‹ Prequel: Chances Risked
Sequel: Life's Chances

The Three C's

Chapter Ninety Eight

“Don’t drop it Maggie,” I teased as I was handing Lord Stanley to her.

“Shut up!” she laughed and held the cup over her head, I was so happy to see that smile on her face as she did her lap, kissed the cup she helped win and then passed it off to Sharpie. When she came back over towards me, I grabbed her, pulled her to me and then pressed my lips against hers, she pulled away and smiled brightly, “We did it, Pattie.”

“Yeah, we did,” I said and she giggled and then I saw her eyes widened and she skated passed me, I turned around and saw her parents coming onto the ice.

I saw mine and skated over towards them and hugged them. Champagne bottles were being opened and we were preparing ourselves for days worth of partying. As soon as everyone got their chance to hold the cup and Commissioner awarded Maggie with the Conn Symthe trophy, we moved our celebration to the locker room where we started to drink.

Bottles were being popped opened and Champagne was being sprayed all over the place, everyone was having the time of their lives and feeling pretty mighty at the moment. The only thing that could make this perfect, was if we were back in Chicago, and I was sure that it wasn’t going to take long to get us back there.

“All we do is win, win, win, no matter what, got Stanley on our mind, we can never get enough, and every time we step up in the building, everybody hands go up! And they stay there, And they stay there, And they stay there! Up, down, up, down, up, down!”

We were all either tipsy or drunk, I knew that Pat was completely bombed, but we were all having a blast. Three days had passed since we won the Cup and three days of partying had gone by. It was time for the parade in downtown Chicago and the team and I were all singing our remixed version of ‘All I Do Is Win’ by DJ Khaled.

I was in jeans and converses with my jersey over a plain black v-neck, my hair down and curled, my aviators on and I was so ready to continue this celebration. The trucks that we were going to pile in back of to take us downtown had showed up. Coach was going to ride in the first car, sitting on top and waving to fans. Pat and I were standing in the bed of the truck with Jon, Keith, Seabrook, and Sharpie. There were five more trucks of teammates that were cheering and ready to party some more.

Some of the teammates, Pat being one of them, were holding champagne bottles and still drinking. He was clean cut, I was happy about that. Shaved his playoff beard, cut his mullet and the smile on his face hadn’t left since he held the cup over his head.

After the game we flew straight back to Chicago where Pat and I celebrated with our teammates, went home and screwed like rabbits, went out partying against, screwed some more, it was amazing, the feeling of being champions. Driving through the streets with a lot of fans watching us go by, cheering for us and then following us downtown. I couldn’t help but have my phone out, video taping everything because it was just so awesome to be here and I never wanted to forget this.

When we finally reached downtown, we all jumped off of the trucks and walked towards the stage. Wirtz was already on stage ready to call up each and every one of our names and numbers. One by one we were all called upon the stage and with each number the cheers of the fans grew louder. I smiled brightly and laughed when my number was called the fans were chanting my name.

I noticed though, that Wirtz was going in number order and when Pat’s number was called, he jumped up onto the stage, I had to close my eyes and cover them, but I was laughing because he was so drunk it was funny, I saw something in his hand, it was in a red bag, but didn’t know what it was. Pat came over slammed his body between mine and Sharpie and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Hey babe! You pumped up! You ready for tonight! We gotta try not to break the bed!”

“Shut up,” I laughed and the guys around me started making cat calls, “I’m already sore.”

“WHOOOOO HOOOO!!!” the guys cheered and started to high five Pat and just covered my face, laughed and shook my head.

“Oh my god,” I laughed and just shook my head some more.

“And I ask if Patrick Kane, would come to the mic,” Wirtz said and I looked at Pat confused and he smiled and me and wiggled his eyebrows.

“That’s my cue,” he said and then headed up to the mic the fans cheering like crazy, “What’s up! CHICAGO!!!!”

“Oh my god,” I laughed and clapped along with my teammates.

“The only reason this day is fun! Is because of all of you guys coming out and supporting this team! There’s a saying I said throughout the playoffs that represents this team perfectly…”

“Oh no, please don’t say it…”


“He said it,” I said along with my teammates.

