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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Thirty Four

“So what are we gunna do about that rookie?” James asked as we were in the locker room getting dressed in our gear for our home game against the Capitals. Last night we played them in Washington, then they bused up this morning for our game tonight.

I looked at James and sighed, “Don’t worry about him, he’s just a rookie-“

“Mags, he’s goin’ after you- Are you just let him-“ I snapped James a look and he shut up.

“I’ve got it- Don’t worry about him,” I said and gave him a little smirk and James nodded his head, “If he starts, I’ll put him in his place.”

“That’s the Maggie I know and love!” James laughed and then high fived me and I laughed and shook my head.

“Hey, hey, look who it is!” I heard and turned my head towards the door and smiled brightly.

“There she is, there’s Auntie Mags,” my cousin Dana said as she came in holding my nephew, Troy.

“D! When did you get here?!” I asked as I stood up and gave her a side hug.

“We got here this morning,” she said and I looked at her confused.

“We?” I asked and Dana smiled and nodded her head.

“Maggie!” I looked and threw back my head to let out a laugh only to be tackled to the ground, “Really?! Every freakin’ time!” the four boys on top of my laughed as the climbed off of me, I could feel the eyes of my teammates on me, “Don’t you have anything better to do than trying to crush me?”

“Nope,” they all said and I rolled my eyes.

“Mags,” I turned my head and saw Sidney looking at me.

“Oh, hey, guys- Well, you know Dana,” I smiled, “These are my four younger cousins, Aaron, Jake, Greg and Justin.”

“Younger?” Beau asked because the four in front of us looked to be my age, even though they were really almost eighteen.

“Yup, I’m even older than them!” Dana said proudly, until she was pushed and almost fell, “Hey!”

“You might be older, but we’re bigger,” Justin said and Dana glared at them and the guys laughed.

That’s when I noticed that Dana wasn’t holding Troy anymore, I looked around the room and saw that Vero was in the room, holding Estelle, while Marc was holding Troy and laughing at something. I smiled and went back to my cousins.

“So what are you guys doing here?” I asked and they looked at me.

“I’m on break- Thought I’d surprise you!” Dana said and I nodded my head.

“I love it when you visit! You know that!” I said and she giggled.

“It’s always nice to see a future Penguin,” Sidney said as he walked over and wrapped his arm around Dana and she smiled brightly at him.

“Always a pleasure Crosby,” Dana said and he chuckled.

“All right loser, what about you? Break?” I asked and Dana snorted and I looked at her confused and then looked back towards the four to see them looking anywhere than at me and rubbing the back of their necks, “Guys?”

“We may or may not have sort of, kind of, possibly got suspended for ten days,” Aaron said and my eyes widened.

“And your parents let you come here?”

“Um, yeah, about that-“

“Guys!” I yelled and my teammates laughed.

“It’s all right, Uncle Ian knows, I sent him an email this morning,” Dana said and I looked at her and sighed, and the four huge boys glared at her, “What? At least he’ll know that you’re here and not somewhere else- He knows that she’ll kick your ass.”

“Damn right,” I said and my teammates laughed, “So why did you get suspended? Would it have anything to do with Greg’s busted lip?”

“Plead the fifth,” Greg said and I smirked and rolled my eyes, “We got into a fight.”

“Wonderful- Did you at least win?” I asked and the four boys smiled brightly.

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Aaron said and I rolled my eyes, “We’re Marshall’s!”

“Are all Marshall’s cocky and hotheaded?” Tanner Glass asked and I snapped a look at him.

“Excuse me?”

“What?!” he laughed and I snorted.

“Like you don’t have a temper!” I said and we snickered and I turned back towards my cousins, “So what was the fight about?”

“Oh ya know, just over something stupid,” Justin said and I looked at him, starred him down.

“It was about a girl, wasn’t it?” I asked and they all sighed, “Wait! Don’t tell me you fought each other?!”

“Told you she was gunna figure it out!” Dana said and I growled and glared at the boys, “And you thought you’d be safe here,” she laughed.

“We’re just gunna-“

“Yeah,” I growled and the four kind of ran out of the room and I rolled my eyes and looked at Dana, who was snickering, “Unbelievable,” I said and then let out a laugh, “Over a girl?”

“Apparently a very pretty girl,” Dana said and I looked at my teammates.

“They’ve done it before- So it must be guys,” I said and I heard a loud ‘hey’ from my teammates.

“So what are you gunna do?”

“Nothing, not my problem- You guys up in the box?” I asked and Dana nodded her head and Marc walked over with Troy, “Hey there! How’s my favorite nephew?!”

I was only able to hold him for about five minutes before Coach came in and told us to hurry up and get dressed for warm ups. Dana took Troy and then left to let us do our thing, she told me that her, the boys, Nick and Emma were up in the box with the friends and family.

When I finished getting dressed, we all headed out onto the ice for warm up and did our thing. It was about five minutes in, I was skating in a circle to take turns shooting the puck at the net when I felt myself being pushed and turned my head to see Sidney standing in front of me, his back to me.

“Sid?” I called and skated to his side to see him holding a puck as if he caught it and glaring at the other side of the ice, I followed his gaze to see that the Capitals were pushing back the rookie that kept bothering me at last night’s game, “What was that?”

“He shot a puck at you,” Sidney said, not even looking me, “I caught it- Would have hit you in the head.”

“What?” I growled and glared at the rookie, “He’s asking for it.”

“I know,” Sidney muttered and my teammates gathered around me, warm ups had stopped; we were now just staring at each other. I skated forward and Sidney grabbed my jersey, “Don’t.”

“It’s fine, Sid,” I said and he sighed and let me go, I looked up to see Ovechkin and Green skating forward, “You gunna control your rookie?”

“We didn’t put him up to it- You’ve got a target on your back,” Green said and I looked at him and then glared at the rookie.

“His funeral,” I muttered and looked up to see Ovechkin looking at me, “That a problem- He’s kind of asking to get his ass kicked.”

“You know I can’t let you, Marshall-“

“Watch me,” I growled and then turned around and went back to my team.

“Here you go guys, you’ll get a sneak peak of what Maggie’s gunna do to you later,” I teased my cousins as we looked down at the ice as the game was about to start, seeing that Maggie was in the starting line.

“That rookie’s not on the ice though- Yo that was messed up what he pulled in warm up!” Justin said and I nodded my head.

“She always have a target on her?” Aaron asked and Nick nodded his head.

“All the time, dude, pisses me off-“

“It pissed Mikey off too,” Emma said and I looked at her, she wasn’t looking at us, just down at the ice with her baby on her lap.

‘…I wonder if it hurts her to be here- To watch the game and not see him playing…’ I thought and then sighed, ‘…It’s weird for me…’