‹ Prequel: Alive
Sequel: Opposites
Status: Drabble/Complete/Finished



Anamnesis is the recollection or remembrance of the past…
your heart while being thrown in a sea of memories has to last.
When your once pure heart will break,
Someone beside you, your wounds will lick.
If you never break,
yourself you’ll never build,
You’ll never know how to put yourself back together,
You really should have known better.

-Word count-

This is the forty-nine part of the ''Tales of the Past'' series.

Story is mine, written by me, edited by Kristina, posted by me. Layout by Bonessir. You steal and I’ll report you, comprende? Constructive criticism is more than welcome.

-Written for this Contest-
Pop Punk Lyric Contest with Anamnesis: The recollection or remembrance of the past.