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The Three C's

Chapter Eight

Did ya'll hear about this???


“Now just, try to stay calm,” I giggled, knowing that she wasn’t as we walked down the confusing streets of Boston to find our way to the pub that we were meeting Lucic, Marchand and Rask at.

We walked into the pub and I recognized it to be the same place that I ate with them back in April. Although, we weren’t sitting on the patio this time because it was a little cold outside, we were on the second floor. It was a week day; most people were at work, so I knew that the place wouldn’t be busy.

“There they are!” I heard as Dana and I walked up the steps and smiled towards the three familiar faces.

“Hey, hey, look who made it to our city,” Milan said and I heard Dana squeal and watched as she ran past me and over towards Milan, jumping the poor guy. I think we were all surprised when she jumped on him, wrapped her legs and arms around him, “My biggest fan.”

“Wait ta stay calm, D,” I giggled and then hugged Tuukka and then Brad, “How are you doing without your partner in crime?”

“I miss Segs,” he said and I nodded my head, it was always hard to have a friend traded to a different team.

“Maggie,” Milan smiled and then we hugged, “Brittany says hello.”

“How is she?!”

“Home with Valentina,” he said and I smiled and nodded my head, “Her mom’s in town- That’s why she didn’t come.”

“That’s all right, I’ll see her tonight?” I asked and Milan nodded his head and I looked towards Dana who had plopped herself next to Milan while I sat across from her, in-between Tuukka and Brad.

“So I hear your team won the championship last season,” Milan said as he looked at Dana’s smiling face.

“Yup, we took home the prize, first time in almost fifty years,” Dana said and I giggled at how happy she was, I wished I was able to go to the game, but I had a game of my own.

“I heard, when I went home this summer, people were still celebrating,” Milan said and Dana blushed.

“Get all your papers for the draft?” Brad asked and Dana smiled and nodded her head, “You ready for this June, it’ll be in Philly.”

“Hate that place,” I grumbled.

“We all do,” Tuukka said and I sighed, “The city, the fans, the players- Ugh!”

“Will you be at the draft, Mags?” Dana asked.

“I’ll be there to support you, but I won’t be there as a Penguin,” I said and the boys looked at me.

“Last year?” Brad asked and I nodded my head, “Where will you go?”

“Chicago,” I smiled towards them and they chuckled.

“Kane’s a lucky guy,” Tuukka said and I smirked and shrugged my shoulders.

Lunch went well, we talked about a lot of things, but I knew I couldn’t stay out long with the boys, they needed to get back to their homes to take their pregame naps and I wanted to explore the city with Dana before we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the game. She, of course, was wearing a Bruins’ shirt, while I was staying neutral and wearing casual clothes.

Dana and I went all over Boston, spending time in the market, watching street performers, visiting the Holocaust structure. Lots of pictures we taken, we went on the duck tour, which was a tour of the city from this big boat vehicle, and then we got a tour from the water. I laughed and watched as Dana got picked to drive the boat and she enjoyed it, even when she almost made us hit the pole sticking out from the water.

We left Boston tomorrow tonight, and tomorrow morning we had decided that we were going to spend the day at the science museum. I knew it would take a while to go through that whole thing, so that’s why I didn’t plan anything else for that day.

As soon as it was close to game time, we headed back to the hotel, changed our clothes and took a taxi to the Garden. As much as I would love to get seats down by the glass for Dana’s first Bruins game, I couldn’t risk it for myself and I felt bad that we needed to sit up in the suites.

The boys were practicing when we arrived and we were on the side of the penalty boxes, looking down and having a good view, but just wishing we were closer. There was a knock on our suite door; we had the whole thing to ourselves. I turned and saw the door open and smiled brightly at the friendly face.

“Hi Brittany!”

“Hope you don’t mind, I’m gunna hang with you tonight,” she said and I giggled and shook my head, seeing the little baby girl on her side and gushed.

“She’s so cute.”

“Thank you,” Brittany said and I hugged her, because I hadn’t seen her in so long.

“I thought your Mom was in town?” I asked and Brittany nodded her head.

“She doesn’t like going to games- Loves the sport, but she’s getting old and it’s too cold and loud in here,” Brittany said and I giggled and nodded my head, “I’m pretty sure she’s already in bed.”

“It happens,” I said and Brittany giggled and saw Dana sitting out on the balcony.

“Is that the famous Dana that I’ve been hearing about?” Brittany asked and I smirked and nodded my head.

“Hope you don’t mind, she kind of jumped your husband this afternoon-“

“Oh, he told me,” Brittany giggled, “Heard I’ve got some competition,” she said and we laughed.

