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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Thirty Five

It was the middle of the first period; I was on the ice with Geno, James, Olli and Paul, Marc was in the net and the one Capital player was heading towards Marc, we were in front of him ready to block the shot. He took the shot and I moved right in there to pick up that puck, passed it to Geno and watched as he moved down towards the Capital’s zone.

I was about to follow when I felt myself being shoved to the ice. I went down and looked up to see number four moving in front of me and hearing the boo’s from the fans. I growled and jumped up, “That’s it!” I threw my stick and gloves down and moved towards him, grabbing him and giving him a hard shove, “What’s your fuckin’ problem?!”

He didn’t say anything, he just dropped his sticks and gloves and just as he was about to come at me, the refs came in-between us and we’re holding us both back. I felt myself being pulled back and I turned to see that it was Green.

“Back off Marshall!” he growled and I turned and shoved him.

“You fuckin’ back off! He’s fuckin’ asking for it,” I growled and glared at him just about to go at him when the rookie came in front of me and threw a punch. It landed on my cheek and I stumbled back a little, but quickly recovered and threw one back. We all collided on the ice; Geno, James, Ollie, Paul and I were in a pushing shoving and punching match with the Capital line.

The rookie knocked me on the ground and climbed on top of me, he was throwing punches, but I was throwing them back. I had my arm wrapped around his arm that was trying to throw punches and grabbed his jersey. He was having a hard time staying up and when I punched him in the jaw he fell back onto the ice and I was pulled up from the ice. I was about to throw a punch thinking it was a Capital but saw it to be Paul.

“Sorry,” I said and he nodded his head.

“You all right?” Paul asked and I wiped my lip and saw blood.

“I’m fine,” I said and looked towards the rookie to see him getting back up and started to smack talk, “You wanna fuckin’ go again?!” I growled holding out my arms and then waving for him to come on, “Come on ya fuckin’ pussy!”

The boys and I were laughing as we looked at the TV to see Maggie coaxing the rookie to come at her again. She looked pissed, we couldn’t tell what they were saying, but I now that the two of them were cursing each other out.

Maggie and the rookie were escorted to the penalty box and it was a good thing there was a glass wall in front of them, because they were ready to go at it through the glass. He was pounding on the glass and when Malkin came over and gave Maggie her gloves, stick and helmet; she sat down and ignored his comments. They both had a five minute penalty for fighting and when they both came out of the box, there was only four minutes left in the first period. While they were in the box, Jokinen managed to score a goal for Pittsburgh and they were up by one.

“I was fuckin’ waitin’ for you to yell ‘Come at me, bro’!” Beau yelled and I laughed and we high fived

“He’s a fuckin’ prick,” I growled and the guys laughed.

When the first intermission was over, we were back out onto the ice and five minutes into the second period, the rookie was on the ice and he was coming at me again. I had the puck, skating in front of the Capitals bench, I saw him coming and quickly passed the puck to Beau and skidded to a stop, watching him hit the boards in front of me. I was about to skate away to continue the game when the rookie hooked me and I almost fell, but crashed into Ollie and we both fell to the ground.

“I am going to kill that fuckin’ rookie,” I groaned as I climbed off of Olli stood up, glaring at the rookie and was about to take a stride forward when a ref came in front of me and I felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Watch it, Marshall,” he barked and I glared at the ref.

“How is that not a penalty?! He hooked me!” I growled and the ref shook his head and then skated away and I threw my hands in the air and listened to the fans boo.

“Calm down, Mags, it’ll be all right,” Sidney said as he skated onto the ice and I nodded my head.

I glared as the rookie climbed over the bench and off the ice. I scoffed and then got ready for the faceoff, doing a double shift; I stood next to Brooks and watched as Sidney faced off against Backstrom. He won and then the game continued, Kunitz passed the puck to me and then I was instantly attacked with Capitals and lost the puck to Ovechkin.

The whistle blew for offside and I sighed and skated off of the ice, my shift over, I sat next to Matt Niskanen and shook my head, not happy with this game so far. When it was almost the end of the second, I was back on the ice, getting more physical in the game and starting to check players into the boards.

