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Frost and Snow


Elsa,” it was a bright bubbly voice that pulled the young girl from her sate of sadness, sniffling the white haired child sat up straighter looking at her door where the voice had come from. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” a smile spread across her face as she jumped to her feet racing toward her door, reaching out she grasped the golden knob. A gasp fell from her lips when she saw the gold vanish replaced with a thick layer of ice quickly she let go of it her hands falling limply by her side as tears filled her cerulean eyes. “It doesn’t have to be a snowman.” a muffled stream of words squeezed through the key hole of her room.

Go away Anna,” Elsa sighed as the tears in her eyes spilled onto her alabaster cheeks. Turning she walked back toward her window seal. For the past several days young Elsa had spent her days looking out the large arched windows. Watching with sadness as the days passed her, each one slipping into the other.

Day fading into night and then back into day.

With every passing day her powers seemed to becoming stronger, her ability to hide it and control it was slowly deteriorating.

Heaving a heavy, emotional sigh the child drew her knees to her chest burying her face into the thick material of her dress.

“What’s happening to me?” she asked out loud not to anyone in particular.

What Elsa couldn’t see was the young boy that floated outside her window, dressed in a pair of three quarter brown pants and an ice encrusted navy jacket, was the one person who could help her control the powers she was rapidly losing control of. A young man with a crook held tightly in his hand, hair of the pales white and eyes of the brightest blue.

A young boy that went by the name of Jack Frost.

A boy just like her.
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Okay, So I have wanted to write a Jelsa fic for ages because I am in love with this pairing but haven't had any ideas until one struck me last night, anyway here is the first chapter.
Please tell me what you think, should I continue or just scrap it?
Please check out EmzyStilinski's Jelsa fic A Frozen Frost it is amazing :)
Shout out to
and TheWalkingDeathWish for recommending this, means a lot :)
Anyways cheers Esther