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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Thirty Eight

“It’s just a little sprain, Maggie- You’ll be fine after one game,” Doc said and I sighed and nodded my head, mentally cursing at the fact that I was going to miss another game, after just coming back two games ago.

The boys ended up losing with the final score of three to two; Boston picked up and managed to score twice in the final two minutes of the game. I was showered and changed before they even made it into the room, Doc was busy tending to Brooks, but told me just by a quick look, I wasn’t going back on the ice.

We were heading home tomorrow morning, we had a home game the day after that against Tampa, I was excited to see Stamkos again, I hadn’t seen him since he broke his leg, which was fully healed. No one really said anything when they came into the locker room, and since I was already dressed, I decided to get out of their way and walked into Doc’s office to see Brooks lying on the table.

“Hey,” I breathed as I walked up to him and rubbed his arm, “How do you feel?”

“Like I was ran over by a train,” he said and we both laughed a little, but then he winced and I sighed, “You’re already dressed? What happened?”

‘…He doesn’t remember…’ I thought and then sighed and showed him my hand, it was wrapped, “I ya- I may have punched your train.”

“Maggie,” he said and I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“You’re my teammate- My friend, Brooksie,” I said and sighed, “If I was stronger I would have done more.”

“Maggie, you’re strong enough- I appreciate you going after him, but you didn’t need to-“

“He came at you- Right from the bench!” I growled and he winced because I was a little loud, “Sorry,” I said and he sighed, “Brooksie, your back was turned- You didn’t see it coming- He-“

“It’s all right Mags, we’ll get them back- We’ll get him back,” Brooks said and I sighed and nodded my head.

Doc walked into the room and saw the two of us, “Everything all right?”

“Yeah,” I breathed and then patted Brooks arm and walked out of the office to see that everyone was in the shower. I grabbed my things and decided that I was just going to wait for everyone on the bus. I pulled my phone out and saw that I had a text from Seguin and Pat. I opened Pat’s and gave a small smile, relying to him that I would out a game and that I loved him too. I opened Seguin’s text, ‘Boy ur body must be attracted to rocks. 1st Chara hits u, then u hit Thornton- Damn girl.’

I walked into the hallway wanting to go to the bus, I heard my name and sighed, seeing Milan jogging towards me like he rushed out of his gear, “Didn’t know if I would catch you.”

“Yeah,” I sighed and looked at him, “How’s Marchand?”

“Concussion- Orpik?”

“Concussion,” I said and we both nodded our heads. It was an awkward silence and then I sighed, “You know, it was a shitty thing to do what Thornton did-“


“And I know that what Neal did was shitty too! I already chewed his ass out for it- But Looch, come on, he came from the bench and attack Orpik when he wasn’t even looking,” I said and Milan sighed and nodded his head, “Look, I know he’s your bruise brother-“ Milan chuckled at that, “But, there’s only so much that-“

“I know, Chara already had a talk with him, he knows that he’s probably going to be suspended for it and feels bad,” Milan said and I sighed.

“At least one person understands- Neal’s in denial that he’ll get away with it,” I said and Milan scoffed, “Yeah, tell me about it.”

“Well, I’ll talk to you later, Maggie,” Milan said and I nodded my head.

“Tell Brittany I said hi,” I said and Milan smirked and nodded his head.


“So what exactly did you do?” Stamkos asked as he held my hand and looked down at it.

“Punched Shawn Thornton in the face, in result, sprained my hand,” I said and then sighed when Stamkos started to laugh.

“I was wondering why you were scratched from the line up,” he said and I nodded my head, “So where is Nealer?”

“Probably sulking at home after finding out about his eight games suspension,” I said and Stamkos nodded his head.

It was two days after the Boston game, the boys already had their afternoon game against Tampa and now it was early evening, Stamkos and I were at a local coffee shop close to his hotel. We had won against them in overtime and I watched in the suite how excited the boys were.

“So I’ve got a question for you, Mags,” Stamkos said and then leaned back on his chair and smirked.

“All right, fire away.”

“What’s going on with the petition?” he asked and I looked at him a little surprised, “I think about everyone signed it on the team- But it’s been a few months.”

“Three- Almost four,” I said and Stamkos nodded his head and I sighed, “I don’t know, they got them all back and then set all thirty papers to the Commissioner, but I don’t know if it’ll go through or not.”

“You can always come to Tampa,” Stamkos said and we laughed and I shook my head.

“But that’s even further from Pat,” I said and Stamkos sighed.

“You know he’s a lucky guy-“

“Everyone keeps telling me that,” I giggled.

“So what will you do if the petition falls through?” he asked and I looked at him my hand rubbed the side of my warm coffee cup.

“Um, well, St. Louis and Detroit are about four and a half hours from Chicago- Closer than Pittsburgh,” I said and sighed, “I might try there- Though, I’d prefer St. Louis.”

“Nicer team-“

“Nicer city,” I said and we smirked, “But it all depends on when we’ll find out about that petition-“

“You want my opinion?” Stamkos asked and I looked at him, about to say something but he sat up and looked at me, “Well, you’re gunna get it anyways,” I giggled, “I think- If the petition doesn’t go through,” he sighed, “Stay with Pittsburgh, you know the team- You’re comfortable with the team- And it’s only less than a two hour flight,” he said and I looked at him, “Or come to Tampa!”

I let out a laugh and then patted Stamkos’ arm, “It’s always a pleasure having you around Stammers.”

See, maybe you should come to Tampa.”

“Not gunna lie, it’s probably not gunna happen,” I said and Stamkos smirked and shrugged his shoulders.

I heard a gasp and turned my head to see a little girl standing with her parents, they were walking down the sidewalk and her parents stopped walking when they felt the tug of her daughter not moving. She was looking right at me and I gave her a little smile, she squealed and tore her hand from her mother’s hand and came up to me, a small elegant fence separating us, since Stamkos and I were outside enjoying the beautiful day.

“You’re Maggie Marshall!” she squealed and I smiled and nodded my head, “Mom! It’s Maggie Marshall!” Stamkos chuckled and I watched her father pull out his cell phone, “Can I have a picture with you?”

“Sure sweetie,” I smiled brightly and then stood up and she looked up at me. I put my foot on top of the fence, it wasn’t that high, just up to my waist, and then hopped over and landed on the ground, too lazy to go through the shop and go outside. I was dressed in a simple jean and purple V-neck outfit with black converses, my hair in a messy bun and sunglasses propped on my head, “So what’s your name?” I asked as I bent down to her height.

“Annabelle,” she said and I smiled brightly.

“That’s a pretty name,” I said and her face turned a little red.

I took the picture with her and she hugged me and I shook the parents’ hand and they went on their way. As I was about to climb over the fence again, my name was called out and I saw some more fans coming over, on both sides of the fence.

Before I knew it, I was crowded; it was a little freaky, throwing signatures, pictures and smiles out in every direction. When I felt myself being pulled I almost punched the person, but was happy to see that it was Stamkos.

“All right, thanks guys, we’re gunna go now,” he said to everyone and threw out a wave.

“Holy shit,” I breathed and he laughed.

“You looked like you were gunna piss yourself.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but that was a little scary- They fuckin’ just came out of nowhere,” I said and then pulled my sunglasses over my eyes and walked with Stamkos.

“Can we go visit Mr. Grumpy pants now?”

“You can, I’m pissed at him,” I growled and Stamkos laughed and threw his arm around my shoulder.

“All right, drop me off?”

“Sure,” I said and we headed back to the hotel where Stamkos was staying and where my car was parked.