Status: My first story! I hope you all like it :)

His Innocent Little Werewolf

Charlie is a shy, quiet, sweet, and innocent girl. Until she comes across these dreams that involve werewolves. She doesn't know what they mean so she goes to tell her mother how strange it was. They only just started one month ago and she got a little curious. Her mother just told her that it is probably just something in the back of her head and that everything will be fine. Yet right when she comes home from her last day of school Charlie's mom tells her that they are moving to Crescent, a small town in Rhode Island next to a beach. It is very small and no one has ever heard of it before. As she moves there her mother tells Charlie shocking news that she is a werewolf and now has to learn her new ways around life. As all this hits her like a ton of bricks she is sitting in her new favorite café she found in her new town and finds her mate, Ryder, which just so happens to be a possessive, controlling, and very easily angered Alpha. She can't stay away from him and he refuses to let her go. Charlie is now in a position where she can't control herself around him. Just by his touch she melts and feels weak. And Ryder is taking full advantage! He loves the way she obeys his every word and is so submissive to him, but she can't help it. Charlie is blinded by love and lust just as much as Ryder is. And they can't keep there hands off of each other. Charlie is so confused about these new feelings that she has never felt before. She has very naughty thoughts about her mate and wants him to do very bad things to her and she doesn't understand....

Read to figure out what happens between the two lovely couple Charlie and Ryder. And figure out their sexy, lustful, and romantic story along the way ;)