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Frost and Snow


It was the day of her parents funeral and Elsa couldn’t bring herself to leave her room afraid of what might happen if she saw her mother and fathers last resting place and listened as the priest blessed them into their next life. The nineteen year old knew it best she stayed in her prison with her walls and floor of ice, knowing that it would be safer not only for her sister and the people who attended but also herself.

Lying on her bed she curled up into a foetal postion on her side and closed her eyes as the tears fell onto her pillow, she imagined her father and mother would at any moment burst through the door and pull her in for a warm, comforting hug. It was a nice dream but the reality of it all was that she would never again be held by her much loved parents, all she would have is herself and her curse.


Jack stood beside Anna, unable to be seen, he chose to be next to her almost as if he was stepping in for her sisters absence. He listened as the priest blessed the empty coffins of the King and Queen of Arrendale before they were lowered beside each other. Jack heard Anna sob turning his head he saw the tears fall freely down her cheek. As hard as she tried she wasn’t able to hold herself together like a Princess should; even if it is her parents funeral.

Once the priest finished he and several of the guests began to slowly fade away but not before giving the firey haired princess their condolences. However as they walked away Jack heard several of them mutter about the whereabouts of Elsa. As much as he wanted to pull the young Princess into a hug he couldn’t so he decided to fly back to his spot on the top of the castle to find out how the future Queen was taking everything.

A sorrowful sigh left his lips when he saw her curled up on her icy bed with her arms wrapped around herself.

“Oh Elsa,” he sighed resting his hand on the glass wanting so much to be seen.

Suddenly there was a gentle knock on the future Queen’s door, both turned to look at the large wooden door.

Elsa.” it was Anna her tone was soft, full of emotion. “Please, I know you’re in there.” Jack watched as the young woman got to her feet walking toward the door.

People are asking where you’ve been.” that was true at the wake Jack had heard several people asking for Elsa, asking where she was.

They say ‘have courage’ and I’m trying to.
I’m right out here for you, just let me in.
” When the blue eyed spirt see Elsa’s hand reach for the door a feeling of happiness surged though him. That was until she quickly dropped her hand and turned away.

We’ve only got each other,
It’s just you and me.
What are we gonna do?
” A sigh left his lips as he watched her slid down onto the ground.

“Elsa,” he sighed pressing his hand to the glass pane, frost formed on the hard surface.

Do you wanna build a snowman?
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