Status: new chapter june 8

The Ballerina and the Rocker

You always assume your first love is infinite.

Quinn and Zacky are two completely different people. She's calculated, he's carefree. She's a ballerina, he's a rocker. While opposites may attract, it doesn't make the journey easy.

When life gets in the way, will Quinn and Zacky be able to hold on to what they have? Or will they have to sacrifice it to pursue their dreams?

(a/n: please keep in mind that this is a work of complete fiction. I do not own avenged sevenfold or any locations mentioned, only the original characters and story line. ©)
  1. Chapter 1
    For now, Quinn just had to deal with another house in a line of houses the Hartford’s had called “home.”
  2. Chapter 2
    There wasn’t anything about her that necessarily stood out of the ordinary, and yet Zacky felt oddly enamored with her.
  3. Chapter 3
    She stared back and he noticed pink rush into her cheeks.
  4. Chapter 4
    Quinn had a feeling she was about to make more friends this year than she had planned, and she felt oddly ok with that.
  5. Chapter 5
    “I don’t care if people say you’re too young,” she said with a glimmer in her eye. “When you meet the one, you know.”
  6. Chapter 6
    Bringing Quinn to her first rock show, teaching her how to shotgun a beer -- it was like watching a baby start taking its first steps.
  7. Chapter 7
    Quinn couldn’t hold back her smile as she regaled her sister with stories of Zacky and all her new found friendships.
  8. Chapter 8
    Her heart began racing as Zacky held her close to his chest.
  9. Chapter 9
    He knew she was intentionally avoiding him.
  10. Chapter 10
    A silence followed where the two just stared into each others’ eyes and couldn’t help but smile like idiots.
  11. Chapter 11
    But Zacky knew exactly what Brian was getting at, he just didn’t want to talk about it.
  12. Chapter 12
    His hands moved up Quinn’s back until they reached the bottom of her shirt.
  13. Chapter 13
    It was addressed to 'Quinn M. Hartford' with the return address in the corner bearing the blue and white Juilliard logo.
  14. Chapter 14
    As she looked into his beautiful green eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.
  15. Chapter 15
    And she knew she honestly couldn’t have done it if they hadn’t moved next door to the Baker’s.
  16. Chapter 16
    Quinn’s smile fell as she leaned against the phone booth and closed her eyes.
  17. Chapter 17
    She felt Zacky’s body tense up under her own just as her eyes opened up wide and froze.
  18. Chapter 18
    Whatever was causing the awkwardness between them and their long distance phone calls, Zacky needed to fix it fast.
  19. Chapter 19
    She was smiling at him. That was a good sign.
  20. Chapter 20
    “You’re the most rockin’ ballerina I know. I ***ing love you.”
  21. Chapter 21
    Summer went by way too quickly, as summers usually did.
  22. Chapter 22
    And now her heart had fallen into her stomach.
  23. Chapter 23
    She was about to add something else about the conversation, but instead broke down crying.
  24. Chapter 24
    For the situation they had found themselves in, things seemed to be going well for now.
  25. Chapter 25
    Something was clearly gnawing on her and he was going to get to the bottom of it.
  26. Chapter 26
    He had hoped that they’d be able to put their fight behind them and move on, but that was easier said than done.
  27. Chapter 27
    Zacky squeezed her hands tightly and kept his head pressed against hers.
  28. Chapter 28
    Quinn leaned over her sister to look out the driver’s window where she saw Zacky sitting on the curb looking right at the car.
  29. Chapter 29
    If he wanted to talk to her again he would… whenever that may be.
  30. Chapter 30
    “You’ve got to make him jealous then,” Brian suggested before taking a drink of his beer.
  31. Chapter 31
    Quinn looked in the bottom corner of the mirror and saw a photobooth picture of the blonde hairdresser and a boy with black and purple hair...
  32. Chapter 32
    She felt his hands move lower on her back and his arms tighten his embrace around her torso. Slowly, she lifted her head from his shoulder and pulled back so they were face to face, barely inches apart.
  33. Chapter 33
    Neither of them could really move on with their lives if they kept trying to hold on to something that wasn’t there any more.
  34. Chapter 34
    It had been three months since the two had spoken… was it too soon? Or had enough time passed?
  35. Chapter 35
    Quinn could tell her sister was crying and immediately became more attentive.
  36. Chapter 36
    And no matter what his relationship with Quinn was, Zacky would never not be there for her in a time when she really needed someone.