Fix You

After the 2010 Stanley Cup Championship year, Ella Rose Michaels and Kris Versteeg experienced a messy breakup after Kris was traded to Toronto and Ella refused to go with him. Sticking around with the rest of the Blackhawks in Chicago, Ella Rose landed a job as a secretary to a lawyer's office downtown, earning just enough money to get by while also having a flexible enough schedule to party with the Blackhawks whenever they were in town, especially during the summer of 2013 after the Hawks rocked the city of Chicago once again with another Stanley Cup championship.

But as the 2013-'14 season wore on, one unexpected trade would change Ella's relationship with the Blackhawks forever. Suddenly, Kris Versteeg is back in Chicago, and he has hardly forgotten about Ella. When the whole team gets involved to try and get the pair back together, will Ella and Kris finally crack and give each other another chance?