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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Sixteen

Three days had passed since I spilled the beer over Sidney’s head, I knew he was pissed, called me so many times, tried to come over a lot too, but none of the guys were letting him in. I was angry with him and didn’t want to deal with him, he lied to me, he purposely didn’t tell me information that was important to me.

Tonight I had to see Sidney though, we had a game against the Capitals tonight and we needed to see each other, we needed to talk to each other. Beau, Olli and I pulled into the garage and I saw Sidney’s car already there. The two must have noticed me glaring at him and I heard them both sigh.

“Try not to kill him, Maggie- Whatever he did,” Beau said and I just looked at him after a parked the car.

I just looked down, turned the car off and then got out and we headed for the building. None of us said anything as we walked down the hallway towards the locker room. Beau opened the door and I walked in to see some of the guys already there, Sidney being one of them. His head snapped up at the sight of me, I sighed when he stood up, knowing what he wanted. I just walked into Doc’s office and waited for him.

Sidney walked in and closed the door behind him, “Now are you going to talk to me?”

“Only if you explain yourself first,” I said and he just looked at me, “I know about the rule,” Sidney sighed and looked down, “I know that you’ve known about the rule for a while now.”

“Maggie, I-“

“I’m not finished, Crosby!” I growled as I looked at my Captain, “You lied to me.”

“I didn’t lie!”

“Well you certainly didn’t tell the truth!” I snapped and he looked at me, “I trusted you!”


“You’ve known this whole time that I wanted to go to Chicago- To be with Pat,” I breathed and looked at him sadly, “And you’ve known this whole time that it couldn’t happen.”

I walked into the locker room expecting to see guys getting dressed in their gear, but was surprised to see them all crowding around Doc’s door, “Uh, what’s going-“

“Shhhhhh!” Beau shushed and I looked at him confused.

“Sid and Mags are talking,” Marc said and I looked at him.

“She gunna throw another beer at him?” I asked and Marc sighed, “He knew about the rule, didn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Marc said and I sighed and shook my head, “He didn’t tell her, he’s known for a while.”

“Damn,” I said and then walked over towards my stall and started to get my gear on occasionally looking up to see some guys still over there trying to listen in on the conversation between Sidney and Maggie.

After a while, they didn’t come out, but Coach walked into the locker room and everyone that was against the door ran to stall. He looked around the room, everyone was here except Sidney and Maggie, he asked where they were and someone said the office. I watched as Coach walked over towards Doc’s office, opened the door and walked in.

“Now I definitely want to know what’s going on,” Beau said and I sighed and looked at him.

“No you don’t, Sunny.”

“Maggie, I’m sorry we didn’t tell you, but Mario didn’t sign for that rule to happen- And I just didn’t know how to tell you,” Sidney said and I looked at him.

“You just didn’t want to tell me,” I said and he sighed, the door opened and we both looked to see Coach walking in.

“What’s going on?” he asked and I rubbed my face out of frustration as he walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

“Maggie knows about the rule,” Sidney said and Coach looked at him and I gave him a hard look.


“You should have told me,” I said and he sighed and nodded his head, “Look, I appreciate the fact that you were the first team to give me a chance, but I really wanted to go to Chicago- You should have told me.”

“Wanted?” Coach asked and I sighed.

“It can’t happen- No point with this rule,” I said and Coach placed his clipboard on the table and ruffled through papers.

“This is going around the locker rooms of every team,” Coach said and handed it to Sidney, who looked at it, his eyes widened and he looked up at me and then at Coach.

“Is this for real?” Sidney asked and Coach nodded his head and Sidney handed me the paper.

“What is it?” I asked as I took the paper and looked at it, my eyes widened.

“It’s a petition to cancel the rule, Maggie,” Coach said and I looked at him, “And from what I hear, a lot of players are signing it.”

I stared at the blank sheet that was made for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Our names were typed out on one side, and there was a blank space on the other, where we were supposed to sign. I looked up at Coach, grabbed the pen that was attached to his clipboard and signed the spot next to my name.