“She’s been a fan of his for almost ten years,” I said and Brittany smiled and nodded her head.

Brittany handed Valentina over towards me and walked out onto the balcony, I followed them and saw Brittany introduce herself and Dana smiled and shook her hand. We sat out on the balcony and I was playing with Valentina, waiting for the game to start when I heard Brittany sigh.

“You’ve been spotted,” she said and I looked up to see that I was on the jumbotron.

‘…Great, I don’t even have a Bruins shirt on…’ I thought, waiting to hear the boo’s but we’re thankful when they didn’t come when Dana stood up and supported her Bruins’ shirt. I just giggled and shook my head, looking back on the screen to see ‘The Famous Dave Marshall’s Daughter’. I smiled, ‘…They shouldn’t boo me, my father was a legend on this team…’

The game was intense and at the end of the first the score was tied at zero, both teams were playing well and I wondered who this game was going to go. During the first intermission, Dana ordered some food from the concession and we waited for it to come up as I raided the bar and made myself a Captain and Coke.

When the second period started, we were all back on the balcony watching the game. Seven minutes into the period, I thought the Bruins were going to score, they looked like they were, but all of a sudden, the net is off the pegs and we had a Lightning down.

‘…Who is it?...’ I thought and looked up to see that it was Steven, my eyes widened and I looked at the jumbotron to see that he was in pain, they showed the play again and I groaned when he hit his shin right on the bar, ‘…Something’s gotta be broken there…’ he was being carted off of the ice, I stood up and placed my drink down, “Stay here, Dana, I’ll be right back.”

“You going to make sure he’s all right?” she asked and I nodded my head and stepped over Brittany, who was looking at me confused, but I heard Dana tell her that he was a friend.

I headed down the stairs, not wanting to wait for the elevator and made my way towards the visitors’ side. I heard yelling and walked into the locker room, seeing the light on in the doctor’s office and headed there. The trainers were slowly peeling Steven’s gear off and he looked to be in so much pain. I rushed in there and the trainers looked at me like I was nuts.

No one said a word to me, knowing who I was, and I didn’t say anything to them, I just walked over towards Steven and grabbed his hand. I looked down at his leg, ‘…Fuck, he broke it…’ I sighed; it at least looked like a clean break so hopefully he would only miss a few months instead of the rest of the season. But then I remembered that he was supposed to play for Team Canada, ‘…Shit, he’s not gunna make it…’

I didn’t watch the trainers do whatever they were doing, I just looked at Steven and tried to get him to stop thinking about his leg, tried to get him to talk to me about what he did over the summer. I was trying to distract him from the pain and I think he and his trainers appreciated it.

“This is gunna help with the pain, Steven, but also make you sleepy,” the trainer said and gave Steven a shot, I was still holding onto his hand.

I looked down at his leg and saw that they had it heavily wrapped up, at least until they could get him back to Tampa, into surgery to have the bone fixed. I felt Steven’s grip loosen and looked at him to see that he had fallen asleep. I sighed and ran my fingers through his messy hair and one of the trainers pulled a chair over for me.

“Thanks,” I said and he nodded his head.

“The Emts will probably take him during the second intermission, we’ve got him stable and I’m sure his teammates will want to see him,” the doctor said and I nodded my head, “Why’d you come down- I didn’t even know you were here.”

“My cousin loves the Bruins and I wanted to bring her to a game, Steven’s a friend and when I saw him get hurt, I had to make sure he was all right,” I said and the Doctor nodded his head and then left me alone in the room. I grabbed my phone and went into contacts, dialing James’ number and placing the phone to my ear.

“Mags, hey, what’s up?” James asked and I sighed, he didn’t know.

“Thought you’d be watching Stammers’ game,” I said and he chuckled.

“I’ve got it recording at home, I’m out with G, Borts and Tanger,” he said and I looked towards Steven, “What’s up? You’re at that game right?”

“Yeah, Stammers’ got hurt- I with him now,” I said and looked down at my hand, I was still holding his.

“How bad?”

“Broken leg, most likely not going to make it for the Olympics- He’s knocked out now, they gave him something to help with the pain,” I said and sighed.

“I’m sure he’s happy that you’re with him- Where’s Dana?”

“Still up in the suite with Milan Lucic’s wife,” I said, “They’re gunna take him at second intermission probably to the hospital and I’m going to go back to watching the game.”

“All right, keep me updated.”

“Will do,” I said and then hung up the phone and looked at Steven, “Poor guy.”