‹ Prequel: Chances Risked
Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Sixty One

I heard a voice behind me and shot around to see Brandon right there, he shot at me, but I dove to the ground and behind the tree. I could see the paintballs flying past me and hitting the trees in front of me as Brandon tried to shoot me. I cursed, I was gunna follow him, but somehow he heard me and snuck up behind me. The firing stopped and I peaked my head around the tree and saw Brandon shaking his gun.

“Aww, what’s wrong?” I asked and smirked, turning around and aiming my gun at him, “Technical problems?”

“Time out!” he growled and I giggled.

“Sorry, no time outs!” I said and pulled the trigger and watching as the orange ball hit him right in the center of his chest, “Peace out mofo!”

I turned around and headed into the woods more, as I ran, I something caught my eye to my left and I turned my head to see the top of the shack, I smirked and heard gun fire. I dove to the ground and saw paintballs flying past me, they were purple, I smirked, Pat was here.

I crawled on the ground, looked up and about six feet in front of me, up in the tree looked to be a tree house, ‘…What’s the chance that someone’s up there already?...’ I thought and then headed over there, took a deep breath and climbed up the tree nice and slowly. I looked over the boards and smirked at the fact that no one was there. I climbed into the tree house, put my ear piece on and noticed the guys were calling me, “Sorry guys, ya’ll were distracting me- I got Saad, but I also found the shack.”

“Where are you, Mags?” Jon asked.

“You’re never gunna believe what I found,” I giggled, “There’s a tree house right by the shack, I’m inside- And I found Pat’s team, looks like they made it to the shack.”

“We’re on our way, just stay there until we get there!” Jon said and I sighed.

“Roger that!” I said and then looked around, my gun aimed out the window, ‘…Like hell that’s gunna happen, it’ll take forever for ya’ll to get here…’

I walked onto the outside part of the tree house, looked around and decided that I was born part monkey, because I was going to climb the trees over towards the shack. I could hear a war going on over there, and I wanted to be a part of it too.

All of a sudden I saw green and purple coming at me, I cursed and moved behind the tree, both Sharp and Pat’s team were here. I radioed Jon telling him what I found and told them that I needed help. I decided to climb a little bit higher and then looked down to see that Sharp and Seabrook were in perfect sight o the ground. I smirked, aimed my gun, looked through the scope and shot Seabrook right in the chest, moving my gun to Sharp to see that he moved behind the tree.

I cursed and then switched my gun to automatic, aiming it where Sharp was and watching for him to turn. When he stuck his head out, I fired, I looked through the scope, got him in the arm and leg, not in the chest. I heard my name and looked down to see Jon, Corey and Peter, they were my backup. They started to fire openly and I decided that I was going to climb over towards the shack.
From a tree branch I stepped onto the roof of the shack, slowly slid over towards the center where there was a small square shape opening. I looked inside and smirked, Bryan Bickell, Brandon Bollig, Michal Handzus, and Michal Rozsival were inside, they were a part of Sharp’s team. I placed my hand on the color grenade, held it over the opening, pulled the pin, and dropped the bomb.

I laughed as I heard the guys yell just in time for it to explode and I smiled in awe as the color orange was everywhere. I pressed the button on the ear piece, “Mags to Captain Serious, come in, Captain Serious,” I sang happily.

“What Mags?”

“I threw a color grandee- Forgot to yell fire in the hole,” I laughed, “But I got Bickell, Bollig, Handzus and Rozsival.”

“I got Sharp- So his whole team is out,” Corey said and I laughed, looking into the whole to see the boys glaring up at me, I stuck my tongue out at them and then jumped off of the roof and headed for the trees.

The guys laughed as they looked at Maggie and I, the game was over and we all headed back to the front of the woods. Everyone was having a field day at the sight of an orange and purple paint mark on both of our chests.

“What the hell happened here?!” Corey laughed, “Russian Roulette?”

“Something like that,” Maggie giggled.

“All right, let’s add this up,” Coach said as he and the owner walked over, “Sharpie, you’re whole team is gone?”

I looked over towards their team and laughed, they were Bickell, Bollig, Handzus and Rozsival were covered in just orange paint, Seabrook and Sharp had other colors on them, but only orange was in the chest piece.

“Shut up, Mags!” Bickell growled as Maggie was leaning onto Corey because she was laughing harder than the others.

“I’m sorry,” she laughed out, “But I love those grenades!”

“Looks like yours was the only one used,” the owner said and I nodded my head.

“Keith’s team, only Duncan and Smith survived?” Coach said and the guys nodded their heads, “Smith, who shot you in the head?”

I looked over towards him to see blue pain dripping down his face, he was shot in the forehead, but luckily the goggles protected his eyes.

“Kruger had shitty aim,” he said and we snickered because he got shot by his own teammate.

“I said I was sorry!”

“All right, All right, “Tazer, how many in your group?”

“Myself, Crawford and Regin,” Jon said and Maggie sighed, she, David, and Andrew were out.

“What happened, Marshall?!” Coach laughed as he said the purple mark on her chest.

“I didn’t move fast enough,” Maggie pouted and the guys laughed.

“All right, Kane- You too?!”

“I didn’t move fast enough,” I said and the guys started to laugh again, “Eh, I let her get me-“

“Doubt it,” Maggie muttered and I scoffed.

“Just Hossa and Oduya left on my team, Coach,” I said and then looked over towards my teammates, who were covered in paint.

“Well, looks like Tazer’s team wins,” Coach said and I heard ‘yes’ and looked to see the six of them high fiving one another, “You get to pass on one practice throughout the season.”

“I’ll be saving that one, thank you very much, Coach,” Maggie said and I smirked.

“Does it hurt?” I asked as I walked over towards Pat, he was sitting in the bathroom shirtless and looking at the welts on his arm.

“A little, nothing I can’t handle.”

“What happened?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Close range shot- Can’t believe Sharpie got that close,” he said and I leaned against his back and kissed his shoulder.

“I had fun today,” I said and Pat looked at me in the mirror, “I’ve never been paintballing before.”

“Really? We’ve done it every year since I’ve been on the team,” he said and I nodded my head. I draped my arms around Pat’s shoulders, leaning my head on my arm and looking down, “Preseason starts in two weeks- You ready to really be a Hawk?”

I looked at him in the mirror and smirked; I nodded my head and then kissed his cheek, “I’ve been ready for a while now.”

“Same here,” he said and then turned around, placing his hands on my waist and then pulling my closer to him, “I’m so happy that you’re here.”

“Me too,” I smiled and then pressed my lips against his.

Pat picked me up and then carried me into the bedroom, laying me down on the bed and climbing on top of me. I ran my hands down his arms, back up his arms, over his shoulders, onto his neck and then down his chest. Pat started to nip at my neck and I groaned and arched my back as his hands snuck under my shirt, slowly inching it up my body.

“Do we have conditioning tomorrow?” I asked and Pat chuckled.

“Worried you’re going to be sore?”

I looked up at him and smirked, “So we do?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think you’re going to be able to do much tomorrow,” Pat said and I gasped and groaned when his hand slipped under my shorts and underwear.

“I’ll just use my free pass,” I teased and Pat growled and rolled his eyes, “You know, since my team won!”

“Shut up, Maggie,” he growled and then climbed off of me.

“Awww, don’t be a sore loser, Pattie,” I laughed and then sat behind him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, leaning against his back and kissing his cheek, “I still love you.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love you too,” he smirked and then pushed me back down onto the bed and I laughed, wrapped my arms around his head and then pressed my lips against his.