Chapter Whatsittoyahbitch (4)

I walked over to my period one class with Jack because he had the same class as me. Maths. UGHHGHGHGHGHGGHGHGHGHH. We have calculators to do maths for us so WHATS THE POINT? And I dont think I'm ever going to need to find the area of a not to scale octagon!

We opened the door and stepped inside the classroom. There was a lady with short brown hair and a VERY large chestige area. Ew boobs. Ewewewewewew. Boobs are scary, they just jiggle and wobble about. I don't get why some girls feel the need to have them sticking out of the shirt. I once shouted at a girl "PUT YOU TITTIES INSIDE YOUR SHIRT." She slapped me. Note to self: Dont shout that again.

"Hey Mrs Cross" Jack smiled at the teacher.

She stood up from her desk and walked over to use. Her chest wobbled as she walked. Please wear a better supporting bra, Mrs cross, thanks.

"Hello Jack! Is this Alan our new sutdent?" She questioned in her deep lady voice

"NO. THIS. IS. PATRICK." I shouted and then remember there was a class full of people who were now all staring at me like I'm weird. Pft Bitches I'm not weird I'm funtabulous!

Mrs cross frowned at me and told me to go sit at the back of the class while Jack sat right at the front.
Just as I sat down a guy infront of me turned round to face me. He had shoulder leagnthed black hair and bright blue-green eyes. His black with white writing shirt read 'If you dont support gay marrige you're a faggot'. I'm guessing hes not a homophobe, It would be pretty ironic if he was. He was really cute I would totally be crushing on him if Austin wasnt so damn sexy.

"Hey you're that guy from youtube!" The guy said "I'm Kellin" He held his hand out for me to shake.

"Yus I is the guy from the youtube place" Kellin chuckled and turned back round in his seat.

I didnt really pay attention in that class as I was to busy drawing cats up my left arm. I had a slight obsession with cats. I like all cats; Black cats, brown cats, white cats, gingers cats. CAT DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG!

A few classes flew past and it was suddenly lunch. I didnt have lunch break with any of my friends so I just sat alone sipping on a can of monster the bitch, Alex, brought me earlier to make up for kncking me off the bed.

The sound of someone saying "hey" to me made my head shoot up. It was the cute guy from earlier. Kelly.. Kevin..? KELLIN. Kellins a very unique name unlike alan. Ugh. I hate my name. Alans the name of the pedo from the end of your street not the name of a little ginger kid.

"Oh hey Kellin." I replied.

"Why are you sitting alone?" He questioned, pulling out one of the dark blue chairs to sit at.

"Cos my bitches had lunch last period" It felt weird someone choosing to come over and talked to me. At my old school I was 'that annoying, gay ginger kid who has no friends'.

"Well I'll sit with you even though lunch is nearly over" Kellin said "I have a feeling we will be good friends, maybe even more."

Whats dis bish hinting at? Austins is my bæ, not you. I dont even go out with Austin. He probably doesnt even like me. He probably thinks I'm a worthless little cry baby. Oh wait, I am. Stop it Alan before bad memories start coming back. Happy Alan, happy happy happy happy.

"SUPER BESTEST EVEREST FRIENDS!" I shouted getting a few glares from the people at the tables around me.

"What lesson do you have next?" He asked with his chin resting on his fist.

"Music" I was really looking forwards to this next lesson as I play le guitar and I must say, I'm pretty fucking sick at it.

"Oh, so do I! Lets walk together?"

"Sure" I said as we walked out of the food hall