This is not chapter 6

"Hey guys! This is the Ginger princess and I am currently in the music room filming a video because these two twats" I turned my phone camera around to show Kellin and Austin shouting at each other "Wont stop arguing about the song we cover! I told them that we could do a song that I had written but no, they didn't want to.. Do you want to here the song I wrote? OR NAH? Well you're going to hear it now "

I propped my phone up against the wall and sat back on the carpet with my legs crossed which wasn't a good idea because I was wearing extremely tight skinny jeans.

I got some chicken tikka in the oven for me
*Clap Clap*
It is gonna be for my tea
*Clap Clap*
It is nearly ready for me
*Clap Clap*
I really can't wait to eat
*Clap Clap*
But after I'll be shitting on the toilet for a week
*Clap Clap*
Fadahdachicheep" I sung in an unrecognizable foreskin (The typo made me laugh so im leaving it) accent while waving my arms in the air and clapping. I am normality at its finest.

"DID YOU LIKE IT? YAYAYAAYAY! I cerially don't know why they didn't want to use that for our assignment piece.. OHMIGOSHNESSWOWOWOWWOW" I turned the phone camera around to face Kellin and Austin again "Look there not fighting anymore! I'm gonna go now before it starts up again. K bye" I said before turning my phone off and running towards the two twattie poo's and sitting on the table in front of them.

"So what have you decided" I said in a sing song voice

Austin spoke "We're going to do I'm-" Kellin opened his mouth to say something " I swear Kellin if you say anything I will cut your dick off and shove it down your throat"

I started laughing like a manic when he said 'dick'. I am not immature its just a very very funny word. Its the dangler thing between a guy's legs, if you didn't know. Last year someone called me a dick and I didn't know what it meant so I searched it on Google images at school then accidentally put it as the wallpaper for all 2000 school computers. I got suspend for a week.

"We're going to do I'm not okay (I promise) but change it up ab it and put some screaming in it" Austin finished.

OH MY GOODNESS We're doing a My Chemical Romance song! My uncle Frank and his boyfriend Gerard are in that band! This is amazing! WOOSIES!

"This is fabitantabulous!" I pulled them both into a group hug

Kellin scrunched his nose as we pulled away and said "Ugh. Austin you smell like wet dog"

Um, excuse you Kellin he did not! He smelt like god actually

"Shut up you asshole" Austin snapped back

"Bitch, I think you'll find that you're the asshole" Kellin sassed

Why do they keep fighting! Whats there problem?

"Stop it!" I said clapping my hands to get there attention "My uncle Frank and his boyfriend Gee are in My Chem so we could get them to help us out with the song"

They both turned to face me with the mouths in an 'O' shape.

"Oh my fucking what! Could you please repeat that again thank you very much do you please (A/N Aha Miranda quotey type thingy)" Austin said with his mouth still open

"My. uncle. Frank. and. his. boyfriend. Gerard. are. in. My. Chemical. Romance" I said as slow as I could/

"I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT" Kellin shouted jumping up and down "I knew frerard is real! I KNEW IT"

I hadn't actually seen my uncles for about two years since after.. yeah..

"OH. MY. FUCKING. WOAH" Austin babbled

Last time I told someone about being related to Frank I they guy I told called me an emo fag and shoved me i his locker which was a really bad move as I got really claustrophobic and threw up over the shit he had in there.

"If we're aloud out of school we could go round to their house in Jersey and record our song there because they have their own studio"

"Oh my yes! We have the rest of this week off school anyway, we only had to come today to get our books and get told our assignments for the term. And yeah we are aloud out of school because we're seniors this year"

"Okay, I'll call Frank tonight. I'm sure he'll let us stay round for a few days"

"My fucking god" Kellin mumbled

Me and Austin both looked down at him. He was sitting on one of the chairs taking deep breaths in an out.

"Oh don't mind him, he's just an ultimate mcr fangirl" Austin said


I was sat on my bed dialing my uncles number. Jack and Alex were sat on the carpet watching something on their laptop. I think they mentioned something about homoemo? I would have to Google image that some other time because i don't know what it is..

Me: Hey, frank, its Alan

Frank: Hey Ash, I havent spoke to you in forever! How's thing?

Me: Extremely very very fantab-

Jack: Who are you on the phone with Alan?

Me: My uncle frank now shush your tities Im trying to speak to him


Jack: Uhhh.. Uhhh.. Dont stop Alan.. Faster faster


Frank: Um, Alan, are you-

Me: NO NONONO Im not fucking! Thats just my STUPID roommates messing about

Alex: Stupid! I thought we had something!


Alex: You'll have to take your dick out of it first


Alex: You already ar-


Frank: I'll call you back later if your busy fuc-

Me: Ugh. No I called you. Im not busy there just being twats

Frank:Oh, Um okay. So why did you call Ash

Me: In music we're covering your guy's song 'I'm not okay' And me and Austin and Kellin, the people I'm working with, were wondering if you and guys could help us with it? We have the rest of this week off school so maybe we could come round if that's okay?

Frank: That would be great, me and gee would love to have you and your friends over! You can come tomorrow if you want and stay for a few days.

Me: Okay, thanks Frank you're the best!

Frank: I know babes I know

Austin stepped into the room with four subways he'd gone to get from the store on our campus. He asked Jack who I was on the phone with and Jack said a family member.

Austin: Oh Alan, my princess, suck me harder please. Uhhhhhh Uhhhhhh


Me: Austin I'm talking to Frank my uncle. The Frank Iero. So SHUT LE FECK UP

Jack and Alex both looked at each other astonished and had there fangirl moment. God I thought I was the immature one. Ahahah dick. AHAHAHA.

Me: How will we get there? I mean cos' I don't have a car.

Frank: I'll get Mikes to drive you here from your new school, yes I stalked your twitter.

Me: Stalking must run in the family then

I had stalked Austins Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr last night. I AM NOT A CREEP, I was just researching by going through ever tweet of his.

23:34 23/11/09
fuck twitter I'm going back to fb. Ths is fuckin' confusing

Frank: Okay, I'll leave you to your fucking bye Ash

-He hung up-

"Alan, did we just make sex noises to THE Frank Iero" Jack questioned

"Yes" I replied

"SCORE" Jack and Alex high fived and did this sort of man shake thing which included shimmying and ass spanking.