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The Three C's

Chapter Sixty Eight

“You’re what?!” my parents yelled into the phone as I hid in the bathroom as Maggie was downstairs.

“I’m engaged- I asked Maggie to marry me!” I said happily.

“Oh my- About damn time son!” dad yelled and I laughed, “Hey, if he liked it- Ya put a ring on it!”

“Really Patrick, really?” my mom said to my dad and I laughed.

“Dad’s right though- I love Maggie, and I’m never going to find another girl like her!” I said and could hear the smiles on my parents’ faces.

“Did you ask her father?”

“When we went to visit them after the NHL awards,” I answered.

“Good man,” he said and I nodded my head, “So how did you do it?”

“Ok- Don’t laugh, it’s kind of stupid, but it like an inside joke between the two of us,” I said and then explained to my parents how I proposed to Maggie.

“Well, that is different,” mom laughed and I smiled, “Oh! Wait until your sisters find out!”

“Do your teammates know?” dad asked.

“No, they’ll find out tomorrow,” I said and laughed nervously, “It was kind of a split second decision because I had- Never mind, it was just, it needed to be done because I love her.”

“Good, I’m happy for you Pat- For you and Maggie!” mom said and I smiled, “Where is she?”

“Probably downstairs on the phone with her parents, I heard her squeal before-“

“Patrick Kane! Girls don’t squeal!” mom yelled and dad and I scoffed.

“Yes they do!”

The phone call to my parents was finished, the group text to all of my friend and old teammates, not including my teammates, was sent and I was getting calls and text left and right. Before I knew it, it was up on Twitter, friends telling Pat and I congratulations.

“Oh boy,” I let out a laugh.

“What?” I turned and saw Pat, he leaned over the couch and looked at the laptop, Jordan Staal had in all caps, congratulating Pat and I on our engagement, “Oh,” he laughed, “Cats out of the bag now!” he said and I nodded my head, “Let’s put everything away and go to bed.”

“Go to bed or go to bed?” I asked with a smirk on my face and Pat let out a laugh.

“I’m so happy you’ve got a high sex drive,” he said, smiling brightly and pressing his lips against mine.

Maggie and I were up and ready for morning skate, ready to hear from our teammates because I know that they knew about it by now. We kind of wanted to tell them face to face, but that didn’t happened because Maggie’s friends had big mouths.

We walked into the locker room and everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at us, Sharp smirked towards me, “Got something you want to tell us?”


“No?” Maggie said, sounding confused and I looked at her, “Why? Did you hear something?”

“Yeah, we did,” Shaw said and I smirked and headed over towards my stall.

“Oh yeah, what did you hear?” I asked and Maggie sat at her stall.

“I said fix the baby issue, not go and get hitched,” Jon whispered next to me and I smirked, “And you didn’t tell me that I was watching Troy all night too!”

“My bad dude,” I laughed, “Had too much to celebrate.”

“I KNEW IT!!!” I turned my head and saw Abby running into the room, “Oh! CONGRADULATIONS!!!” she yelled and ran over towards Maggie and hugged her tight, “Where’s the ring?! I wanna see it!”

“Why do they always wanna see the ring?” I asked and Jon chuckled.

“So it’s true?!” Seabrook asked and Maggie laughed.

“It’s true,” she said and I smiled brightly.

The team congratulated us and gave us hugs left and right, Coach came in and gave Maggie and I his seal of approval. The guys wanted to know how I did it and then laughed at how dorky it was when I told them, but Maggie and I didn’t care, we were happy with it.

After morning skate, we got Troy off of Abby, Jon had brought him in this morning because Maggie and I may have forgotten about him and ended up leaving him all night. When we got home, Maggie cooked us some lunch as I watched and played with Troy. I kept seeing Maggie every once in a while sneak peaks at her ring, I couldn’t help but smile.

Maggie cooked up grilled chicken on penne vodka with a side of snow peas for us and then made Troy one of his dinners that Emma had left. We ate lunch, placed Troy in his playpen in the living room and then went upstairs, Maggie made sure that his baby monitor was working as we walked up the stairs.