I looked up at Sidney, “You want to get on my good side again- Allow me to trust you,” I said and Sidney just looked at me, “Sign the damn paper.”

After losing our home game to Colorado, I hurried out of the United Center, went to my Hummer, drove to the airport and caught my last minute flight to Pittsburgh. I knew that Maggie had a game against the Capitals tonight and I knew that she probably didn’t want to see me, but I needed to take that risk, I needed to see her.

I arrived in Pittsburgh, rented a car, paying extra for it because I needed to call and ask them to stay open longer for me. I got my rental car and drove to Maggie’s, it was just after midnight and I knew that she would be home. I pulled up to her home and saw the lights on; I took a deep breath, got out of the car, headed towards the front door and rang the doorbell. I normally just walked in through the garage, but, I figured it would be better to ring the bell this time.

The door opened and Maggie answered with a giggle, but when she saw me, her eyes widened and her mouth open, “Pat,” she breathed and I just stared at her.

“I missed you, Maggie,” I said and she stepped outside into the cold Pittsburgh air.

“What are you doing here?” she asked and I noticed her shiver a little, she wasn’t wearing a jacket.

“I needed to see you,” I said and she looked down, “I love you Maggie- I know I fucked up- I’m so sorry,” I said and she looked at me sadly, “I know I fucked up even when I said I wouldn’t. You gave me that chance and I blew it,” I said and took a step towards her, she took a step back. I had her against the door, “Please Maggie, give me another chance.”

“You started the petition, didn’t you?” she asked and I looked at her and nodded my head.

“Everyone signed it from my team-“

“Mine too,” Maggie said and I smiled towards her.

“We have a chance, Maggie,” I said and she gave me a small smile, “You can come to Chicago- If you still want to.”

“Of course I still want to, you idiot,” Maggie breathed and I took a step forward, cupped her face and pressed my lips against hers, feeling her hands on my chest. I pulled back and leaned my forehead against hers, “I love you, Pat.”

“I love you too, Maggie,” I said and she shivered against and I kissed her cheek, “Let’s go inside.”

Maggie nodded her head, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house, I saw Maatta and Bennett sitting on her couch, they looked at me surprised, but just nodded their heads towards me as I walked passed them and up the stairs towards Maggie’s room.

I watched as she walked over towards her bed and climbed into it, already in sweats and a hoodie. I took my jacket off, undid my tie, stripped down to my boxers, walked over towards the dresser, opened the top left drawer and gave a little smile that some of my clothes were still there. I grabbed a pair of my sweats and then walked over towards the bed and climbed next to Maggie.

I laid on my back, Maggie tucked herself under my arm and clung to my side. I kissed her forehead and held her tight against me, just staring at the ceiling and waiting for her to fall asleep. When I knew she was finally asleep, I looked at her and smiled, finally the almost three weeks of torture were finally over and I couldn’t help but think back to everything that had taken place in the All Star home almost two years ago, when Maggie decided to give me a chance.

I looked at her, pinning her hands next to her head and lacing my fingers with hers. I smiled brightly at her and then pressed my lips against hers and then moved my hands down her arm and then cupped her neck and felt her hands on my back.

“Maggie,” I looked at her and she smiled at me, “I have to ask you something,” I said and she nodded her head. I smirked towards her and then grabbed her hand and put it on my shit, “Feel this material?” I asked and she giggled and nodded her head, “Is it boyfriend material?!”

“Pat!” she laughed and I smirked and kissed her cheek and looked at her, she was still giggling.

“Maggie, I’m serious though,” I said and she looked at me, “I know we live in different states and have crazy schedules,” I started and she looked at me, “I know that you just left Letang and I know I have a reputation,” I rubbed my thumb over her cheek and kissed her quickly, “But if you give me a chance, I plan on taking it and not fucking up.”

‘…I’m not gunna fuck up again, I’m not going to hurt you again, Maggie. I love you…’