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Hey Girl

Hey girl, what's you're name girl? I've been looking at you and every guy here's doing the same, girl. It'd be a shame if I just let you walk on by. Cuz I'm all caught up in your sweet smile. A girl like you only comes around every once and a while.

-Hey Girl by Billy Currington

Tyler is getting use to hockey in the South and notices Hannah one night out with friends. Hannah is on spring break and knows who Tyler is. Will these two leave together?

Avery is shy and out of her element, unlike her best friend Hannah. Jamie wants to be the one to get her to open up while showing her that he is just a normal person.

Co-Write with my amazing friend and fellow Seguin/Benn fan riemsdork1021 Who also took the picture used in the banner.

**Work of fiction. We don't own anyone you recognize. We do own Hannah/Avery. **
  1. Hey Girl
    Hey Girl, what's your name girl?
  2. Yeah, You're My Kind Of Different
    Nobody ever seen nothin' like you
  3. Need A Little More Thunder
    A little more lightning, a little more you
  4. Lettin' the Night Roll
    Can't wait to see where it goes
  5. It's So Outragous
    You make me feel so high all the time
  6. I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend
    I've already got enough of them
  7. Cause When We Kiss, Ooooh, Fire
    Burning in my soul, it's outta control
  8. This is that moment you're going to remember for the rest of your life
    This is that Night
  9. Crack A Smile, I Just Can't Lose
    At a mile a minute my heart beats to the limit
  10. I'm Already The One You Run To
    So Fall Into My Arms
  11. I Don't Know If Someone Else Could Handle Me
    You're the only one who really sees, you get me
  12. Original Love
    No one loves me like you do.
  13. Words Flying off our Lips