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Recently pictures and videos of girl band, Purity, member Annabelle Blake (20) has spread through the Internet like wildfire. Recently she had flown with British and Irish boy band One Direction to Australia. When landing she separated from the five heartthrobs towards her own car but it seemed the mass of fans weren’t only their for the boys as they converged on the 20 year old singer and her own security couldn’t push them back. It took the effort of more security guards running to the rescue and one extremely angry boybander (i.e. Louis Tomlinson).

The following photos were of Tomlinson leading his ex-girlfriend through the screaming masses, both clinging desperately to each other. The more shocking photos seem to be when both were finally free from the crowd Blake fell to the ground in what appeared to be a panic attack. Witnesses there stated that ‘Blake wouldn’t let anyone near her for a long time, just stayed in a ball on the ground and her back moved rapidly like she was having trouble breathing’. Many people have taken to Twitter to defend the young starlight, celebrities included, it seems many people believe the paparazzi and fans took it a step too far and the airport should have prepared for the incident.

The most important question we need to ask though, is what do we have to do to have Louis Tomlinson riding to our rescue like a knight in shining… tattoos?

My missed message count was high when I finally checked my phone. I had already spoken to all four girls sometime early this morning when they had obviously found out about the airport. The call came at about three a.m. and I didn’t even hesitate to answer, I had needed to hear their voices and know that they were there just like the usually were every other time.

My parents had called as well as Jen, Geoffrey and a lot of unknown numbers. I would have to get Geoffrey to check that my number was completely private to everyone else. I listened to Geoffrey’s message first while puttering around the kitchen, deciding on what food was actually edible in my pantry.

“Dammit Annabelle I wish you would actually answer your phone.” Geoffrey’s thick British accent came through the phone, furious but comforting at the same time. “I knew that I should have sent people with you. I’m sorry, this is my fault and I’m correcting it now. A buddy of mine is retired but he runs a security company. We can trust him so he’s sending his boys up, they should be at your place soon enough. Be polite and let them go wherever you go. We don’t need you getting hurt. Stay safe and I swear to God Annabelle that will not be happening to you again.” The message ended quickly and I spared a smile at the phone. The men that Geoffrey had hired showed up an hour ago, I had noticed them preparing themselves out front while I got ready for a surf this morning. I trust Geoffrey.

Jen’s message was next; I wasn’t sure what type of message I would be receiving from her.

“Annabelle, Geoffrey has explained to me explicitly that you will be looked after for the rest of your trip. So please, let them. No one wants a repeat of the airport so don’t try to sneak away or growl at them. Let them protect you, if you care at all for the people who care about you, let them protect you.” I sighed at Jen’s voice and picked up my phone to listen to my parents.

“You should have called us straight away honey. Your father and I will be in at work all day today, so don’t try to call us back. We’re going to find every person we can sue for yesterday.” My Mum’s voice was sweet and simple. Not adding any further information or love, I smiled nonetheless, my parents would protect me with what they knew best; Law.

I started from the knock at the door and made my way to the front of the house. One of Geoffrey’s men obediently opened the door and Annalisa stepped through. I looked at her shocked, I hadn’t seen her in a long time and she had grown impossibly so during that time. Her dark hair that had resembled my natural colour was shorter, wavier and framed her tanned complexion. She was slightly plumper in the way that girls were as they began to fill out their bodies. Her eyes were alight and a small smile was spread across her features.

“Hi Belly, long time no see, like a year?” Her tone was biting as the door shut behind her and I was too dumbfounded to reply. “Did you really think I was going to let you come home and not see me this time?” She rolled her eyes and pushed past on the way into the kitchen. I closed my eyes briefly, breathing in and welcoming the warm sense of family before following her in.

“I like your place.” Her eyes moved around the room and I knew she was noticing every impersonal item in the room; it was worse then our parent’s house.

“No you don’t.” I smiled lightly, leaning against the counter while she frowned in at the abysmal contents of my fridge, shaking her head at my incapability to survive as an adult.

“I really don’t. Would it kill you to hang a picture? And it will kill you if you don’t buy food soon.” She turned back to me, her face full of exasperation and I was washed with the feeling of how much I missed her. Her eyes softened considerably and she reached out towards me, her hand running along the scratch that now decorated my arm.

“It’s all over the news, newspapers, radio, Internet, everywhere, even the pictures and videos of you having a panic attack. It was awful.”

“Wasn’t a panic attack.” I denied almost instantly, I had gathered from all my missed calls that the world had found out pretty quickly.

