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Frost and Snow


Days had melted into years; Elsa now fourteen stood in her room her powers becoming stronger with every waking day. Her walls that were once a crisp white now had a tinge of icy blue and a smooth sheen as ice began to spread starting in the deepest corners of her room.

The gloves her father had given her had done little to conceal her powers. Frustrated at her ability warm tears filled her eyes spilling onto her cheeks as she tried her hardest to conceal everything, to not feel the strange stirrings inside, to block them from her mind and remind herself that to be normal she had to think normal thoughts.

Do you wanna build a snowman?” it was Anna again, her voice was still chirpy like it had always been, so full of life, but Elsa could hear the change in tone, the change signalling, that like herself, her sister was getting older. Anna was getting older and Elsa wasn’t able to be there to witness her only sister grow up. “or ride our bikes around the halls?” Elsa listened to her sister yearning to race out and play but she knew she couldn’t. Elsa walked over to her bedroom door listening as her sister sang melodiously, the sound of a bike moving around the halls caused a smile to linger on her lips until an awful clanging noise made the white haired girl jump and reach for the door knob. However when she heard Anna continue to sing she knew everything was fine and her gloved hand slowly retracted.

“Anna…” she whispered looking down at her wooden floor as her emotions took over her body, “I do want to build a snowman with you,” she whispered shakily closing her eyes as her tears fell onto the small section of ice that surrounded the tweens feet.

Jack floated outside the girl’s window watching everything unfold, his heart panged with pain as he watched her struggle. He wanted to help her he did, but unless he could get inside the castle there was no way for him to help.

“Oh Elsa…” he whispered mournfully, watching as the girl fell to her knees sobbing, “Just let me in.”
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