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I'm a nightmare and I'm going crazy,
You're going nowhere, so I'm taking you with me.

Alan Ashby's stuck in the same vicious cycle year in and year out. Wake up, go to work at this sketchy diner, and then come home to his dreary apartment, where he lives his days drowning his sorrow in one too many cups of coffee. The only solace he receives is the rare occasion he is motivated enough to translate his yearnings into music. Day in and day out, he does the same thing, but he's always longed for something more. He gets by on minimum wage, but he knows his dismal routine is no way to live. In his 22 years of living he never met someone he could turn too, there was not a soul he could count on; and that had proved to be nearly catastrophic. His life was dull, well...that is until December 1, 2010, the day he receives a somewhat perplexing letter.

Austin Carlile never had a chance to make something of himself. After his mother passed away, his dad fell into a deep depression; often forgetting he had a son to feed. From the age of 17, Austin had to rely solely on himself, and that meant doing anything he could to get money. After years of saving, a then, 24 year old Austin, moved to Columbus, Ohio; and that's when his financial struggles really began. He started selling drugs, robbing shops, stealing whatever he needed to survive. And save for murder, he's done it all. But something starts making waves in his lifestyle. Slowly but surely, he begins to lose his sense of reality. Days blur into weeks, weeks that have seemingly disappeared, and he can't recall a thing that occurred in them. His only chance of resolving the mystery shrouding his missing time is a stack of letters. Letters dated in days he doesn't remember living.