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Just for the Sake of Saving Us

It seems things have just started to get better for her when Kaylie Gaskarth discovers she's pregnant, and she vanishes, to save her fiancee from having to raise a child.

Jack is distraught. He has lost Kaylie, and it seems like she's gone forever. He writes songs, he hires people to find her, and he checks every city he visits, but to no avail. He is losing his spark in the music industry, and the band is hurting and falling to pieces. Kaylie's hope to keep him involved with his music is failing. He drinks until he is so drunk he can not remember his own name, nevertheless Kaylie's. He is falling apart with every day.

Despite Alex's best efforts, he can not convince his sister to come home, and is saddled with the responsibility of keeping the biggest secret he will ever have to keep from his best friend. His niece.

But when Kaylie's daughter starts to ask questions, Kaylie finds she can not keep the identity of Ariana's father a secret from the girl any longer. It's time to go back. For her to meet her father. But will Jack be there waiting? Or will he have given up on the girl he lost years previous?

The third and final installment in the Jack/Kaylie stories.