Chapter not yo dad

|Kellin's POV| <--what WHAT WHaT a change of POV








Contain yourself Kellin.. BUT MICKEY-FUCKING-WAY

"Kells are you okay? You're shaking" Alan asked putting a hand on my shoulder

I nodded

NO I'M NOT O-FUCKING-KAY (do you see what I did there? do you see it?)

|Alan's POV|

A black land rover with dark windows pulled through the school gates stopping next to where Me, Austin and Kellin were standing.

The window rolled down to reveal Mikey with blond hair, no glasses and his oh so famous poker face "Hey, Alan and.. friends" He said in a thick New Jersey accent

Kellin, who was stood next to me, looked like he was ready to collapse into a fangirling pulp.

"HI MIKEY WIKEY! These are my bæ's Austin and Kellin. Hey, you don't look like a gay nerd any more!" I pouted the gay nerd look really suited him but now he looked like a fucking good looking (fucking good looking, that ryhmes.. I think Idek) version of Channing Tatum!

"Well you're still a ginger bitch, I see." Mikey smiled breaking his poker face. "Now get in the car, we have a long drive ahead of us."

I gestured for Kellin to get in the front of the car as I get very, I repeat very, car sick when I sit in the front. The only reason I didn't throw up in the taxi I took to get to the school was because I took a double dose of travel sickness tablets which coming to think about it was probably quite dangerous.

Kellin was calm for the most of the car ride just making general conversation with Mikes even though I know he was fangirling so hard on the inside.

"So what are Jack and Alex doing until we go back to school?" I asked Austin

"Alex is going to his girlfriends house and-" I cut him off shouting "WHAt, NO NO NO NO NO! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!"

"Yeah, why? Were you getting the hots for him" Austin smiled and nudged me.

No, Austin, I'm not crushing on Alex, I'm crushing on you baby cakes.

"What? No. BUT JALEX ISNT REAL!" Austin shook his head like it was obvious 'jalex' was just an act.

"Okay, someone dig me a hole, get me four ginger kittens and a copy of the origin of species. I.AM.DONE"

"Dude, you thought they were actually going out?"

"YES! I even wrote a seventeen page fanfiction about it last night.." I sighed

"Wait, you asked if I was getting the hots for Alex. How did you know I was gay"

Surely it's not that obvious I'm gay is it?

"Excuse me, but did you just ask how someone knew you were gay?" Mikey butted in. RUDE "How would someone not know you're gay? You're the definition of gay, Ash."


"We are here." Mikey stated as the car slowed down and parked on the side of the road.

Kellin started to shake and his breathing went weird, typical fangirl.. Mikey mouthed "Is he okay" and I nodded in return

We walked up to the door and Mikey knock loudly. It was a few minutes until my uncles boyfriend with (dyed) strawberry blond hair opened the door wearing extremely short shorts and when I say extremely short I mean extremely fucking short as in far above the knee shorts.

Kellin let out a little squeal and grinned from ear to ear


He smelt like lemons. I like lemons. Why do I always smell people? Is it normal to smell people?

"Jeeesus Ashby!" Gerard laughed and tried to pry me off himself .

I've never got why people call me by my last name or 'Ash' but I kind of like it.

"Hey Mikes and Alan friends." He did a little wave to them having finally got me off of him.

"Hey." Austin said 'coolly' and shook Gerard's hand. (Is that a word idk.) Bitch please, I know you're fangirling just as much as Kellin, don't hide it.

"Babe, is that Alan?" Frank shouted through the door before he walked through it with a smile plaster on his face. "ALAN!" I jumped up on him and 'sloth hugged'. Rapey sloth. This is bad Alan, raping two people in the space of about 24 hours. Rapey sloth. Rapey sloth. Rapey sloth. Rapey sloth. RAPEY RAINDEER! Rape is bad. So thats why hitler was named Rudolf! Or was it Adolf? I never did pay attention in that lesson but I did draw a sick cat with a moustache.

"Come inside." Gerard beckoned taking one of my bags on from the floor.