The Capitals were heading down the ice towards Marc; we were spread out to make sure they didn’t get a goal. Green had the puck and shot it towards Marc, the puck bounced off of him and fell to the ice, the Capitals came at him and Marc covered it. The refs blew the whistle, but the players kept on coming, the crowd in front of Marc pushed him back into the net and I was in front of him pushing Capitals, Tom Wilson, Green decided to join him and there was a pushing match. All of a sudden the rookie that’s been giving me a hard time comes out of nowhere and hits Marc, who was still behind me, crouched in the net, with his stick and both Kunitz and I go after this rookie.

“You fuckin’ prick!” I growled and shoved him hard and then felt everyone being pulled apart.

The trainer came over and looked at Marc, making sure he was all right. I was brought to the bench and then leaning over the boards getting into a yelling match with the rookie, who was also yelling at me.

“That blow to the head- Yeah, it looked like Lerks hit Fleury in the head with his stick. The officials are going over the review to see who is getting a penalty- Or how many they’re handing out,” the announcer on NBC said.

“The one thing I think I love about Pittsburgh Penguins winger, Maggie Marshall is that she’s not afraid to get right in there- I mean take a look right here,” the other announcer said as the clip of Maggie jumping right in front of Fleury to protect him, “She’s not afraid to switch her position from forward to defense. We see now that Marshall and Lerks are getting into a confrontation on the bench, let’s take it down to Pierre to find out what’s happening- Pierre?”

“Thanks, well, the officials are trying to determine who is going to get a penalty and what that penalty might be-“

“That hit to the head by Lerks might possibly be a game misconduct-“

“Oh yeah, I absolutely agree with you there!” Pierre said and you could hear in the background Maggie and the rookie cursing each other, “I’m actually going to turn my headset off- There’s some bad language going around here.”

“You don’t say!” I laughed at Saad’s comment.

“A little late for that,” Jon said and I nodded my head.

“That’s probably best, Pierre, good choice. Well let’s look back at this Marshall/ Lerks rivalry, it started at last night’s game and I’m surprised that a rookie is not afraid to get right in there and go after Marshall.”

“Absolutely, like you said, it started at last night’s game and continued to tonight’s- Take a look at warm up,” the clip appeared of the Penguins and Capitals warming up, we all missed what had happened so I didn’t know what they were talking about, “Warming up and- I don’t know if this was just an accidental shot- Or he purposely did this- But watch the puck.” we watched as they zoomed in on Lerks and he shot the puck, they zoomed out and we saw what they were talking about. If Crosby wasn’t there to catch the puck, it would have hit Maggie right in the head, and it would have been a lot worse than a normal hit to the head because during warm ups she doesn’t wear a helmet.

“Oh fuck that! That was not on accident!” I yelled and growled as they showed the highlight over again, “When do we play them?! I’m gunna kill the prick!”

“Take it easy, Kaner, we’ll get ‘em,” Jon said and I glared at the screen.

“We’ll go to a commercial break and then come back with the results of the penalty results.”

“Maggie might get a penalty,” Jon said and I nodded my head.

“Hell, then again, they might not hand any out- Other than that rookie, Lerks, because they were all going at it,” Sharp said and I just looked at the TV.

“What?! You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me!” I growled as the ref escorted me towards the penalty box, taking a two minute penalty for roughing. The fans were not happy with that decision, I was not happy with that decision, my teammates weren’t happy with that decision. Coach and Sidney were fighting it, but it didn’t look like the refs were budging. When I entered the box, I threw my stick onto the ground and plopped on the bench, glaring at the ice and shaking my head, “So fucked up.”

The rookie was given a game misconduct, but that wasn’t enough, it wasn’t considered a penalty, even though he was in the box, but since no other Capital player was giving a penalty, we were going to be on a penalty kill.

Sidney skated over towards the box and I stood up, wondering if he managed to talk the refs out of my penalty. The door opened and Sidney leaned in, “Did you get me out of this?”

“No, they’re not budging,” he said and I growled and shook my head, throwing my hands in the air, “Take a breath in here and when you come back we’ll get this.”

“Marc all right?”

“Zatkoff is goin’ in the net,” Sidney said and I looked over towards the other box and glared at the rookie, “We’ll get ‘em back, Mags, don’t you worry.”

“He’s mine, Sid,” I barked and Sidney nodded his head and then stepped out of the box and went over towards the bench. I sighed and sat back down and bit the inside of my lip trying to control my anger, ‘…Fuckin’ Capitals…’