“And now a present here, it’s the trophy we give out after games! The belt!” he said and then pulled out the wrestling belt, “And I think it should be given to the best player in the playoffs, it was a team decision, I was just given the honor of presenting it. The winner of the belt, is number fifty, Corey Crawford!”

We all cheered as our bombed friend and teammate walked to the mic and accepted the belt, “FUCKING RIGHT, CHICAGO!!!!” we all just start bursting out laughing and I was pretty much in tears because I’ve been laughing so much, “Being a bunch of beauties in the league! Fuckin’ worked our nuts off- Well, some other parts, sorry Mags,” he said and just slapped my forehead and waved it off, a huge ass smile on my face that was probably never going to go away, “We worked fuckin’ hard for this trophy! No one will ever take this away from us! We’re the CHAMPS!!!”

I took my phone out and recorded some more moments, took pictures and posed in some pictures with the guys. All I Do Is Win blasted through the speakers and we threw our hands up and at the end of the song, we left the stage to move on to arena where we moving onto meeting fans, signing autographs and taking pictures.

I signed a lot autographs, took pictures with so many people, and got the chance to speak to a lot of fans. There were a lot of teenage boys wanting their picture with me, I just laughed and took it with them. Crawford was on my left and Brandon Saad on my right, it wasn’t really in order, but it’s how they had assigned us.

When we finished with that, we were free to go and continue our celebration, we just needed to be back in two days for the convention. The guys and I all left headed back to our homes to prepare to go out and celebrate at all of the bars in town.

Maggie and I were both pretty drunk, we had a private driving company drive us downtown and then pick us up hours later. We helped each other into the house and then managed to crawl to our room, there was a lot of laughing and teasing as I kept grabbing Maggie and dragging her back down the stairs. I wanted to take her clothes off right there and have my way with her, but she wanted to go to the bedroom.

We finally both made it up there, I picked Maggie up and walked into our room, threw her onto the bed and tore my shirt off, climbing on top of her and taking all of her clothes off. It’s become a routine the last few days, party, fuck, party, fuck, party, fuck, and I was pretty sure it was going to last a few more days as well.

When morning we both woke up to hangovers, mine a little worse than hers, Maggie just woke up to being sore, and to be honest, I was starting to get sore too. We laid in the bath together, not wanting to get out when the water ran cold.

Maggie and I pulled ourselves together, threw some lazy clothes on, walked downstairs just in time for the doorbell to ring. Maggie growled and held her head, “Make it stop!”

“I’m on it,” I said as I walked to the door and saw Sharpie and his family with Jon, Emma and Troy behind them, “What is this nonsense?”

“Lunch, grill steaks, rememb- I told you he wasn’t going to remember,” Sharpie told Jon and I smirked and shrugged my shoulders and moved out of the way to let them inside.

Abby had some kind of container in her hand and so did Emma, they both looked all right, but Sharpie and Jon looked hungover as well, ‘…They said we were grilling steaks? I hope I have steaks…’

“What’s going on?” Maggie asked as we walked into the kitchen and she saw everyone.

“Aw, she forgot too!” Sharpie said and Maggie and I both looked at each other confused, “We were grilling steaks for lunch?”

“Oh, um, ok,” Maggie said and then walked towards the fridge, “Huh.”

“What?” I asked and she looked at me, smirked and then rubbed the back of her neck.

“I guess we are, I’ve got six steaks and some chicken marinating,” I said and Sharpie and Jon laughed.

“Well, somehow you remembered to get them ready,” Abby said as she smiled and hugged Maggie, “I’ll take over, you need coffee.”

“Yes please,” Maggie said and I smirked and walked over towards the coffee maker.

“All right, be free!” Sharpie said as he put his daughters down to reek havoc in my home, “Don’t break anything!”

“Go play with the girls, Troy,” Emma said and put her son down and we watched as the three kids ran towards the backyard.

“So,” Jon said and we looked at him to see him looking at Maggie and I, a smirk on his face, “How was your night?”

“I woke up in pain and sore in so many places,” Maggie said and the four of them started laughing, “Do I wanna know what I did?”

“How do you feel about pole dancing, Mags?” Sharpie asked.

“Oh my god,” Maggie breathed and covered her face as it turned bright red.