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Frost and Snow


A scream ripped through the blondes’ lips causing the floor to be coated with a thick layer of ice as it began to spread across the walls of her room. Elsa didn’t have a chance to compose herself before there was a rapid knocking at her door.

“Princess?” one of the maids voice leaked through the wooden door, “Princess, please come out,” the woman begged Elsa.

“No!” the white-blonde haired female cried as tears fell from her light blue eyes. She couldn’t believe it. Her parents were gone; their ship had been destroyed in the storm that erupted on their way to their niece’s kingdom. Who was going to help he control her power now? Her father couldn’t he was gone and her mother was the only other one who knew about her abilities. “Why?” she sobbed emotion overcoming her causing her to fall to the ground her face buried in her hands. Elsa could faintly hear the maid knocking frantically on her door and jiggling the door handle but the door was sealed shut with ice, there was no way for her to get in.

Elsa knelt on the ground of her room her face in her hands as she cried hysterically for the loss of her parents. “I need you,” she whimpered looking up, through blurry eyes she watched as the sun dipped lower into the sky bringing a night darker then she had ever seen before.

Nineteen years old and suddenly thrown into the real world, a world where she would soon be Queen, a world where she would have to master her ability and hide it from the people of the kingdom. It all weighed on her shoulders and she didn’t know if she could bear it all.

While Elsa watched day turn to night Jack stood outside her window one of his hands pressed against the frosted glass. He listened to her heart-wrenching cries and emotion sobs but there was nothing the winter spirit could do except watch and wait for the day he was needed most.
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