“I’m so tired,” Maggie said and I smirked, came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

“That’s what happens when you make me stay up all night,” I groaned into her ear and kissed her neck.

Maggie looked back at me and smirked and then pulled me towards our bedroom. We had a game tonight, so nothing was going to happen, but we walked into our room, slowly undressed one another, and then climbed into the bed in our underwear. I made sure that we were close together; I laid on my back, an arm wrapped around her shoulders as she lays on her side, facing me. Maggie had her arms wrapped around my waist and her face snuggled into my neck. We’ve gotten so used to pregame napping, or just sleeping together in general, that it feels weird to be apart.

We had the game against the Maple Leafs tonight and ended up winning by one goal, Pat making the winning goal five minutes before the game ended. After the game we all showered and got dressed, Pat and Jon did their usual interviews, some reporters asked me a few questions, other than assisting Jon’s first goal, I didn’t do much. When we left the locker room, Jon, Pat, Sharp and Crawford around me, I heard my name and turned around to see Phil, I smiled, I always liked him.

“There’s my BFF,” he said and I laughed and walked over towards him, smiling as he pulled me into a hug, “Good game, I almost had ya!”

“Almost,” I reminded and he smirked.

“Hey, I heard what my sister said- Just wanna-“

“Don’t apologies for her,” I said and he just looked at me, “Just know that if she pisses me off again, I’m gunna kick her ass-“

“Again,” Phil said and I smirked and nodded my head.

“Damn straight!” I said and Phil chuckled, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed the side of my head.

“It was good seeing you again- Maybe we’ll be teammates for all stars,” he said and I smiled brightly and nodded my head.

“Definitely!” I said and then turned around, heading back towards the guys.

“What was that about?” Corey asked as Pat threw his arm around my neck.

“He just wanted to apologies for his sister- I told him not to apologies for her,” I said and the guys nodded their heads.

“I’m ready to go out and party!” Pat said and I giggled, “Where are we going?!”

“Leaguer’s!” Sharp suggested the sports bar downtown.

“Naw, I’m in a club mood- Right Mags?” Pat said and I smirked.

“You can go out, I’m going home,” I said and Pat looked at me surprised, “I’ve got Troy- Remember?”

“Aw, damn, I forgot,” he said and I nodded my head.

“And speaking of Troy, I need to get him off of Abby,” I said and Pat sighed and nodded his head.

“The joys of temporary parenthood,” Corey said and then patted Pat on the back.

“Shut up,” Pat growled and I laughed.

“You can go out, Pat, I’m just going to head home-“

“No, I’ll come home-“

“Go out, Pat!” I said and he looked at me.

“I’ll come home-“

No, you'll go out with the guys- I’ll be fine!” I said and Pat sighed, Sharp and Corey patted his shoulders and started to pull him away.

“Wait, wait!” he yelled and then came back and pressed his lips against mine, “Love you.”

I smirked and shook my head, watching him run down the hall with the two. I sighed and looked towards Jon, “Do me a favor-“

“I always watch over him,” Jon said and I nodded my head.

“Thanks,” I said and Jon nodded his head, “He’ll need a ride since we came together.”

“I’ll get him,” Jon said and then patted my shoulder, “Don’t worry Mags, it’s not my first redo with him.”

“Just bat those girls away,” I said and Jon chuckled.

“Actually, since the two of you started to date, he’s been hanging out with Sharpie and Abby,” Jon said and I looked at him, “Nothing to worry about.”

“I don’t worry about him, I trust him- It’s the girls I worry about.”

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, Mags,” Jon said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, “Kaner worries about you too.”

“Of course he does, he has to worry about my sanity to come to a team with you as the Captain,” I teased and Jon smirked and shook his head.

“Thanks Mags.”

“Any time, darlin’,” I said and then kissed his cheek and walked up, heading upstairs to grab Troy and head home for the night.