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Leave Yourself Behind

For years Eddard Stark kept his other daughter Elyria a secret. After the capture of her sister, Eddard stopped at nothing to kept her a sacred sister. The night before his death he made her promise that she would be the one to end Joffrey Baratheon and take back her sister. Elyria is out for revenge and she won't stop until it's Joffrey that suffers the fall out.

He stalks towards me with his usual sadistic smirk. I wanted to hit him and execute him now, but the plan was going out so well. I wasn't going to give up due to my revenge driven mind.

"It's good that we met." His voice is soft as he stops in front of me.
"It is." I smile back at him letting my hand rest on his armored shoulder.
"I am most honored you feel the same Elyria. I feel that you are the first friend I have ever had."

My mind is frozen, but I force a fake smile across my face. I knew Joffrey's ways from the few letters I'd obtained from Sansa. He would feel the most joy seeing the look of shock on my face. If in fact he had discovered I was the daughter of Eddard.

I stop myself. Joffrey knew nothing of me. All he knew was that I came from the village the strongest warrior willing to fight along side him. By becoming a close friend it would entitle me to the plans he was arranging. I would avenge my father and return with Sansa. Once I found her I would search for Arya.