Status: I've re-written the first chapter and hopefully improved it!

Immortal Imprint

This story takes place during Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, and will follow closely with the general Renesmee/Volturi story-line. I do not own any of the characters except for Nova.

When Paul's imprint -Nova Pierce- finds herself involved in a tragic car accident which in-turn costs her her life, Paul's devastation causes him to make a drastic decision.

Determined not to lose her completely, he turns to the only people who he knows can save her and bring her back to him; the Cullen's.

However, when the venom finally takes effect and her eyes open once more, it's not only the color of them that's changed.

Not only must Nova learn to adapt and cope with the undesirables of being a newborn, she must also come to terms with the fact she is now the monster the man she loves in designed to kill.

With the Wolves arguing between themselves over Paul's decision and the Cullen coven coming under attack from the Volturi over the birth of Renesmee, Nova and Paul struggle to keep their relationship alive.

Follow along with Nova and Paul as they discover what's stronger; their feelings of love or their urges to kill.