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Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Sixty Six

“Damn Mags, I hadn’t seen you that pissed since the Flyers incident,” James said over the phone and I sighed, “What did she say? Was it about Mikey?”

“Yeah,” I said as I sat on the couch in my living room and stared at the ceiling, Troy sitting on my stomach, leaning back against my bent legs, “I just snapped.”

“Usually something about your brother does make you snap,” he said and I rubbed your face, “Well, we play them soon-“

“Kick her ass for me,” I said and James chuckled.

“I think you did a pretty good job of it Mags- What’d you do? Break her nose- I saw that she has two black eyes,” he chuckled.

“I don’t know- Probably- I kind of blacked out,” I said and James sighed.

“Well that’s not good.”

“No, I hadn’t been that pissed since 2012,” I said and then looked sadly at Troy, it hurt to look at him sometimes, he looked a lot like Mike.

“It’ll get better, Mags,” James said and I sighed, “Well, it was good talking to you, but I gotta head to the rink, morning skate and all.”

“Yeah- So, wait, question?”


“Who’s making your breakfasts in the morning, if not Paulie?” I asked with a smirk.

“Fuck you Mags- I can successfully make breakfast without burning down the house!” he growled and I let out a laugh.

“Not what I hear!” I teased.

“Goodbye Maggie!” James said and the line went dead and I laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I heard and looked up to see Pat leaning over the couch.

“Just busting Nealer for not being able to cook,” I said and Pat gave a small smirk.

“You were talking to Neal?” he asked and I nodded my head.

“Yeah, he called me this morning to see what happened last night at the game,” I said as I sat up, picking Troy up and placing him in his play pen.

“Hey Mags,” Pat said and I looked back at him, he looked at little nervous, “I’ve got nothing to worry about- Right?”

“Worry?” I asked confused, “About what?”

“You and Neal,” he said and I smirked, letting out a laugh.

“Pattie, are you serious?” I giggled and walked over towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his, “I love you! Nealer and I are just friends, and I’m trying to keep in contact with him because I know he hates it in Nashville.”

“I know you’re just friends, it’s just-“

“You’ve got nothing to worry about,” she said as she cupped my face.

“It’s just that, it’s exactly how we were,” he said and I looked at him confused, “You were with Letang and talking to me, we were friends.”

I looked at him sadly, “I never cheated on Kris,” I said and stepped back, “This isn’t the same, Pat- Kris cheated on me- I didn’t have feelings for you until New Years Eve- No, until you took me to the Zoo on my birthday,” I said and Pat looked at me, “I don’t know who put these thoughts in your head, but that’s all they are- It’s not happening and it’s not going to happen- I love you Pat, and I’m not leaving you!”

“I love you too, Mags,” he said and then wrapped his arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around his waist. We heard Troy clapping from the play pen and I smiled towards him, walking over towards him and then picking him up and kissing his head, “Let’s have a baby!”

“What?!” I nearly dropped Troy when those words came out of Pat’s mouth.

“That so did not mean to come out like that,” Pat said and I just looked at him wide eyed.

I placed Troy back in the pen, looked at Pat and shook my head, walking out of the room and outside into the backyard, needing air desperately. I watched as the dogs were running around, chasing each other, enjoying their freedom. It was a little cold, close to winter, I didn’t have a jacket on, so I was getting cold fast. I rubbed my face and took a deep breath.

“Mags,” I heard and turned around, seeing Pat stepping outside.

“Did you smoke something today? Are you drunk?!” I asked and Pat chuckled and threw his hands in the air, “First you think I’m going to leave you and then you want a baby!”

“It just came out,” he said and I sighed.

“I don’t want a baby, Pat,” I said and he looked a little surprised.

“Like ever?!”

“Pat,” I said and shook my head, “We’ve talked about this, I want to play hockey!”

“I know you do-“


“Just forget I said anything,” Pat said and then quickly turned around and went back into the house.

“Pat!” I yelled and went to go after him, he had grabbed his keys, went out the front door, into his Hummer and sped away, “Pat!” I yelled from the house, knowing that he couldn’t hear. I sighed and sat on the first step, “You idiot! I don’t want one now!”

I don’t know why I practically ran away from her, I think I was just embarrassed that I let that blurt out of my mouth like that. I had no plan on where I was going, just knowing that I didn’t want to be there, I couldn’t face her, too embarrassed with myself. Before I knew it I had pulled up in front of Jon’s place, indistinct taking me there, knowing that he was one of the best people to get advice off of, him or Sharp.

I walked up to the front porch and rang the doorbell, I waited and then saw Jon’s face appear in the window next to the door. It quickly vanished and the door opened and he looked at me, “What did you do?”

“How do you know I did something?” I asked and Jon sighed.

“It’s you, what did you do?” he asked and I rubbed my arms nervously, I didn’t have a coat on, in too much of a rush to leave.

“I did something,” I said and Jon sighed, moved out of the way and I walked into his house, “I need your help.”

“Did you break up with her?” he asked and I snapped around and looked at him.

“NO!” I yelled and Jon breathed a sigh of relief.

“So it’s not that stupid,” he said and we walked into his kitchen, he must have been in the middle of making tea, because he had his cup out and his pot on the stove.

“Oh, it’s up there though,” I said, sitting on the stool and looked at Jon, he was giving me his famous serious look, “I asked Maggie if I needed to worry about her and Neal.”


“She said I didn’t and that I was crazy,” I said and Jon snorted.

“I told you,” he said as he went to take a sip of his hot tea.

“And then I asked her if we could have a baby,” I said and Jon choked on his tea and slammed the cup down and turned to his sink to clean himself up.

“What?!” he coughed up a yell as he tried to compose himself.


“Pat!” he yelled and I sighed and rubbed my face, “What the hell?!”

“I have no idea,” I groaned, hands still over my face and I was shaking my head.

“This is big, Pat,” Jon said and I nodded my head, “What possessed you to ask her for a kid- Before you even asked her to marry her? Are you even thinking about asking her-“

“I already have the ring,” I blurted out and Jon’s eyes widened.

“When the hell did you get it- When were you going to tell me?!” he asked and I just looked at him.

“I got it the day that the NHL announced that the rule for teammates couldn’t be teammates was taken back,” I said and Jon’s eyes widened, “Yeah, a while ago.”

“We were still in the regular season,” he said and I nodded my head.

“When are you going to ask her?”

“I don’t know, I’m waiting for the perfect time,” I said and Jon sighed.

“How ‘bout you fix this baby thing before you knock her up,” he said and I chuckled and shook my head, “Why’d you ask?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t control my mouth! She was standing there with Troy and I just couldn’t wait for the day that that was our kid she was holding and I asked her!”

“Damn Kaner,” Jon chuckled, leaning against the counter in front of me, “You’ve got it bad.”

“Yes, so what do I do to fix this?!”

“Flowers- Start off with flowers!”