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Frost and Snow


Elsa is woken to three gentle knocks on her bedroom door. Slowly the young woman opened her eyes. Looking around she sighed, even though the ice was gone from her room she knew it wouldn’t take much for it to reappear.

“Your highness,” a warm elderly voice came through her door, “You must get ready, it’s your coronation day,” normally a future queen would be excited and maybe a little nervous about her crowning day. Not Elsa, there was no excitement, all she felt was dread and fear. Rolling over she saw her gown in the furtherest corner of her room.

The garment caused her to wince, to most people the dress was a gown of royalty and beauty but to Elsa it was like a chain, a chain binding her to the castle, to the duties and promises that she knew she couldn’t uphold.

Not when she lived in fear, in fear that one day she could lose complete control of her power and hurt someone, possibly kill them.
Swallowing harshly she slowly stepped out of her bed that was encrusted with ice crystals and walked over to the gown feeling the smooth material underneath her fingers. Closing she knew what she had to do.

She had to take her parents place, she had to ascend the throne, it was only one day. One day when the doors would be open, one day to mingle with the people of Arrendale. After twenty years of hiding away in the castle she could only imagine what people would be saying about her.
“Give me strength,” she whispered to no one in particular as she grasped her gown removing it from it’s stand and changing in her wardrobe.


Give me strength.

The words resounded in the winter spirits head as he watched the blonde vanish into the darkness. A smile spread across his face as an idea hit him. However Jack couldn’t stop the bad feeling that stirred in the pit of his gut. Shaking his head he leapt from the window zooming through the early morning sky.
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