“You were curled up on the ground Annabelle, it was practically a panic attack.” She said firmly, her hand moving from my arm and she took a seat on one of the stools placed at the kitchen counter. It creaked from little use, underneath her. “Mum and Dad went nuts, you should have seen them, I thought Dad was going to have an aneurism, they went straight into work and are probably threatening every teenage girls who shares or blogs about you as we speak.” Her tone was light but I understood what she was implying. Mum and Dad cared, they were doing what they knew how to do, just like she was.

“They won’t be able to do anything, it’s what being famous is about. The whole world gets full access to your life.” I told her, trying not to sound to bitter about that. I moved to one of my pantry cupboards and opened it up in vain. It was just as empty as the other cupboards I had already checked. I would need to do grocery shopping for the week if I didn’t want to order takeout for every meal.

“So how long were you planning on ignoring me for?” Her question ripped through the casual atmosphere we had created and I could hear the hurt undertones coming from her.

“I wasn’t ignoring you.” I told her strongly, adamant that she understands this. “I was keeping my distance from you. Annalisa I was a wreck and I was too ashamed to let you see that. I didn’t want to let you down.”

“And what you’re not a wreck now?” Her words stung and I couldn’t meet her eye.

“I-I’m less of one I guess.” I admitted to her slowly, unsurely before looking up, her face had softened unexpectedly.

“You shouldn’t worry about letting me down. I’m your sister I’ve seen you at your ugliest, I’ve seen you hungover and puking into the toilet. Hell you’ve puked on me before. Don’t protect me from you, as your sister I get to see all this crap and still hang around to be there for you. I’m the one that’s supposed to help pull you through it all.”

“You aren’t even fifteen yet Lissy.” I was touched by her words but she was too young.

“You don’t think I haven’t had my fair share of trauma these last few years? I’ve grown up a lot thanks to you.” I looked at her guiltily aware of the amount of bullying she had received because of my popularity. “But it’s not your fault. The way I see it, my sister is trying to do something that she loves, it’s the rest of the world that is obsessed with wrecking lives and hating on people they will never know.” I smiled at her through my tears and moved around the bench to pull her into a hug. I had missed her like crazy, there had been a constant missing piece in my life the moment I stopped talking to her. I never got used to not talking to her nearly every day and sometimes the girls weren’t enough, they hadn’t known me for most of my life.

“God please stop crying or I’m going to start.” She whispered into my hair and I let out a small chocked laugh before pulling back, wiping my eyes and cheek.

“When did you get all grown up?” I teased her. “You even have boobs now.” She flushed darkly and folded her arms over top of them making me laugh harder. The loudness of the laughter was a surprise but it was almost liberating to be laughing and crying at the same time.

“Come on, you idiot. Let’s go get you some food.” She said fondly, patting my waist and pushing me back so she could stand up. I agreed and went to grab my wallet from the suitcase that was still sitting by the door where I had left it yesterday.

“I listened to the album you know.” I turned to see Annabelle staring at me expectantly. “It’s probably your best so far.”

“Thanks.” I replied warmly, glad that she liked it.

“Which song is for Louis?” I paused and almost cursed how well she knew me, almost. But a part of me was relieved and grateful that she would know how I felt even after not talking for most of a year.

“The last one.” I replied, not looking at her.

“I was afraid you would say that.” She sighed and I finally turned to look at her, her eyes already boring into me and I twitched restlessly, ridiculously nervous as my 14 year-old sister practically crushes my walls. “Well which one’s mine?” She finally burst out, breaking the tension and I smile widely, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and leading her to the front door.

“The first one. Definitely the first one.”

“Ooh I like that one.” She grinned widely, clapping her hands in excitement.


We had four bodyguards surrounding us as we walked up and down the aisle of the closest Woolworths to my place. The bodyguards were drawing more attention to us then if I walked in here by myself but at least this way we wouldn’t have a repeat performance of yesterday and I felt safer, okay to be out.

Annalisa was having a ball, at any chance she would get one of the guards to reach up and grab something for us, her large smile telling how much she loved being doted on. I rolled my eyes and was glad that the guards seemed to find her enthusiasm for it funny.

“How much sugar is in that?” I eyed the chocolate covered cereal that Annalisa had just picked up and dropped in the basked.

“Just enough.” She grinned toothily and I shook my head, taking it out.

“I do actually have to watch what I eat.” I told her, she frowned at me but kept quiet, moving further down the aisle before freezing, hey eyes widening. “What is it?” I asked worried, as she watched a group of kids around her age heading down the aisle towards us. It took a couple of seconds before they seemed to recognise her and call out. She glanced back at me before shifting uneasily towards them.

