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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Forty Five

“Well, the Penguins looked like they were about to win it, in the last five minutes of the game when Maggie Marshall tied the game at two and gave the chance to the Penguins to win, they had that bounce in their step- But when Fleury gave that goal up to Brad Richards in the final minute of the game, you just saw the defeat on all of their faces,” the announcer on the NHL network said, going over the Game seven loss two nights ago against the Rangers, “I believe that the top players, Crosby, Malkin, Fleury- It was as if they had no heart in the game and they just gave up.”

“I agree, and at the cost of their loss, Pittsburgh relieved their General Manager, Ray Shero from his position. That position will be taken over by Assistant GM Jason Botterill, who will also decide the fate of Head Coach, Dan Bylsma- Who hasn’t pushed the Penguins to win a cup since 2009,” the other announcer chimed in as I sat on the couch downstairs with the boys, I was snuggled into Pat’s side.

“Right, and that has a lot of people baffled on how- Especially with all of that talent on the team; Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Neal, Marshall-“

“Marshall, she’s another one, her contract is up, she a free agent- Do you know on whether she’ll resign with the Penguins or move onto another team?”

“Well, there has been word of her possibly being traded to Chicago; however, I’m not sure how full proof that information is. If she does get traded to Chicago, I’m sure she’ll fit in just fine- If Marshall can earn the respect of everyone in the league by showing off her skills- Not to mention, keep up with Crosby, which for some is hard to do, then she’ll be just fine.”

“It seems as though all Marshall’s are skilled- There’s Maggie, was Mike, they’re younger brother, Nick, a Sophomore at University of Pittsburgh, who I believe has scouts from the NFL keeping tabs on him.”

“Right, and then there’s Dana,” my eyes widened and I smiled a little, surprised to hear my cousin’s name being announced on the NHL network, “For those of you who are unfamiliar to Dana Marshall, she’s the name to hear for when it comes time for the 2014 NHL Draft. Here’s a clip of her during her high school Championship game, she’s the Captain of her team and just by watching her, you see the skills that both Maggie and Michael possess,” the clip was played and I smiled brightly, they were showing Dana was the puck, going down the ice, creating a breakaway and shooting a backhand into the net, winning the game for her team, “Wow, what skill.”

My phone started to ring and I looked down and let out a laugh, Dana was calling me right now, I answered it and put it on speaker, “Yellow!”

“OH MY GOD!!! THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT ME!!!” Dana screamed into the phone and the guys and I laughed and I smiled towards Pat.

“One more month, D,” I said, knowing that she was counting down the days until it was time for the draft.

“You’ll be there- Right?!”

“Of course!” I laughed and she squealed, “I think I heard that there will be four or five girls there.”

“Two of them played for Team USA in the Olympics,” Pat said and I nodded my head.

“I got some serious competition!” Dana said and I giggled, “Ok, I’ll let you go, just wanted to tell you that I’m gunna be famous!”

“That’s the attitude!” Beau yelled from across the room and I laughed, we said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone and then stood up, deciding that I was going to head upstairs.

“You all right?” I heard and turned around to see Pat following me.

“Yeah, I just thought that I might get a head start on packing, or looking for a house,” I said and Pat came to me quickly, wrapped an arm around my waist and pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and when he pulled back he kissed my cheek.

“I’m sorry that we’re not doing this how we planned, but I’m really happy that you’re coming to Chicago,” he said and I nodded my head, “Only took my two years,” he said and I giggled.

‘…Has it really been two years already?...’ I thought and then hugged Pat, “Come on, we’ve got a house to find,” I said and he nodded his head and we went up to my room, plopped on the bed, Pat had the laptop on his lap and I leaned against him.

We looked at six different houses, didn’t find one that we liked, there was always something wrong, not a big enough backyard, didn’t like the size, what the house looked like, or the area.

“What about this one?” Pat asked as he pulled up a Ranch style home, which meant everything was one level.

