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Frost and Snow


Do you have to go?” a nineteen year old Elsa questioned lifting her head from her curtsey her bright blue eyes darting between her parents. She saw the slight worry on her face but it melted away when her father stepped forward speaking.

You will be fine Elsa,” he reassured his eldest daughter wrapping his arms around her in a tight hug, the Queen following suit. The hug only lasted a few moments before the two royals pulled away from her smiling warmly. “We love you,” they chorused together both pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

“Your Majesties, the ship is ready to leave,” nodding the King turned to his wife the two shared a melancholy smile, not wanting to leave their children but knowing it was a duty to appear at their nieces wedding.

“Be good,” the Queen smiled at her daughter, “And remember we love you Elsa.”

“Yes, we do,” the King nodded his head before the two stepped away from the white haired teenager smiling at her before turning and leaving her standing at the foot of the stairs. As they left their arms entwined together. Once the doors closed the young woman made her way back toward her room.

Her cave.

Her prison.

Her solitude.

Upon entering the room she sighed woefully seeing her ice covered walls, closing her door she hurried over to her window looking out as her parents stepped onto the horse-drawn carriage and were pulled away from their castle.

“Come back soon,” Elsa whispered before falling on the window watching the blood-red sky face to a dark indigo.

Jack sat on the roof of the castle, crook held tightly in his hand as he watched the King and Queen ride away from their majestic home leaving their two daughters alone. A bad feeling stirred in the pit of his stomach, he knew something was going to happen, something that would change everything.
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