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My Sing Along

I eyed the half-naked boy that fell out of Charlotte’s room. He froze in the doorway, clothes hugged to his stomach and panic shone through his eyes. Charlotte appeared behind him, her own eyes wide and worried.

I smirked. “You’re lucky Louis is so hungover he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between me and your boy here.” I grinned. They both stood still in the doorway, neither one daring to move a muscle.

I sighed, “Hurry up and get him out of here before Louis sees him.”

They both move quickly, Charlotte using her hands to shove him down the stairs, there was a creak of a door and I caught Felicite staring out at us all.

“Hey,” I said softly, unsure where we stood.

“Lou won’t be happy when he finds out you let them go.” She said stiffly.

“Charlotte’s a big girl she can make her own decisions.”

She didn’t say anything, just stared until the hallway got even more awkward.

“I never wanted to hurt him you know.” I said gently, taking a step towards her. “I made a mistake and I’m trying to make up for it. I don’t expect you to forgive me, but I just want you to know that I’m trying to make up for what I did.”

Her blue eyes stared at me, hurt and confusion swirling around. I forgot how much they all looked like Louis.


“And welcome to the wonderfully entertaining life of Purity. I am here to give you an in depth guide to our glamorous life since we shot to stardom. Are you ready? Are you excited? Because first, we are going to take a peek in the life of Lucinda Garcia Ramirez. And what, you may ask, is she currently doing? Why my lovely fans, she is cooking. How extravagant is that? She is doing the cooking all by herself.”

I looked up from my notebook and frowned at Gracie as Frankie’s voice continued to float from the kitchen into the living room that the both of us and Kate were sprawled around.

“What is she doing?” I asked.

“The most glamorous part of her baking is that Lucinda is performing this action in the kitchen of Louis Tomlinson’s house. So yes, yes this is the kitchen that Louis Tomlinson cooks his food in.” She fake gasped before I heard Lucinda yell at her to get out.

“Now I take you with me as we find the other girls from Purity, sitting around doing star-studded stuff, right?”

Frankie’s arm entered the living room before she did, her phone held high in her hand as it faced her before it turned to face us.

“And here they are, first we have Kate Hernahm, currently 21 and in a relationship that she won’t admit to. What are you currently doing Kate?”

Kate glared into the camera before holding up the book she was reading.

“Oh good, she’s mute. Moving on, we have Gracie Bell, cutie of the group and currently dating vocal trainer and song writer Tony. How is Tony, Gracie?”

“Fine,” Gracie said, moving her eyes from the television to be greeted with a face full of Iphone.

“No exciting issues going on? Fights? Anyone cheating? Maybe you found out Tony is actually dead and you’ve been dating his evil twin brother this whole time?”

“Uh no?”

“Exciting!” Frankie moved towards me and I groaned loudly, flopping my head on the back of the couch and glared at her.

“Ah now I know this one has to have something exciting for me. Annabelle Blake, twenty-one years of age, and our token Australian. What are you doing?”

“Drafting some songs.”

“Ohh can we take a look?”

I shoved my hand in front of the phones camera. “No.”

“And there you have it lovely fans, we are obviously the most exciting group of girls you have honestly ever had the pleasure of watching. Seriously you couldn’t make this shit up.”

“What are you doing?” A male voice sounded from the archway to the living room making the four of us scream, my pen jolted out of my hand and rolled to a stop by Harry’s foot.

“Styles! What the fuck.” Frankie yelled.

“Don’t do that.” Kate said, hands resting on her chest. She took deep breaths in while Gracie giggled.

“How did you even get in here without knocking? Better yet how did you even get in the gate without letting us know?” I asked, catching the pen that Harry threw back at me.

“I know the password and I have a key,” he jangled his large set of keys and dropped down on the couch, narrowly missing my feet.

“Of course you do.” Frankie sighed, now back to looking at her phone. My phone beeped before it was followed by the resounding beeps from three other phones in the room.

“You uploaded that didn’t you?” Kate asked, though we already knew the answer.

“Hey a fan was curious and raving about how glamorous our life must be so I thought I would make them jealous,” Frankie snickered.

Kate played the video on her phone, including the ending of Harry’s voice and a scream from all of us in the room.

