which showed photos of us over the last few days. I smiled as it skipped through our long day at Taronga zoo before showing a quick look at the night time photos on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“Bell has been showing us around and to all the best sights it’s been great.” Gracie piped up, linking her arms with mine on the couch. I grinned and bumped our shoulders together.

“I’m just glad that I could finally show them around. We didn’t have enough time last year when we were here on tour so I’m trying to fit everything in while we’re here this week.” I smiled to Kochie and Sam the Sunrise breakfast show hosts.

“Well we actually brought something along to help you out.” I smiled when a few people brought plates over to lie on the coffee table in front of us.

“Oh no, that’s not vegemite is it?” Frankie whined, staring at the dark paste smeared across a few slices of toast. I laughed and reached for it first, offering it over to her.

“I’ve been trying to get them to try this stuff for years! What better time to do it then on TV.” I grinned and pushed it closer to Frankie.

“It smells!” She whined before taking it cautiously.

“Oh, are these Tim Tams.” Gracie leant under my arm to grab one off the plate and taking a bite before moaning. “God this is like chocolate heaven.” I grinned triumphantly when Frankie took the toast off me, giving me a foul look.

“I’ll try some vegemite too.” Lucinda offered, grabbing the other slice.

“Oh have a fantale.” Sam grabbed a chocolate wrapped up in blue and yellow and offered it to Kate who took it easily.

“Oh my god,” Frankie’s voice was muffled by the toast in her mouth while I started to laugh at her disgusted face, the small bite of vegemite sitting on her tongue.

“Swallow it.” I glared at her, watching as she forced it down her throat.

“That is so much stronger then you think, oh my God. Why do you eat this?” Frankie whined, dropping the toast back down on the plate.

“It’s actually pretty good.” Lucinda jumped in, still munching on her toast.

“It’s an acquired taste.” Kochie butted in and I nodded in agreement.

“Have a Tim Tam.’ Gracie offered up to Frankie who took it wearily. I grabbed my own Tim Tam and happily took a bite.

“So how’s everything been going with you girls? The new album comes out soon right?” I nodded with a mouthful while Kate swallowed quickly to answer.

“In six days.” She responded excitedly.

“And it’s rumoured that you girls wrote most of the songs?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, we’ve been writing it for over a year now and we decided that we wanted the songs to be all ours this time. We still had a wonderful team behind us that helped but primarily the writing was our own. We’ve had a lot of experience these last two years so we wanted to put that into the album, make it more our own.” Gracie answered easily.

“Talking about experiences you girls haven’t had it easy this last year.” I tried not to sigh knowing these questions would come up. “Two of you in rehab and a lot of trouble with paparazzi all five of you have certainly experienced the worse part of celebrity life.” I nodded knowingly at Sam and Kochie, glancing at the other girls before deciding to answer.

“We’ve all been through some bad things this last year and we all made horrible and stupid mistakes.” I began, shifting forward in my seat and Gracie’s hand slid down to link her fingers with mine, I squeezed her fingers for encouragement before continuing. “It took us awhile to wake up to ourselves but we stuck together and we took time out and we worked it through. We’ve spent time with our families and been there for each other and we want to be better. We want to be better role models, better musicians and better people.”

“We worked hard on this album to show that we didn’t completely lose it and we hope that it starts to make amends for our behavior this last year.” Kate added in when I finished. “We got caught up in celebrity life, let it go to our heads and we all got out of touch with reality for a while there. We don’t want that to happen again.”

I nodded and smiled at Kate, agreeing wholeheartedly. Last year had been a great but horrible year at the same time and there was a lot that I needed to make up for. To my friends, my family and hopefully to Louis.
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Title: Blank Page by Christina Aguilera

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