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Purity’s third album named “Headlines!” has hit the charts and soared. On an unexpected turn the album has jumped straight to number one on the UK and Australian Charts almost beating the record of their rival boy band One Direction. The album however has only reached number four in the Billboard charts but sales these last two days have rocketed. This is an unexpected turn for the group, as many critics believed that after the headline filled previous that their behavioral issues had lost them their fans. Instead it seems their fans are more loyal then ever, a recent uptick in fans supporting them has occurred in social media whereas previously they girls had received more slander and hate tweets then any other celebrity. It seems the girls hope for their album to depict what they’ve been through and to show people they’re changing might just be true.{/i} – February 2016

It wasn’t easy getting into the studio this morning. The paparazzi had been hanging around more then normal. We hadn’t given them much to print about lately so they were constantly following just waiting for us to slip up.

It made my skin crawl and my hands sweat worried that one of us would break and when we did they would catch it for the whole world to see.

“Come on girls.” Geoffrey our head of security opened the back door of the car and we piled out into the back entrance of the studio that had quickly become the only entrance we tended to use. Paparazzi were kept from here by a large black fence but they could still see through the bars and flash their cameras.

The studio was eerily quiet compared to the loud, obnoxious yelling from outside and it worried me that I was more comfortable in the loud situation then I was here, in a quiet studio.

Geoffrey led the way through to the elevator, all of us piling in on the way up to Jen’s floor. Lucinda’s heels clipped against the floor but that was really the only sound, it was early in the morning and people were still arriving, silent and tired with coffee in their hands ready for a long working day.

Jen was in her office when we got there, she didn’t look up as we piled in and none of us said anything when we squished onto the couch and chairs in front of her desk. We looked like young daughters about to get in trouble, with our heads down and hands folded neatly in our laps except we weren’t getting into trouble because Jen stopped yelling or caring about us a long time ago. Now it was just reserved and quick information that she fed us before shooing us out of the room. No jokes, no chats and no checking to see how we were coping. We had all destroyed the trust and faith that Jen had in us from the start and that may be the hardest thing that we would now have to live with.

After an unbearable silence where Gracie had grabbed my hand for comfort, Jen finally looked up. Her face was cold and uninterested in what sat before her. It was a cold sting but one we had become accustomed too.

“Today’s just a reminder about the publicity that we have planned for the band in two weeks in America. Simon is willing to lend the private plan to you five so as to avoid paparazzi and unwanted fans. A courtesy that he didn’t have to give you.” The implied we should be extremely thankful was obvious.

“Uh Jen.” Lucinda piped up, making us all look at her in surprise. “Frankie and I were actually wondering if we could go to America a week early. We thought it would be good if Frankie spent time with her family before the publicity work. We can get our own flights arranged and everything, you don’t need to do more work.” I was surprised by Lucinda’s suggestion. Neither her nor Frankie had mentioned this to me and by looking at Kate and Gracie’s faces they hadn’t known either.

“It’s fine Lucinda, I am quite capable of booking earlier flights for you although they won’t be in the private plane so we will have to send security with you.” Lucinda nodded as Frankie’s face stayed blank, her eyes cast out the window behind Jen’s desk. I wasn’t sure if she was even aware of her surroundings at this point.

Jen spent the rest of the time we were in her office filling us in what we would be doing for the next couple of weeks. I noticed that the publicity appearances were further spaced apart then our first two albums. Carefully planned so we would have breaks in between the events, they were looking after us like porcelain dolls, if they moved us too fast or rushed us too hard we would fall to the ground and shatter leaving everyone who had ever put time and energy into us, severely disappointed. It was probably for the better since we hadn’t survived the last two albums without scratches, bumps and bruises.

“That’s all, you are all welcome to go home now. There is nothing happening here for you today. You will be in here early tomorrow morning though for a meeting with Jacquie she wants to discuss ideas for the first music video on the new album. Nodding we stood up to leave, still frustratingly quiet. It wasn’t until we were at the door that Frankie stopped and turned around, making us all stop and wait, as she was the first one at the door.

“Congratulations,” she said sadly to Jen, “to you and Simon on getting engaged.” She gestured slowly to the ring on Jen’s left hand her features morphing into a small smile before turning and opening the door, leading the way out. I paused and watched Jen, bewildered that Frankie had even said anything, as she hadn’t talked much in front of anyone other then the band unless she had to. Even her mother she was reserved around.

Jen was surprised, I could see that but her mouth quirked up at the sides, only a little bit but enough to represent a smile nonetheless. Her eyes met mine and they turned unbearable soft. I hated that we let Jen down more then anybody else. She had tried and worked with us for so long, had done everything in her power to get us what we wanted and we threw it in her face.

