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My 30 Day Challenge

Chapter 3

I stared out the plane window, glaring at the clouds. The Used blared in my ears, blocking out the sounds of the crying baby next to me. I checked the screen in front of me, which said I had a half hour left before I had to deal with my ‘foster family’.
Mom said that I had to call them by their first names; I had already forgotten them. I would just call them Mr and Mrs Fuentes, and not talk to the kids.

That was the thing I had a problem - they had two sons, one my age and one a year younger. I would be expected to spend time with them.

Mom said that Mrs Fuentes was the only one she told, but if she hasn’t told her husband then she’s a pretty shit wife, in my opinion. I begged for no one else to know, so with any luck the kids didn’t know.


Two hours later, I sat in a car on my way to the outskirts of San Diego. I was sat in the passenger seat of a surprisingly comfortable old Ford, with Mrs Fuentes at the wheel. She wasn’t much of a talker; I only found her at the airport because I went searching with a picture from my mom.

Eventually, late in the evening, we pulled into a driveway that looked very similar to every other one in the street, suburb, and town. A short, Mexican man came out of the house.

'You must be Kellin! It is nice to meet you,' he said, with a slight accent and a smile. I gave what I hoped looked something like a smile and nodded. 'We kept dinner in the oven; it's ready if you are.'

I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk, and followed him inside. I was lead up the stairs and down to the far end of the hall, into a room that had a few boxes in a corner, a bed, and a wardrobe.

'I am sorry it has not been cleared properly, I asked my sons to empty the room but they have not. Vic! Mike!' he called down the hall. 'Come get the boxes out of the sp— out of Kellin's room!'

Silence followed.

'It's fine, really, Mr Fuentes, I haven't got that much stuff anyway,' I mumbled.

'Nonsense! VICTOR! MICHAEL!' he shouted.

A groan was heard, then the sound of a door being unlocked, and after a few moments two boys appeared.

One was tall and skinny, with his head shaved and with a couple of tattoos. He gave off an air of confidence; like the very air he breathed made him cocky. The other was short, with long curly hair, skinnier still; he leaned against the door, looking disinterested but not in a rude way.

'Dad, I really just didn't have time, I was busy with - um - ' the tall on started, but he was interrupted.

'Don't lie, Mikey, you just didn't want to; nor did I,' said the other with a grin.

'Is that any way to treat Kellin?' their dad asked. They just shrugged and went over to the boxes, grabbing them and then leaving. Mr Fuentes turned to me.

'I'm sorry about the boys, sometimes they just ignore what other people might want. Did you eat on the plane?' I nodded. 'Well, if you want food, it's in the kitchen. Otherwise, just ask Mike or Vic for anything you need. We'll get you sorted tomorrow; for tonight, I imagine you just want to sleep.'

With that, and a smile, he left. Jesus fucking Christ, what is with this family? Why are they always smiling? Don’t their faces hurt?

Mike and Vic soon returned to get the rest of the boxes, but they just sat down on my bed instead.

'So, Kellin. Mom and Dad haven't told us why you're here. Not to be rude or anything, but why are you?' the tall one - Mike - asked. I went into panic mode.

'I… uh… it's… complicated,' I stammered.

'Come on, dude, we're gonna be living together for God knows how long. Just tell us,' Mike prompted.

Vic, who had been looking at me the whole time, decided to interject then.

'If the guy doesn't want to tell us, he doesn't have to,' he said lazily.

'Yeah, yeah whatever. So how old are you?' he moved on.

'17, you?' I said. This kind of easy question I could answer.

'Fucking 16, as of last week. You're Vic's age, then, I guess.' Vic smiled at me.

'Are you tired?' he asked. I nodded once, yawning to get the point across. Mike immediately left the room after a quick 'later'. Vic stood, grabbing the last box.

'Sorry about Mike, unfortunately he's like that all the time. Bathroom's down the other end of the hall if you need it. See you tomorrow.'

And with that, I collapsed on the bed, unconsciousness taking over.
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As promised, Chapter 3! Immediately after Chapter 2. I will probably do all of them before I go to sleep. Oh well.