“It’s cute, but-“

“There’s a lot of land, we can always add on,” he said and I looked at him, “You like it?”

“I wanna see it first,” I said and Pat smiled towards me.

“Look, it’s an open back yard- It’s got a pool, lot of room for your dogs, we’ll set up a tall private fence,” he said and I giggled at how excited he was getting.

“You know what I see when I look at the big ass front yard?” I said and he looked at me, “You mowing the lawn shirtless,” Pat smiled brightly, “Sweat glistening off of you- Mhmm, I’m getting turned on just thinking about it.”

“You hornball,” Pat teased and I laughed and squealed when he put the laptop down and climbed on top of me, “You’re my hornball.”

“And you’re mine,” I giggled and he pressed his lips against mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck and we both groaned when I heard his cell phone start to ring, “You’d better get that.”

“All right,” Pat said and then sat up and reached into his pocket, pulling out his iphone and answering the phone, “Hello?” he said and I sighed when he rolled off of me, “Uh, yeah, when’s that?” I looked at him confused, “Shit really- I was gunna stay in Pittsburgh for-“ Pat sighed and looked at me, “All right, I’ll ask her,” he pulled the phone from his ear, “Do you wanna be my date to a charity ball?” he asked with a cheesy grin on his face and I giggled.

“Is that Jon?” I asked and Pat nodded his head and I held my hand out for the phone, Pat handed it to me and I put the phone on speaker, “Jonny boy!”

“Maggie, hey! How are you?!”

“I’m ok,” I said and Pat gave me a small smile, “I’ll be in Chicago soon.”

“I would hope so,” Jon chuckled and I smiled, “So we’ve got this charity event that’s in two days.”

“Jonathan Toews, are you asking for me to be your date?” I teased and Pat glared at me and Jon laughed.

“Sure Maggie Marshall, would you be my date?!”

“Hey, hey, hey!!! I asked first!” Pat yelled.

“Of course Jon, I would love to be your date,” I said and Jon laughed and Pat threw his hands in the air and huffed.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at Kaner’s at seven.”


“Am I fuckin’ invisible?!” Pat barked and Jon and I laughed.

“Aw babe, don’t be jealous of your Captain,” I said and then wrapped my arms around his neck, “We’re just playing, I’ll be your date,” I kissed his cheek and Pat smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me onto his lap.

“Aww, that means I’m not your date, Mags?” Jon said and I giggled.

“I’ll save you a dance, how ‘bout that, Captain?” I asked and Pat squeezed me a little bit tighter when I called Jon ‘Captain’.

“All right, I’ll be sure to meet you on the dance floor,” he said and I giggled.

Pat and Jon talked for a little bit longer, I still sat on Pat’s lap, they said their goodbyes and then I moved so that I was facing Pat, my legs on each side of him. I ran my fingers through his hair, feeling the start of his famous mullet; I pressed my lips against his and groaned when Pat squeezed my ass a little.

“So are you going to show me your dress?” I asked Maggie as she sat on the counter in my kitchen, we were both in Chicago, having flew out yesterday morning.

“Nope,” she giggled and I rolled my eyes, “Not until tonight.”

I sighed, we had landed late yesterday morning, Maggie called Abby Sharp and asked if she wanted to help her look for her dress for tonight’s event, I didn’t see my girlfriend and Sharp didn’t see his wife for hours. I was hanging out with my teammate, watching as he babysat his children, both of us thinking that the two would be an hour or two, not gone seven hours to look for one dress.

“What times the charity?” Maggie asked and I looked at her and then at my watch.

“We’re leaving in about five hours,” I said and Maggie smirked, hopped off of the counter and then walked over towards me, gave me a sly smirk and then started to head down the hallway towards the bedroom, “You gunna show me the dress?”

“In five hours,” she said and giggled and then laughed when I threw back my head and groaned.

‘…This girl…’ I smirked and shook my head, watching her walk away, ‘…It’s crazy how much she’s changed me- How much I love her…’