Chapter 2133432 (not really its only chapter 2)

"WHALE HELLO THERE! This is le ginger princess but you obviously know that and it you don't the LEAVE. GET THE CARROTS OUT. No, I didn't mean that please stay please please please please pleeeeeease" I pouted close up to the camera almost forgetting Austin was there.

"Oh and this is my main bitch AUSTIN CARLILE" I said poking him in the cheek. Oh lord his cheeks were so freaking soft! I wonder if his other cheeks are that soft. If you know what I mean *wiggles eye brows* SHATAP ALAN YOUR BEING A PERV AGAIN.

"Urm I'm not your bitch" Austin spoke.

"Oh don't deny it Austieboo" I said placing myself on his lap. "Okay lets answer some QUEST-I-ONIONS"

I grabbed my phone from the other side of the bed we were sitting on, opened up twitter, tapped on the replies from my tweet Me and @austincarlile are going to do a Q&A so ASK US QUESTIONS! and shoved my phone in Austins hand "Read out some questionssssss" I said

"Um okay @Booyou1255441 says 'Is he your boyfriend?'"

"HELL NO" Austin looked down at me like he was hurt about the last thing I had said "He is one of my eight husbands, we have four kids" I said like it was obvious

"@pussykit112233 sai-" I cut him off and snatched the phone off him

"GOSH AUSTIN! You need to learn how to share" I joked with him "Okay pussykit112233 said 'What do you like about each other?' OOOOOOOH I'm going first. I like Austin because hes em uh"

BECAUSE HE'S SEXY AS FUCK OBVIOUSLY! I couldn't say that though. Austins eyes widened. Well I guess I just did say that then..

There was a short awkward silence that Austin cut off "Well I like Alan because he's so freaking cute, dude"

AW HE THINKS I'M CUTE. OH. MI. GAWSH. AUSTIN THINKS I'M CUTE! Wait he's probably just joking around and oh.. I didn't think about that. WHAT IF HE'S STRAIT? Oh shoot I didn't think about that. Ugh. I guess my bending skills will come in handy.

"Its getting pretty late so lets end this video here BYEEEEE" I said as I turned the camera off and wirelessly sent the video to YouTube. YEs I am that high tech, you can call me 'High tech guy'. WOW Im rambling to myself thats weird.. I think I do it alot.

It wasn't really that late, about 8:30, but it was dark so that counts as late OKAY? OKAY.