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Sequel: Flower
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Total Opposites


We were different, very different, and we knew that from the start. I was happiness and she was sadness. I was a strong red color, burning with passion and she was an endless sea of blackness, black to the bone. Even though we discerned that all too well, we weren’t able to stay away from each other. Maybe it was because as they say, ‘opposites attract each other’ or maybe it was the way we were getting lost into each other’s eyes.

In her eyes I was always surrounded by friends, laughing and sharing bright smiles. In my eyes she was always alone, surrounded by a limitless silence while writing something in her favorite black notebook, which had her name on with red color, ‘Amanda Kingston’.

I was sitting in the middle of the class while she sat on the last row to the right and as far from the teachers as possible. My grades were average but hers were really bad. It made me wonder how she passed time in class but I already knew that she was writing on that notebook again. I had turned my head to look at her and she gave me a small smile.

We were friends, really good friends, but we never hang out in school. She always said she preferred being alone. School was her inspiration to write just like the park near our houses. After school we’d go home and then we’d meet after three hours at the park where we could talk and try to understand each other.

She was sitting on the ground with her feet crossed and her back against the tree. She had different colored pens to her left and she was switching them while she wrote. She mostly wrote with black and red. They were her favorite colors and they matched her character. Her almost raven eyes and her dyed red hair were a perfect fit. We were opposites even on that; my blond hair and my emerald eyes could prove that any time.

I went and sat beside her, her eyes never leaving the open notebook where she was writing away all her sadness in the form of another fictional character. The sleeves of her black shirt were pulled back and I saw some scratches? I tried to look better by bringing my head closer. I held my breath and my heart skipped a beat at what I was witnessing.

I tugged on her arm, holding it out to see faultlessly the chopped up, butchered skin. The blood was there but it had dried, in small slices over and over. The skin for the scars could be barely seen. There was a general silence and she tugged to pull her arm back in as she spat, ‘’It's none of your damn business, Adam.’’

Her eyes were filled with anger because she had forgotten to hide her wounds, because I had seen what I shouldn’t have seen. ‘’Why did you do this to yourself?’’ I asked with my eyes looking straight into hers, hoping she’d reveal her secrets. She stared at me, thinking deeply if she could trust me. ‘’You can tell me everything. I won’t judge you and I won’t leave your side,’’ I told her as if I was trying to push her into telling me. It was true though; I’d never leave her. You never leave the ones you love.

‘’I-I-’’ She was trying to start but she had no idea how. She was messed up and the fact I had found out wasn’t making it easier for her. I knew it was hard, but we had to start from somewhere.

‘’You can take your time and tell me what you want to tell me.’’ I held her hands into mine, leaving on of them only to caress her pale cheek. ‘’The only thing I am worried about is you. I want you to be happy and healthy more than anything else.’’ I muttered and tears started filling my eyes. I had never cried for a girl before but I had no problem doing it then. I loved her, and I wanted her to feel how I felt. I wanted her to realize by herself that she could trust me. We had been close friends for three years now so she pretty much knew everything about me.

‘’I’m doing it so I can stop crying. I’m not sure if you’ll understand, Adam. Most people think I am a freak for doing this to myself but I wonder what they would have done if they were in my shoes.’’ Her eyes were searching mine for something that I couldn’t quite make out. Maybe she hoped I would stop her from talking or something like that, but I just stayed there, not moving and waiting for her to tell me everything. ‘’There are times when others tell me that I am worthless, and even though I know I am not, I still feel like shit…and there are times like yesterday, when after hearing the same thing again and again from different people gets too much and you actually start thinking if they are actually right. That’s when you break down and you can’t handle yourself.’’

She was crying now and I was sympathizing with her. I didn’t really understand why that was too much to handle because if I were in her seat, then I would have just said something amongst the lines of ‘fuck it and fuck off’. My eyes copied hers and small teardrops landed on my cheeks.

‘’Why are you crying?’’ She asked, wiping her tears away with her long sleeves.

‘’Because I love you,’’ I seriously told her.

‘’You do?’’ She asked hesitantly. She was taken aback from what I had said; maybe it was too soon for me to reveal my feelings and not the right time, seeing from what happened from the time I saw her at the park. ‘’I am a nobody. Why would you love someone like me? I have nothing to give you.’’

‘’Love isn’t all about taking, it’s also about giving, and I have so much love to give you, enough to last a lifetime.’’ She didn’t reply, she didn’t say anything as she was processing the facts in her head.
I moved closer to her while looking into her raven colored eyes and connected my lips with her soft ones in a small, chaste kiss.

When I pulled away, she smiled at me and hugged me, her head against my chest. ‘’It won’t be easy you know…we are very different after all.’’ She muttered, and I caressed her long, straight hair.

‘’I was born for tough stuff,’’ I smirked and kissed her lips once again. ‘’If we are together, everything will work out. Trust me.’’

‘’I already do.’’ She pressed her head against my chest again and closed her eyes, savoring the peaceful moment. I played with a few strands of hair between my fingers, knowing we could fix everything. It’s wouldn’t be easy but I was ready for everything if it meant being with her.
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I had a really rough day and for a few moments I felt like that girl yesterday. I hope you liked this no less.