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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Thirty Nine

“Nicely done Mags, that goal was pretty epic!” Kunitz congratulated as he, Sidney, Paul and Olli came over and hugged me for my only goal, for the only goal in the Pittsburgh/ St. Louis game.

There were only five minutes left in the game and the score was one to zero. The rest of the game went by quickly and Marc was happy to have another shutout under his belt. I was on the ice at the end of the game, I felt someone bump into me and was about to curse someone out when I saw T.J. Oshie, my USA teammate.

He gave me a small smile, “Good game, Marshall. Nice goal.”

“That’s Oshie,” I said and then headed off of the ice and then back into the locker room with my teammates.

Kunitz was given the third star for all of his shots on goal and for his assist, Marc received the second star for his shutout, and I received the first star for my winning goal. When I went back into the locker room I sat down and started to take off my gear, just about everyone still hadn’t gone for the showers, I heard my name and looked up to smile.

“Cabbie!” I giggled, seeing the old friend, “How are you?!”

“Maggie? How’s my girl doin’? Still bein’ the badass bitch on the ice?” he laughed as he took a seat next to me.

“Every day,” I said and then Cabbie laughed and started to ask some of the guys’ questions, and then he came back to me.

“Ok, so I’ve got some twitter questions for some fans,” he said and I giggled and nodded my head, “All right, Angel and Arianna say hi-“

I giggled, “Hi Angel and Arianna,” I smirked and Cabbie chuckled.

“And they want to know what your favorite TV show is?”

“Well, I’d have to say that my favorite TV show- I’ve got a few- I’m hooked on the show Baby Daddy and then the show Sirens- I love Supernatural, The Following- Ooooh! Breaking Bad is really good-“

“Geez girl, how many favorites do you have?!” Cabbie asked and some of the guys laughed.

“A lot, that’s mostly what I do on my off days,” I said and Cabbie chuckled, “Rest and relax with my shows.”

“Ok, ok, so this is from Erin, and she says; ‘So I know you met Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth the a while ago- How was that?’” Cabbie read from his phone.

“It was really cool, I think that’s the first time I ever had the chance to go fan girl on someone- Although, if Chris Evans was there, then I probably would have crossed the line of fanhood,” I said and we both laughed.

Cabbie asked a few more questions, some of which the boys chimed in and said a few things, “All right, last one, I’ve been saving it,” he said and I let out a laugh, “It’s a video.”

“Oh god,” I laughed and Cabbie brought out his ipad, and showed me a girl standing in front of a lake. Some of the guys crowded around and stood behind me, Geno was sitting next to me, Sidney on the other side, Beau and Olli leaning against me behind me, others just around.

Cabbie pressed play, ‘Hi this is Samantha Weaver, a Penguin fan from all the way in Seattle, Washington, Hi Maggie!” I giggled when the girl waved happily towards the cameras, I saw that she was standing on a dock in front of what looked to be a lake, “I’ve been challenged by my friend to do the cold water challenge- From there, I do the challenge and then go ahead and challenge three other people to do it- You’ve got twenty four hours to repost a video proving that you’ve done the challenge. I’ve chosen you Maggie Marshall to take the cold water challenge- You’ve got twenty four hours!” she yelled and then ran off the dock and jumped into the water, “Shit that’s cold!” she screamed when she resurfaced and then the video ended.

“What the hell is this?” I asked and looked at Cabbie.

“People all over are doing this challenge, and now you’ve been challenged- You gunna accept- You’ve got twenty four hours,” Cabbie said and I sighed, we were in Pittsburgh, we did have an off day tomorrow.

“Do I have to?” I asked and the guys laughed.


“Well, if you wanna get technical, then I do the cold water challenge every time I’m on the ice-“

“Not the same thing,” Cabbie laughed and I sighed.

“Where would I even do the challenge?”

“The docks,” Kunitz said, that’s where his boat was located, just a simple twenty minute drive, “I wanna see this,” he smiled brightly and I rolled my eyes, hearing the other boys say that they did too.

“So I do the challenge, and then I choose three other people to take the challenge?” I asked and Cabbie smiled and nodded his head, “Anyone I want?”

“Anyone you want!”

“Uh oh, I know that look,” Marc said when I smiled brightly in front of everyone.

“All right, fine, I accept the challenge- Tomorrow morning at the docks, eleven in the morning,” I said and the guys laughed and nodded their heads.


“You ready for this?” Sidney asked as he, Kuntiz, Geno, Marc, Vero, Olli, Beau and a few others were standing on the docks. I was in jean shorts and a Penguins t-shirt, my swimsuit under my clothes.