My bodyguards moved to tighten around me even though I tried to wave them away; they were obviously friends of Annalisa. I watched intrigued as she greeted them, there were three girls and two boys who all continuously glanced over at me. I waved kindly but awkwardly put my hand down when none of them waved back. Eventually Annalisa left them and headed back over to me, her eyes refusing to meet mine. Her group of friends stayed where they were and watched.

“Is everything okay?” I asked Annalisa, she shrugged and began studying the bottles of spices behind us. Her friends slowly began to move away, their chatter becoming louder the further down the aisle they went. “Did you not want me to meet them?” I asked, frowning. She sighed and began moving down the aisle, I quickly followed.

“It’s probably for the best if you don’t.” She shrugged and her words actually stung.

“Why not? I would love to meet your friends.” I told her, I used to know them all but I hadn’t recognised any of the people in that group.

“They kinda don’t like you.” She bit her lip and looked back at me, I paused and frowned wondering how I had hurt them in anyway. “You kinda ditched me and ignored me for a whole year Annabelle. That hurt, a lot. And they were there for me, it’s kind of in their right to hate you.” I gaped at her.

“Do you hate me?” I asked incredulous. She shook her head and rolled her eyes all at once.

“Don’t be stupid, you’re my sister. I’m going to forgive you even if you murdered someone.” She hummed to herself and moved into the next aisle, obviously deeming the conversation to be over. Hunching my shoulders I followed at a much more sedated pace.

I could feel more eyes on me as we walked down the aisle, Annalisa unaware or just didn’t care while she grabbed more items to dump into my bag. I stopped her from buying chocolate but she insisted on chips.

A little girl seemed to finally find courage to walk towards me, her Mum following unsure. One of the security guards stepped forward but I quickly shook my head letting him know I would be okay. She was just a little girl and her Mum was right there, what harm could come?

“Hi sweetie.” I placed the basked down and knelt down in front of the girl, she look around six or seven, her blonde hair braided proudly down her back with small butterfly clips spaced around. Her bright blue eyes were wide and when she smiled her tongue slipped through the gap that her two missing front teeth made.

“Hi.” She said loudly, louder then I expected her too. “You’re my favourite.” She said this quieter, leaning forward like it was a secret. I laughed brightly and pulled her into a hug before her Mum asked for a photo.

I kneeled properly so we were the same height and rested my arm around her waist, smiling at her Mum’s phone. She took a few photos before Annalisa came up and offered to let the Mum in the photo as well. I thanked the girl again and signed a piece of paper that her Mum had before her Mum finally dragged her off, leaving me still kneeling on the ground.

“Come on Popstar, time to go.” Annalisa reached out a hand and pulled me up, both of us headed towards the closest checkout with the baskets. I noticed the paparazzi outside, taking photos through the windows. It must have got out that I was here. We moved further up the line and the young girl who greeted us at the register gaped at me for a few uncomfortable minutes before flushing and began to pack our items. I nudged Annalisa when she snorted at her.

“Can you uh sign this?” I looked at our cashier confused, wondering why I would have to sign anything when I paid with cash. I realised belatedly that she had a black piece of paper for me to sign. Smiling I quickly scrawled my signature, waved and grabbed some bags.

“Can’t take you anywhere.” Annalisa exclaimed, rolling my eyes we made our way to the front door before I hesitated. There were a lot of people waiting outside and thoughts of yesterday came to my mind, the feeling of being pressed in from all sides, blinding lights and echoing screams. It wasn’t an experience I wanted to recreate anytime soon.

“Hey,” Annalisa broke into my panic gently, her hand grabbing onto one of mine that wasn’t occupied with a bag. “It’s okay, we have security this time and nothing bad is going to happen.” Security began closing around us and I only grew slightly comfortable.

“Lissy, I don’t think…” I trailed off, my breath becoming shorter and my heart was thudding erratically. I really didn’t want to go out there.

“None of that.” Annalisa bit out sternly, moving in front of me so I would stare at only her. “They do not scare you okay. A bunch of low life idiots do not scare my sister.” I wanted to be as strong as she thought I was, but I wasn’t that person anymore.

“But I am scared, I’m so scared of them Lissy. I-I don’t- I can’t…”

“Then fake it till you make it right?” She raised an eyebrow at me, her lips pursed. I took a deep breath, willing my heart to calm down before nodding at her. I could do that. I could fake courage.

“Good, now hold your head up high, don’t make eye contact and if anyone touches you - start swearing.” She grinned wickedly before tugging me closer to the door. Tightening my hand in hers I straightened my back, pushed my chin up high and took one large breath before marching out in the middle of everyone, security circling and pushing there way through the crowd for us.