She hadn’t accepted our apologies and I didn’t think she had to but it was only now, seeing her small smile at Frankie’s words while her right hand subconsciously played with the ring on her left, did I see hope that maybe we could still redeem ourselves at some point with her. I knew that we would all continue trying anyway because we owed Jen more then we ever thought to give her.

“You guys are going to America?” I asked the moment we had shut Jen’s door. I was confused that they hadn’t mentioned it earlier.

“Well we thought it would be good if Frankie went home for a bit, just get a week break and spend with her family before we start working again.” Lucinda and Frankie shared a look between them. “And Gracie is going away with Tony this weekend and Kate has her brother’s party.” I frowned, slightly hurt that they all had plans and hadn’t thought to invite me or even tell me that I would be alone for the next week.

“We thought you might want to go home for the week as well.” Frankie said, coming up beside me, her voice stronger less fragile now that it was just us: she was always stronger with us.

“I don’t need to go home. We were not long there.” I pointed out. “ I can go with you both.”

“We were in Australia but you barely saw your parents, you didn’t even see your sister and we know you miss her.” I moved to protest but Lucinda held up her hand, effectively cutting me off before continuing. “We promised each other that if we spent too much time away from our family the other girls in the band would force that person to go home so this is us forcing you.” I frowned at Lucinda but didn’t fight back. We had all decided that to better ground ourselves, family was needed.

“The One Direction boys are flying to Australia tomorrow night so we already booked you a seat with them.” I gaped at Frankie.

“Tomorrow night?” I gasped out at how soon it was. They both nodded.

“We didn’t want you to find a way out of it so lets go back to Kate’s to pack.” Frankie began nudging me to the elevator and I let her. So used to my life being co-actively played out with the other four girls that I wasn’t even really mad although sending me on a plane with One Direction was a part that I could be annoyed about.

“Do the boys even know about me coming?” I voiced as we stepped into the elevator.

“Yep. I organised it with Luce.” I jumped when Niall walked into the elevator behind us. A hesitant Louis behind him, I thought for almost a second that Louis was going to step back out of the elevator but as the doors began to shut he hunched his shoulders and stepped further in, Kate shuffling over so he could lean against the wall directly across from me. Niall stood between us, his back to the doors. “We’re flying into Sidney in Simon’s plane so we easily had enough room for you. T’s been all cleared.” I moved my eyes away from Louis to Niall.

“Thanks.” I responded drily. “For planning my itinerary.”

“He was just trying to be nice.” I widened my eyes at Louis’ snap, his own eyes glaring down at the floor where my feet were situated. Niall took a step back as if to clear our line of sight from each other.

“I know.” I said quickly not meaning him to think I was angry. “I was just joking.” I continued willing Louis to look up. He only folded his arms and moved his eyes to stare at the door until they opened up on his level, a level above the one we wanted. He stepped off without a word and Niall offered one small apologetic look before scrambling after him. I doubted I deserved Niall’s sympathy.

“That plane ride is going to be the most awkward twenty-four hours of my life.” I announced to the elevator as the doors opened to our level. Frankie snorted and I smiled widely, linking our arms. If making Frankie snort with amusement was my only achievement today, then I’ve done more then I ever hoped for.

“It’ more like twenty-eight hours, and counting the hours that you have to wait at the airport on both sides.” I turned a glare to Kate who didn’t see but just climbed into the waiting car that Geoffrey had for us.

“You all suck at being comforting.” I announced grandly, climbing into the black shiny car and took a window seat. Frankie sat between Lucinda and I; she hated looking outside when crowds surrounded the car. Kate and Gracie sat across from us.

The car drove purposefully towards the now opened gate and the paparazzi swarmed around the car. We couldn’t hear what they were asking but we could hear them try to open some doors. Thankfully they were always locked. Frankie flinched and shrunk further back in her seat even though the windows were tinted to the point that not even a figure could be seen inside the car. I had always thought that tinting that much was illegal but apparently not when you were rich and famous.

I only wished that the windows were tinted on the inside too. Staring at them all from the inside as the pushed and squirmed and opened their mouths to scream at us was scary. They had no shame and no fear as they tried to get anything they could from us, sap all our words and create a huge monstrosity that wasn’t who we were. They twisted and contorted people until they were sellable, someone that could sit on a shelf and be hated while everyone else believed they were superior while shelved human was left to feel inferior, less and worth nothing but your hate-filled energy.

Frankie’s nails dug into my arm and I hissed, yanking it out of her grip, turning my glare to her but her face was understanding, open and honest with me and I frowned in worry. She didn’t know what I was thinking but she could see, we all could, when one of us withdrew to far into ourselves. It became dangerous and unhealthy and we never coped well with being alone.
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