“No, but do I have a choice,” I laughed and Sidney smirked and shook his head.

“Know who you’re going to challenge?” Sidney asked and I smirked and nodded my head, “Who?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I giggled.

“I would- Aw man, you picked me, didn’t you?” he whined and I laughed and shrugged my shoulders.

“Maybe, maybe not,” I laughed and saw Cabbie walking down the docks and joining us.

“All right girl, you ready to do this?!” Cabbie asked and I nodded my head, he held up his camera, “And go!”

“Hey Samantha Weaver from Seattle Washington- I got your challenge and I accept it! We’re here at the docks in Pittsburgh for me to do this cold water challenge!” I said and then Cabbie turned the cameras for the boys to wave and say hi, “Now, I get to choose three people to challenge, so of course I’m going to challenge, Chicago Blackhawk, Patrick Kane,” the guys let out a laugh, “Carolina Hurricane, Jordan Staal,” I smiled brightly and tried to put on my best evil face, I didn’t know if it was working, “And my fellow Penguin Alternate Captain, Evgeni Malkin!”

“Oooooooooooooooooh!!!!” the guys were laughed and Geno said smirking and shaking his head.

“Ya’ll have twenty four hours to complete this chal-“ all I heard were the guys laughing and before I knew it, I was grabbed and going off of the docks into the water.

“Oh! That’s cold!” I gasped when I resurfaced.

When I caught my breath, I looked around to see Geno in the water with me, he threw boy of his hands in the air, “Challenge complete!”

“Geno!” I yelled and splashed water at him and heard the guys laughing. I sighed and shook my head, looked back up at the docks, see Cabbie looking down with the camera.

“How’s the water, Mags?” Cabbie asked and I let out a laugh.

“Beautiful, you should join us!” I said and he let out a laugh.

“That’s all right,” he said and I snorted and then grabbed Geno and dunked him and then looked back at the camera.

“Patrick, Jordan- Ya’ll have twenty four hours!” I yelled up and then Cabbie turned off the camera and Geno hugged me in the water and then dunked me.

I was late in the afternoon, we had just finished practice when I looked at my phone and saw that I had a twitter notification, I was tagged in a tweet. I opened it and saw that Maggie had tagged me, some girl named Samantha Weaver and then Jordan Staal and Evgeni Malkin.

I saw that it was some kind of video, pressed play and saw Maggie on some kind of docks, “Hey Samantha Weaver from Seattle Washington- I got your challenge and I accept it! We’re here at the docks in Pittsburgh for me to do this cold water challenge!”

“What the hell?” I let out a laugh and got some of my teammates attention.

“What is it?” Jon asked and I looked up and then walked over towards the laptop that was plugged into the TV, logged onto my Twitter and then pulled up the video.

“What’s she up to?!” Sharp asked and I smirked and shook my head, pressing play on the video.

“Hey Samantha Weaver from Seattle Washington- I got your challenge and I accept it! We’re here at the docks in Pittsburgh for me to do this cold water challenge! Now, I get to choose three people to challenge, so of course I’m going to challenge, Chicago Blackhawk, Patrick Kane,” my teammates laughed and I understood why I was tagged in this tweet, “Carolina Hurricane, Jordan Staal, and my fellow Penguin Alternate Captain, Evgeni Malkin!” we could hear her teammates and whoever else was there laughing, the camera turned to Malkin and he was smirking, shaking his head, just about the same thing I was doing, “Ya’ll have twenty four hours to complete this chal-“

All you see is a tall, big flash in front of the camera and Maggie was pulled back into the water and we watched to two figures disappear. The guys were still laughing about me being challenged and couldn’t wait to see me, apparently I had no choice but to accept this challenge.

Maggie resurfaced from the waters, gasping for air and saying that the water was cold. I let out a laugh when I saw that the person who pulled her into the water was her teammate, Malkin, one of the people she challenged. He just threw his arms in the air and yelled ‘Challenge complete!’

“Patrick, Jordan- Ya’ll have twenty four hours!” Maggie yelled and then the camera cut off.
“So are you going to accept the challenge?” Jon asked, a smirk on his face, as well as everyone else’s.

“I don’t think I have much of a choice,” I said and then looked at my phone to see that Jordan had already replied to the tweet. I laughed when it had a pouting face and Jordan replied ‘U and I r gunna have a little chat about this!’

“So who are the three people you’re going to challenge?” Duncan asked and I smirked and looked at my teammates.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?!”