There were screams and yelling, flashes of light but the bodies didn’t come as close this time. Security kept them back and no one touched me, my heart was still wild and my breaths short but we reached the car quickly. I almost fell through the door in relief pulling in a large shaky breath when Annalisa slammed the back door behind, locking her side before leaning over to lock mine.

Her clammy hands grabbed onto my face and turned it so all I could focus on was her, her eyes and her thin plucked eyebrows. The nose that bent slightly to the left just like my own and our fathers, she had two moles huddled together under her left eye and all these familiar features of her made me calm. My breathing became natural and even, my eyes watered but I didn’t cry. I had survived the crowd and came out much better then I had yesterday.

“I’m so so so sorry.” She muttered to me, over and over again and I furrowed my eyebrows wondering what on Earth she should apologise for. “I had no idea how bad that was, especially for you. I thought, I just thought that made, I don’t know. I just didn’t think it was that bad.” She was rambling and I realised how bad it must have affected her as well.

“It’s okay.” I tried to mumble, but her hands were beginning to squeeze my cheeks together. I gently pried them away from my face, pushing her into her seat and making sure we both buckled up since we were already on the main road home.

“You almost had a panic attack and I’ve seen you go through crowd a hundred times bigger then that. How?” She whispered wide-eyed. I shrugged, my teeth worrying on my bottom lip under her constant gaze.

“Yesterday was worse then most and it’s just put me on edge.” I didn’t know what to tell her and that was only a part lie. Yesterday was worse but truthfully I left most crowds just as shaky now a day. It seemed the more I walked through them the worse my fear became. She nodded slowly and her eyes travelled out the window before sliding back.

“You know a lot of people have been defending you on twitter. I mean the girls from Purity posted angry statuses of course but so did other celebrities.” I looked at her in surprise as she pulled out her phone, her eyes focused while her thumb moved across the screen. “See Miley Cyrus even posted in your defense.” She flashed the phone towards me so I could see a tweet from Miley Cyrus that was defending me; she had even tagged me asking if I was all right. I would need to go on Twitter later, I supposed, and reply to some of the people. “One Direction even went on, they were quiet angry a their fans.” She said this part slowly, her eyes straying to me. “Especially Louis he used some few choice words. I’m surprised that his anger didn’t slide through the phone and slap everyone in the face.” I snorted at the image before turning my gaze to Annalisa.

“What are you trying to get at?” I asked her, knowing that she had a reason for telling me this.

“Well…” She took her time. “I’m just trying to say that you’re not alone in this. That there are people out there who still love you and support you. You got a lot of fan tweets who want to know if you’re okay, granted there are some horrible ones but there are also a lot of good.” Her words were earnest and I smiled at her softly as a thank you.

“And I also wanted to tell you about Louis.” She said this part much quicker, her eyes looking guiltily away. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. “I think he still cares about you.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Lissy. Louis hates me.”

“That is not the answer I got while watching videos and flipping through hundreds of photos of him literally pushing his way through a crowd of screaming girls to get to you. You should have seen his face; those girls are lucky they didn’t get murdered. And the photos of you behind the fence when you were crouched down? He looked so heartbroken seeing you like that. Louis doesn’t hate you and I know how you feel about him.” I moved to shake my head but she held a hand up, refusing my denial. “And I’ve listened to the album Annabelle, you told me the last track is about Louis but I know others are too, especially a certain song that was probably written when he got back with Eleanor briefly last year?” I groaned at her annoying ability to see right through everything I did.

“Trust me Lis, Louis can’t stand me, he could barely talk to me on the plane. It was extremely awkward.” I tried to get my point across but she wasn’t having it, her hands running over her phone quickly before holding it up to my face.

I pulled it towards me and realised it was a photo of us yesterday as he pulled me through the crowd with security. He was angry but he looked slightly panicked as well, his arms, you could see, were tight around me. His whole body angled in the best way to keep the crowd away from me, he was basically finding away to surround me with his body. I sighed and gave the phone back to Annalisa not wanting to see Louis’ brief momentary lapse of hate.

“Despite the fact that you really freaking broke him, he still cared. He could have left you there in the middle of everyone but if you see the videos he pushed his way through just as much as security did, people are saying that he was crazy with panic, calling your name.” I didn’t believe her when she was only quoting people who made up stories whenever they wanted to about whomever they wanted to. “I know you won’t believe me right now but I think you could win Louis back, just maybe you need to grovel a bit more, a lot more.” We pulled up at my house and there were more paparazzi outside, thankfully stuck outside the fence that ran around the property.

Breathing deeply I stepped out of the car and grabbed the grocery bags, after lunch I was going for another swim, another long mind numbing swim.
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Song Title: Run For Your Life - The Fray

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