“It sounds like I’m about to murder you all,” Harry said.

“What are ya’s doing?” Niall walked into the room, munching on a muffin, crumbs hit the floor.

“Oh my God, the muffins are ready?” Gracie jumped out of her seat and pushed past Niall to get to the kitchen. He frowned, rushing after her to ensure she wouldn’t eat them all.

“When’s Lou getting home?” Harry asked, nudging my leg.

I shrugged, “sometime this afternoon, he said.”

I looked back down at my notebook, only to have it snatched out of my hands. I growled and lunged at Harry, trying to grab it back. But he held it out of reach, his stupidly long arms to long for mine to reach even though I threw myself across his body. Reaching over and pulling on his arm, trying to get him to give it back.

“Niall, Niall!” He yelled.

Niall came racing into the room and as any good friend, he grabbed the book and danced out of my reach, no questions asked.

“Niall!” I tried to scramble off Harry but he held me down, arms wrapped around my waist so I could squirm off his lap. I twisted and looked to the girls pleadingly but they all ignored us. Going back to their book, phone and TV. I realised that the girls in my band did not have my back like the boys in Harry’s did.

“It’s good,” Niall said, still munching on his muffing and sitting on the window seat, reading the words I had written.

“Let me read it,” Harry said. I was maneuvered between the boys too easily. Niall sitting on my stomach to hold me on the couch while Harry read my book. Niall was crumbing muffing onto my chest. I glared up at him.

“This is really good,” Harry complimented. “Like really good, possibly better than Last Call and I mean that was my favourite.”

“You know you could have just asked to look,” I said.

“Would you have let us?” Niall asked, licking his fingers now.


“And that my darling is why we did not ask.” Niall grinned down at me and my fingers twitched, wanting to reach up and pinch any part of Niall I could, but his weight was also resting on my arms.

“Why are you sitting on Belle?”

I looked up in surprise, as Louis stood in the archway, bags at his feet, hair windblown and clothes baggy. He still looked hungover.

“Louis,” both Harry and Niall launched themselves across the room and onto their band mate. I was able to grab my notebook from where Harry had left it and quickly stashed it into my bag.

“What the hell mates?” Louis mumbled from under the two heavy boys. I could only just see bits of his hair fanning out from under Niall’s arm.

I moved to help when Charlotte and Felicity appeared behind the boys both clutching cupcakes in their hands. Lucinda stood behind them, a plate full of cupcakes in her hand.

“Get off him or you won’t get any more food.” She threatened. Both boys were off Louis immediately.

“Cheers,” he coughed as Harry and Niall spotted his two sisters in the room, immediately greeting them in hugs and kisses.

I stared, surprised. I only thought Charlotte was coming and now with Felicity hear I felt more unwelcome and uncomfortable staying here. She wouldn’t want me around. I knew that.

“Guess what?” Charlotte came over to me, accepting the hug I pulled her into. “Louis is promising to talk to Garret while we are down here.”

“Garret I’m assuming is the boy I saw yesterday morning.” I grinned at her blush. “I didn’t know he lives in London.”

“He doesn’t, but his brother does and he is actually staying with him for a week.”

I smiled at her giddiness as she grabbed my hand and swung it back and forward. She seemed to really like this guy.

“Is this why you really came down to stay with Louis in London?” I joked but caught the small bit of guilt that flashed through her eyes. I laughed and pulled her into another hug.

“You have to come though right? It will be like a double date, but you’re main role there is to make sure that Louis is nice.”

“Of course, love.” I easily agreed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and turned back to the scene in front of us. Harry and Niall were currently showering Felicity in attention. Her giggles filled the room and I couldn’t help but smile and watch.

“I didn’t make the bed in the other spare room.” I told Louis when he reached me, I had only been expecting Charlotte to stay, not Felicity as well.

“Excuse me, you did not make the bed. I made the bed, you are incapable of making a bed.” Kate argued.

Louis looked at me before pressing a kiss to my forehead. “Come on, you can come help me make up the bed then.” He tugged on my arm until I followed him up the stairs and into one of the first guest rooms.

I giggled as Louis pressed me against the door, his hands coming up to rest on the wood at either side of my head.

“I thought we were making the bed?” I asked.

