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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Fifty One

Everyone was laughing and having a good time, we had been in Buffalo for about a week, Emma and Troy had driven over when Jon had gone home to Winnipeg. Mike, Matt, Tom, Emma, Troy, Pat and I were out on the boat earlier that day, now we were back at Pat’s place grilling and having a good time, Troy was playing with the dogs and then the rest of us were sitting around the fire while Pat and Tom grilled.

I walked into the house to go to the bathroom and when I came out the doorbell rung. I walked towards the front door and opened it, confused and surprised to see two police officers standing there, “Um, can I help you officers?”

“Are you Irene?” the one officer asked and I looked at him confused and shook my head.

“No, my name’s Maggie- There’s no one here named Irene,” I answered and they looked at me and then down at a paper.

“Are you alone?”

“No, we’re having a little barbeque out back-“

“A witness stated that there’s a Thomas Corbin here- That true?” the officer asked.

“Tom? Uh yeah, he’s out back- There a problem?” I asked and the officers just looked at each other and then at me.

“Can we just see Mr. Corbin?” the one officer said and I just nodded my head slowly.

“Mags!” I heard and turned around to see Matt looking at me confused, “What’s going on?”

“Um, can you go get Tom,” I said and Matt looked at me and then the cops and nodded his head, turning around and then heading outside. A few minutes later, Tom and Matt appear and Tom looked just as confused as the rest of us.

“What’s going on?” Tom asked.

“You Mr. Corbin?” the officer asked and Tom nodded his head, “Can I see some i.d.?”

Tom handed it to the one officer and then looked at me, “Well Mr. Corbin, I have an arrest warrant here from Luzerne County, Pennsylvania,” the other officer said and all of our eyes widen.

“Where? I’ve never been there before!” Tom said and then the two officers stepped back, “Where the fucks that?!”

“Calm down,” I breathed and looked at the officers.

“Can you step outside, Mr. Corbin?” the one officer said.

“Can you explain to me what the arrest warrant is based off of?” I asked and the officer looked at me.

“Well the paper work here says that the warrant was from 2012,” the officer said and Tom’s head shook.

“I’ve only ever been to Pittsburgh or Philly in Pennsylvania,” Tom said and I looked at him, “I don’t know what this is!”

“Well, you’re going to need to come with us,” the officer said and Tom stepped outside and I watched as the officers handcuffed Tom.

I turned around and looked at Matt, “Get Pat!” I growled and he nodded his head and started to run to the back of the house, “Listen, what’s going to happen?!”

“Pennsylvania will come to get him, it’ll be within seven to thirty days-“

“Thirty days!” Tom yelled, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Tom,” I breathed and looked at the officers, “Look, what’ll happen?”

“If Pennsylvania doesn’t come to get him within the thirty days, he’ll be released as time served.”

“Time served for what?!” Tom growled.

“Shut up, Tom,” I hissed and I watched as the officer called in for a bus to pick up Tom because he apparently was a flight risk, “So he’ll be in jail?” the officer nodded his head, “Do we know the charges?”

“Just going off of the arrest warrant,” the officer said and I scoffed.

“What’s going on?” I heard and turned to see Pat rushing outside.

The officers explain to Pat what’s going on and then the bus showed up, Tom was put inside the bus and then another officer showed up. I walked over towards Pat and felt him tense against me; I looked at him confused and then saw Pat looking at the new officer that had shown up.

I heard my name and turned to see everyone on the front porch, I walked over towards Emma, she was holding Jazz because he wanted to know what was going on. I explained to her what was going on and then saw Bella run outside, I went to grab her, but missed her. I yelled for Pat to grab her, he did, but he lost his balance and fell, crashing into an officer and they both feel to the ground. Matt quickly grabbed Bella and I walked over towards Pat as I watched as the officer got up and grabbing Pat, putting his hands behind his back.

“Are you serious?!” I yelled as I ran over and stood in front of Pat, looking at the officer, “What are you doing?!”

“Arresting him for assault on an officer,” he said and my eyes widened.

“He lost his balance from my dog!” I yelled and the officer looked at Pat.

“Looks like I get to arrest you again, Mr. Kane,” the officer said and I looked at Pat, he rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me,” he growled and I looked at Pat.


“Call Jon,” he looked at me, I could feel the tears forming in my eyes, “Call Jon, Maggie,” he said and then leaned down and pressed his lips against mine, “Call Jon!” he yelled as the officer started to pull him towards the bus and I nodded my head.

“Come on, lover boy,” the officer grumbled as he pushed Pat into the bus.

“Pat!” I yelled and felt arms around me and saw that Matt was holding me.

Matt, Mike, Maggie and I were in shock at what had just happened moments ago, Pat and Tom were taken away in the back of a police bus. Matt was holding Maggie because she was losing it, Mike just glared at the space where the bus once stood. I pulled out my phone and walked back into the house, scrolling through my contacts and pulled out Jon’s number.

It rang and rang and then went to voicemail, I cursed and then quickly left a voicemail telling him to call me back asap. As soon as I pulled the phone away from my ear it was ringing and I saw Jon calling me, “That was fast,” I said and Jon chuckled.

“Sorry, I tried to get it but couldn’t- How’s Buffalo, having fun?”

“Not really, there’s been a problem,” I said and looked outside to see Matt and Mike talking to Maggie, most likely trying to calm her down, she was crying.

“What’s wrong?”

“Pat and his friend Tom have been arrested-“

“WHAT?! For what?!” Jon wasn’t happy.

“Tom, well, I’m not sure about him, the police had a warrant for his arrest, but Pat- It was such a bullshit arrest- I think the officer knew him or something, Pat went after Bella because she got loose and grabbed her, but lost his balance and fell into the officer and they both went to the ground. Next thing we know is Pat’s going in handcuffs being arrest for assaulting an officer,” I growled and then looked towards the door to see Matt walking into the house, rubbing his face and shaking his head.

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there tonight or tomorrow,” Jon said quickly and I took a deep breath, “I’m coming!”

“We’ll be waiting,” I said and we said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone looking towards Matt to see him on the phone, he was telling someone what just happened, I’m not sure who. I walked outside and saw the Maggie was on the phone, I looked towards Mike and he told me that she had called Pat’s parents and that Matt was on the phone with Tom’s.

“The fuckin’ cop that arrested Pat was the same one from 2009,” Matt said and Maggie and I looked at him.

“What happened in 2009?” Maggie asked and Pat sighed.

“He and his cousin were charged with second-degree robbery, fourth-degree criminal mischief and then theft of services,” Matt said and we looked at him to continue, “He and his cousin apparently punched a cab driver when they didn’t give him a good enough tip. They went to court and everything was cleared, but the cop was pissed that Pat didn’t get in trouble.”

“So the cop’s out to get Pat?” Maggie asked and Matt sighed.

“Looked like it- I mean, we all saw what happened- He fell!”

“I know! That fuckin’ pisses me off!” Mike growled and then shook his head.

“Well I already called Jon, he’ll be here tonight or tomorrow,” I said and Maggie gave me a small smile.

“I called his parents; they’re on their way now- What about Tom- What the hell was that about?” Maggie asked and we all shrugged our shoulders.

“Hopefully just a mistaken identity.”