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When the Greek god Poseidon, ruins any chance he had of staying on Mount Olympus, he's banished by Zeus. He is turned mortal and remembers nothing of his life as a god.

Kellin, who is unknowingly Poseidon, lives in Louisiana with its terrible hurricanes and tropical storms that only seem to happen when he's upset.

Vic, better known as Aphrodite, loves Kellin. He promised Kellin the day heras banished, he would always find him. Even if he didn't remember. And that's exactly what he plans to do.

Can Vic make Kellin fall in love with him again or will life and dangers get in the way? Will Kellin fall in love with Vic? Will Kellin even survive?

- violence
- alcohol
- drugs (?)
- BoyxBoy
- smut

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