“Yes but I haven’t been able to greet you properly.” He murmured, pressing quick and firm kisses against my lips before I reached up to wrap a hand around his neck.

He muttered an agreement against my lips and let me control the kiss as I kept his mouth pressed to mine, moving us together so perfectly that I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. Making it all teeth and biting.

“Hi,” I greeted him with a smirk. “We should really make the bed before anyone comes in.”

Louis groaned and pulled away. I leant my head against the door and watched as he pulled the sheets out of the cupboard. His sweatpants were practically molded around his ass but were unfairly loose at the front.

“Do you really not know how to make a bed?” He asked, smirking when he caught me looking further south than I should have been.

I rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders. “I’ve been living in hotels for the last three years basically. My own house I rarely live in and when I leave a cleaner comes in and cleans it all up and while I grew up we had a maid.”

Louis looked at me in shock. “You know I’m starting to realise that even though you are a brat, you’re not as much of a brat as you could have been.”

I threw a pillow in his smirking face.

“Come on, I shall teach you the old traditional ways of making a bed.” He laughed and went through the motions, making me hold each corner as he smoothed out the bed and tucked sheets in before placing multiple blankets across the top of the bed. Despite the heated rooms, blankets were definitely a must. I preferred as many as possible but Louis usually grumbled from being too hot.

Felicity appeared in the doorway, with her bags in hand just as Louis finished placing the last cushion on the bed.

“So are you like living here now?” Felicity asked, the question directed at me. “Your bags are downstairs.”

“Annabelle is staying with me,” Louis said. I shifted uncomfortably as Felicity’s assessing eyes never left me while she dumped her bags in the corner of her room.

“So what does that mean? That you guys live together now? Or is she just staying for another night and then going somewhere else?” I got the feeling the last option was more of a preferred suggestion on Felicity’s behalf.

“Are you guys together now? In a relationship or something?” She asked when neither of us answered her last questions.

“It’s complicated.” I answered figuring that one of us had to actually say something.

“Oh goodie. It always seems to be complicated when you’re involved.” She sneered at me. I recoiled from her snap and Louis gaped, he seemed unsure how to handle his sister like this. Without Jay around Felicity was holding nothing back.

“I’m uh gonna leave you to settle in and check on Lottie.” I sidestepped to the door and was out of the room in seconds. I moved further down the hallway before pausing to take quick, controlled breaths.

I could hear Louis talking in short, firm tones so I continued into the room I had been sharing with Louis.

“She’s a handful isn’t she?” Charlotte beckoned me into her room, closing the door behind me.

“I don’t blame her.”

“Good,” Charlotte nodded, “because it’s kind of hard to get angry at her when she’s just trying to protect her older brother.”

I paused at Charlotte’s words. She had been nice and inviting with me from the start. I had expected her reaction to be a lot like Felicity’s.

“Why did you give me another chance?” I asked.

She shrugged and fell down onto the large bed placed in the middle of the room. “Because Louis did. And Louis, despite certain circumstances, isn’t an out right idiot. He wouldn’t have given you another chance if he thought you would disappear again. Which means that Louis has seen or learnt things about you that we have no idea about. Things that obviously changed his mind about you.”

I thought back to the hospital when Frankie had been drugged. Louis had changed how he interacted with me, all the boys had changed how they had behave around us since then. They saw something there that had shown them what our lives had been like since it all started. Louis had barely left my side since, and I found myself not wanting to leave his for very long.

“I’m trying not to hurt him anymore.” I promise Charlotte, I wanted her to know that even though I had the position to hurt Louis, I wasn’t going to allow myself to do it. He deserved better than that. It was why I had wanted to try again, I wanted him in my life and I didn’t want to be the cause of his pain anymore.

“Give Felicity time, once she sees that you’re around for good and you’re not going to hurt him again, then maybe she will warm up to you. No promises.”
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Song Title - Boom - Simple Plan.

So I'v been back from Europe for a couple of weeks but it's taken me so long to update because this story is coming to a close so I have literally read through every single chapter of the first story and this one to ensure that I have tied all loose ends or what is left! So now you know there is only a few chapters left if anyone is still reading after such a long gap from writing! Sorry guys!