Tale as Old as Time

Just a Little Change

The morning after his altercation with Gaston, Colonel Stone was knocking on Adam's door.

"Good morning sir, I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting you so early can I offer you some breakfast, or some coffee. Maybe both?"

"Both would be fine Mr. Pearce," he gestured for Adam to lead him into the kitchen. Adam nodded his head and headed into his kitchen. As he prepared eggs and coffee with a bit of bacon the Colonel looked around his house.

"This place is just as nice inside as it is outside." He remarked.

"Thank you sir." Adam replied, accepting the compliment and passing the Colonel his meal and a cup of coffee.

"Now, before we get started I just wanted to thank you for defending my daughter yesterday. It's no secret what happened between her and Gaston LeChien and the whole town is talking about yesterday's incident but I wanted to thank you personally. I assume I'm here because you want to discuss formally courting my daughter." Colonel Stone stated. Adam almost dropped his cup of coffee, wondering how the older man had known what his intentions were.

"Yes sir, I did. I know I'm not the best match," he started, gesturing to his scarred face. "But I.. I like your daughter sir. She was here yesterday afternoon and she managed to bring so much life into this house which has seemed so empty for so long. I know you may not agree and she may not agree but I'd like to give it a try, and if it works I'd like your blessing to ask for her hand in marriage when the time comes. I would always take care of her, and I'd love to see her bring joy into this house."

"I think you'd be a fine match for Belinda," said the Colonel before taking a bite of his eggs and nodding his approval at Adam's cooking. "If you can get her to fall in love with you boy, I'll bless the wedding. Although I don't think it will be too hard, that girl seems to already be head over heels in love with you." Adam blushed at the Colonel's comment.

"Thank you sir." He murmured. Shorty afterwards the Colonel left and in the afternoon Belinda came returned. The pattern of seeing each other every afternoon continued for a few months before Adam decided that it was time to ask her to marry him, and of course she agreed as quickly as she could.

The day of the wedding came and just as he'd thought when he first heard her laughter in his kitchen, she floated down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, holding on to her father's arm. They exchanged vows and shared a kiss and had a magnificent party and after that they began their life together.

And they lived happily ever after among the peach trees.