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My 30 Day Challenge

Chapter 2

The next time I woke up it was the afternoon. There was a nurse fiddling with a syringe next time me, and I shied away violently. She looked at my, and letting out an exclamation of ‘Kellin!’ She ran from the room. Great. I’m that repulsive.

Which was exactly when she came back in with a woman who was presumably a doctor, judging from the coat. I sighed inwardly, knowing what was coming.

'Kellin, you're awake! Good to finally be able to talk to you,' she said, smiling. 'My name is Doctor Jardine, and I'll be looking after you while you're here.' Which is for God knows how long.

I muttered a ‘hey’ under my breath, and she sat down on the bed.

'Listen, I don't want to be all mushy and protective of you, so I'm just going to give you the truth hard and straight, yeah?'

I nodded.

'If you don't remember, you attempted suicide by cutting yourself. You were found by your mother, who was home from work early. She brought you here just in time; we were able to bandage the wounds, stop the bleeding, and give you a transfusion. You've been asleep for three days, in which we've been supplying you with nutrients through and IV, as you were severely malnourished.'

None of this surprised me. When my face remained unchanged, she carried on.

'While you were asleep, your mother made the decision to transfer your custody to another family.'

Wow. Getting rid of me so easily.

'We think you may have a few mental disorders, unfortunately, Kellin, and there aren't any doctors in this area able to treat you.'

'So she's sending me away?' I asked.

'Don't think of it as being sent away, because that's not what this is; your mother can't find a local doctor who can help you, and she can't afford to relocate both of you, so she is moving you in with her high school friend, who lives in San Diego. You'll be moving in a week's time, after you've been discharged.'

I looked down at my hands, folded in front of me. It wouldn’t be any different in California. I’d just have to go through with it away from home. But I hadn’t felt like I’d had a home in a long time. Maybe this would make things easier.

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